Thursday, 6 February 2014

Thee Oh Sees - 'Toe Cutter - Thumb Blaster' / Parquet Courts - 'Stoned and Starving'

Give Me a Guitar!!!

Ever have the urge to travel to the States and throw poo grenades at a kids beauty pageant? Prevent a diplomatic incident by listening to these two corkers instead.

I've just got to get these off of my chest...Here are a couple of tracks which have been keeping me perky over the last few weeks. Thankfully I found them after trawling through some best of 2013 lists and it's just as well really because they are far too good to miss.

Thee Oh of beans

Thee Oh Sees - 'Toe Cutter - Thumb Blaster' (2013) (beware, video is pretty rough, you'll never look a can of beans in the face again)

I came across their song 'Lupine Dominus' (see video here but again, be warned) retrospectively on a best of 2012 list and thought it was brilliant but soon after forgot about the prolific San Francisco band. 'Toe Cutter - Thumb Blaster' from last years 'Floating Coffin' (their 12th studio album), is another cracker which finally prompted me in getting hold of their current release, which happens to be an 'effing' good listen . A daunting task playing catch up with a very fruitful band but it looks like it'll be well worth the time.

Parquet Courts are off to Nando's

Parquet Courts - 'Stoned and Starving' (2013)

It didn't take much convincing, one listen to this stunning track from the Brooklyn quartet got me onto their much lauded 'proper' debut, 'Light Up Gold'. The album, released early last year made it on to many a best of list, which for me prompts the question, where was I? Better late than never. The track boasts the best bit of feedback I've heard in awhile, everyone needs a bit of feedback.

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Thee Oh Sees - 'Toe Cutter - Thumb Blaster' / Parquet Courts - 'Stoned and Starving'
4/ 5


7 February 2014 at 10:39

Two crackers both great. PC just edge it but great riffage from TOS.