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Silver Bullet - '20 Seconds to Comply' / 'Never Authorise Apocalypse'

Hip Hop Classics...straight outta Surrey Heath y'all

Silver Bullet.....not compliant.

Silver Bullet - '20 Seconds to Comply' (1989)

There are some movie scenes that will be forever stuck in my consciousness. No more so than the horrific scene in 1987's gorefest, Robocop (the toxic waste scene another), where the experimental law enforcement robot, ED209, brutally turns to pulp a unsuspecting employee in a board meeting. 13 years old and scarred for life....cheers.

Classic Scene 1 from Talking Movies Podcast on Vimeo.

It's the recent reboot of the film that reminded me of the classic track, '20 Seconds to Comply' by British Rapper Silver Bullet, who immortalised the scene by sampling it. It was also the perfect soundtrack to a couple of fledgling rude boys one summer. I used to spend the long holidays up in Scotland every year visiting relatives and ting. But I also had a good friend there who used to be the only other 'Hip Hop head' I knew, it was our bread and butter in those days (to some extent still is) and this track was like an anthem.

But the extent of our rudeness went as far as jumping the fence to his house without the neighbour catching us (or else he'd tell my gran), sneaking off to buy cigarettes only for us to collapse on the way home with head rush and trying to ambush pedestrians by spraying 'shit in a can' on the pavement (bought from the local joke shop and which looked nothing like shit). We would absolutely nail the Running Man to this track too in his living room too!

ED...a bit naughty

Even though I loved American Hip Hop, I was proud that the UK had such talent and a unique style to be able to hold it's own. Silver Bullet hailed from London and released one album, Bring Down The Walls No Limit Squad Returns in 1991. Even though he's still making music now (now called Silvah Bullet), he was more well known in the late 80's/early 90's for his hardcore frenetic Rap style. Often sampling movies, the track below, 'Never Authorise Apocalypse', reminds me of something out of the film, The Omen, with it's choral incantation.

Silver Bullet - 'Never Authorise Apocalypse' (1991)

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Silver Bullet - '20 Seconds to Comply' / 'Never Authorise Apocalypse'
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16 February 2014 at 13:21

Two great tracks by Silver Bullet especially the first....I have never seen the movie but loved that clip...maybe I should watch it!!