Wednesday, 26 February 2014

WEDNESDAY CLUB - The Real Mackenzies - Drink Some More


'different colours, different shades!


I had a great week-end with Rose and family, she had a house on the banks of the St Lawrence River and you could sit outside with your breakfast or beer and watch the ships pass. It was October and and fall was approaching. One day you were in shorts and t-shirt and contemplating a swim in the river. The next day it was freezing with sleet.

I went by train to Ottawa about a 2 hour journey if I can remember and first headed for the British Embassy. It was all very easy, I obtained a new temporary British Passport without any problems. I next headed for the Saudi Embassy and they said it was not that straightforward to just get an immediate Visa. The whole process had to be started from scratch and they confirmed that it could take up to 3 weeks or more. They asked me to return in a weeks time in person.

I had several hours to kill before there was a return train. Time to check out the bar culture in downtown Ottawa. Time to contemplate the fact I was trapped and stuck in Canada until I got a Saudi Visa. ( Banged up abroad)  but at least I could get plenty Brador (the strong one) and Molson Beer (the light one). I did not even have my trusty Walkman to ease the journey home it was stolen along with my case.

Saying that, the journey was fabulous it was nearing fall and the colours of all the trees was a joy to see. I have never seen such a variety of colours in all my life. A magnificent spectacle.

I had two other journeys up to Ottawa. I new every bar and barman in downtowm Ottawa and eventually got my passport after 3 weeks. I had a great time in Canada but wish it was under different circumstances. It was great to catch up and get to know Rose's family.

The choice of song is by Canadian Celtic Punk Band  'The Real Mackenzies'  which incidently is my family name. Well it had to be done!!

I Love Canada Pt 1

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WEDNESDAY CLUB - The Real Mackenzies - Drink Some More
4/ 5


27 February 2014 at 21:39

Nice bit of Celt rock. I'd love to go to Canada. In fact, if I had to emigrate, I think I'd want to live there. Never been, mind, so I may be talking out of my arse. Any country that gave us Neil, Leonard, Joni and The Band can't be bad!

10 April 2014 at 13:10

It's a great story but we missed our daddy....what happened on your return to work? Not a bad song but I'd rather drink with them instead.