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TRACKS OF THE WEEK 23/02/2014 - Night Beds, Little Dragon, Angel Olsen, Foster The People, The Presidents Of The USA

Five tracks that swept us away this week....

London Scouser:-
The Presidents Of The United States Of America - 'Poor Little Me'

I've been a fan of PUSA as they are often abbreviated to since I first heard 'Lump' way back in 1995. They hail from Seattle, but are different to most of the other bands from there that I'm into (Alice In Chains, Pearl Jam to name just 2). They always sound like they're having a good time and don't appear to take themselves too seriously. 'Peaches' the follow up single being a good example of that. After 2000's 'Tiny Explosions' they seemed to have disappeared as far as I could tell so I was pleased to see they had a new album out 'Kudos To Me' this week. Poor Little Me sounds like a typical PUSA track with some Hillbilly thrown into the pot and I think it's great. They are currently in the middle of a tour of the UK, if I'd known I would have tried to get the time off work and go see 'em. Poor Little Me

Old Pa's Corner :-
Angel Olsen - Hi-Five (2014)

There is a bit of a buzz about this young American lass. There are names like Leonard Cohen (check out White Fire) and Black Francis (check out Forgiven/Forgotten) are being bounded about. There seems to be a sort of new category instantly made up to describe her music 'Grundge Folk',  which really is quite good if you listen to the rest of the album. It has been on my playlist all this week, You must check out  Burn your Fire for no Witness (2014) her second solo album. The tracks mentioned above feature on this album.

Little Dragon - 'Klapp Klapp' (2014)

Sweden's Little Dragon have been one of my favourite bands over the last few years. Maybe it's feisty singer, Yukimi Nagano's voice or their distinct quirky Electro sauce, either way, like meatballs and lingonberry jus, it's all very tasty. 'Klapp Klapp' is the new appetiser from the forthcoming album Nabuma Rubberband out May 12th. Cor...listen to that double bass too.!

Little Dragon's official website....

Night Beds - Head for the hills (2014)

Night Beds were one of my discoveries of last year. Their debut album, Country Sleep was compelling listening and a spellbinding debut and their track, Ramona, got into my top five tracks of the year. They have recently released Head for the Hills, I like it so much that I'd climb mountains to see them live.

Shell Hunter:-
Foster The People - 'Coming Of Age' (2014)

The 80's are back in town in this new single from Foster The People. Okay, so its no Pumped Up Kicks but I love that guitar. This song should feature in a 80's teen soundtrack (one of my specialist areas might I add), I can just see a young unpopular girl, making friends with the new girl who also happens to be a teen witch. Guess what?! A life changing make over transformation or 'Coming Of Age' if you will! Joking asides, some may feel this is a luke warm effort but I think it was meant to appeal for the very reason it does to me, to evoke nostalgia, feel familiar and safe. Well done lads, you can check them all off! You can also check off The Beach Boys-esque wooooooo too! The new album Supermodel will be out following this single in March!

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TRACKS OF THE WEEK 23/02/2014 - Night Beds, Little Dragon, Angel Olsen, Foster The People, The Presidents Of The USA
4/ 5


24 February 2014 at 16:16

LS, Peaches was great but I can't help but feel they're a bit of a novelty act which I'm not a fan of.

Old Pa, this is great, a bit of folk with attitude. I'm currently listening to her album.

Sfw, decent stuff, the debut was good and this kind of makes me want to climb Ben Nevis Sly Stallone Cliff Hanger style.

Krs, I absolutely loved Pumped Up Kicks and it was always going to be hard to come up with a track to trump it. This won't do it but it's still very good. They gave an ear for a tune fo sho'.

24 February 2014 at 20:55

Ols Pa - I knew I should have checked Tune Dr. out sooner this week. Seems that great minds think alike re Angel Olsen but you got there before me! I'm still searching for that new sound that no one else has heard yet! Nice choice, sir.

25 February 2014 at 08:52

I'm with Mr Bear, the future looks bright for Angel Olsen. Tune of the week!

2 March 2014 at 11:35

LS - no second term on the stength of this
FC - not sure about this either maybe needs further hearing
SFW - not bad, the hills have ears!
SH - very 80's indeed