Monday, 31 March 2014

Fountains Of Wayne - 'Sink To The Botttom'

Musical Medicine.....a track that helps the Chang beer go down perfectly

Fountains Of Wayne - 'Sink To The Bottom' (1996)

Back in the 90's Fountains Of Wayne were amongst the founding members of a genre I championed that Flycasual lovingly?!? dubbed 'Obscure American Guitar Bands'
They came back to my attention last week, this song in particular, whilst I was sitting poolside at my hotel in Phuket, Thailand nursing a Chang beer and contemplating the amazing achievement I had just accomplished earlier that afternoon. 
Allow me to take you back in time to 2012 when Mrs London Scouser (aka Shellhunter) and I as well as Old Pa & Ma were holidaying in Thailand. Shellhunter decides to get her PADI licence as she is a lover of all things pertaining to the ocean. I however didn't fancy it... fast forward to last week and that has now changed. I am officially a certified PADI Open Water Diver (thanks to Denis at Bubba Diving Phuket), something I'd never had dreamed of a few years earlier. It's not that I was afraid so much, it was more that A) I couldn't be arsed and B) the bottom of the ocean and all that swam within it didn't really float my boat (if you'll pardon the maritime pun). My views have now changed considerably as it's quite literally like nothing on earth I've ever seen or could imagine. Okay I've seen 'Finding Nemo' but this was like being part of that film (albeit without the talking)... The sights are so amazing that I can't really do them justice with my limited vocabulary. suffice to say that if you have ever, even for one second harboured the idea of learning to dive I would advise you to jump to it, remembering to put your regulator in your mouth and hold your mask as you jump in.

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Fountains Of Wayne - 'Sink To The Botttom'
4/ 5


2 April 2014 at 14:06

Gotta love those 90's videos

2 April 2014 at 14:36

Funny, I never thought about this song until you mentioned it and how perfect it is for your new experience! So proud! Welcome to a whole new world!