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TRACKS OF THE WEEK 09/03/2014 - Wild Beasts, Perfect Pussy, St Vincent, Dirtmusic, Coldplay,

Five tracks that put the spring into Spring....

Wild Beasts - Sweet Spot (2014)

"Sweet Spot" is the latest release from Wild Beasts, which comes from their latest LP Present Tense. It's bonkers to think this is their fourth LP, as it only seems like yesterday that they appeared on the scene. The guitar melody is great, then when the synth kicks in you'll think you are in Tron. If you don't like it straight away, give it a few goes, it is infectious.

Shell Hunter:-
Coldplay - 'Midnight' (2014)

You love to hate them, you hate to love them blah blah blah. That doesn't matter to me, if I like the sound of it then I don't care who it is. The other morning I was driving to work on an early at stupid o'clock (4am) when the XFM DJ revealed that Coldplay has posted a new track on their website but no other info about where it was from or what for. I wasn't really concentrating at the time, just watching road. By the end of it, I felt all warm and fuzzy. It was such a different and chilled out song, I really enjoyed it! When I got to work ended up hearing it 3 times before 7am and even on 2 different radio stations. By then I was hooked. Give it a go, it's worth it.

Old Pa's Corner:-
Perfect Pussy - Interference Fits (2014)

With a name like that they just had to be heard. I can't stop playing this, it gets a little bit addictive. I am really interested now to hear the full album which incidentally is well under 30 mins long. The album is  Say Yes To Love (2014). I am pretty pleased I cum by this track and I hope this little taster moistens you ear buds.

You may need the lyrics which are quite hard to decipher:

Interference Fits

…I thought it was amazing and I almost cried
Nothing that comes and comes is forever
…coming in
And conversation so check on
Since when they say yes to love?
They say yes to love
…They say,yes,yes,yes,yes,they said

Dirtmusic - 'Red Dust' Feat Samba Toure (2014)

Samba Toure's album, Albala, was one of my favourite albums of last year, sombre and poignant, it was the Desert Blues at it's very best (read about it here). So naturally I was excited when I heard he features in Dirtmusic's forthcoming fourth album, Lion City. Aussie/US band Dirtmusic were originally formed as a Roots/Folk band but started recording in Mali after meeting another Desert Blues favourite of mine, Tamikrest at the annual 'Festival Du Desert'. Collaborating regularly with local musicians, they subtly incorporate their 'Western' influences with the bamboozling brilliant Bamako talent. Samba Toure lends his vocals to the atmospheric 'Red Dust', a reflective dub journey through a hurting Mali.

Dirtmusic and Samba Toure on Glitterbeat records...

London Scouser:-
St Vincent - 'Digital Witness'

I first heard of St Vincent (AKA Annie Clark) when I downloaded a playlist a few years back. Amongst the 100 or so tracks was a song called 'Sleep All Summer' which was a collaboration between one The National & St Vincent. As a big fan of the former I immediately honed in on the track and wasn't disappointed, so much so that I put the song on the latest CD compilation that Shell Hunter and I had compiled.
Fast forward to 2014 and the release of her eponymous 4th album. Digital Witness is the second release from the album and has a dancy feel to it which reminds me a little of 'LaRoux' I've listened to the album a couple of times and on the strength of these 2 listens I will be checking out her back catalogue for sure.

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TRACKS OF THE WEEK 09/03/2014 - Wild Beasts, Perfect Pussy, St Vincent, Dirtmusic, Coldplay,
4/ 5


9 March 2014 at 17:48

SFW - These guys are really good...must listen to the album that is 2 out of 2 I have heard now.
SH - What is it about theses guys that makes us not want to listen to them, knowing full well they are brilliant, one hearing. This is it.
FC - this is so good...this is soul!
LS - been interesting reviews about this gal...I think i expected more?

10 March 2014 at 08:33

Sfw. I like their stuff. A nicely understated tune.

Shell Hunter. A tricky one. I'm not a fan at all, but this is genuinely interesting and the first Coldplay tune I've ever been able to sit all the way through. Perhaps they've finally won me over!

Old Pa. This is a bit of a wake-up after Coldplay! A new name to me and very good. I'll be checking further.

Flycasual. I share your love of 'Albala' and this is quite magnificent too. I know nothing about Dirtmusic, but am off to do some research.

London Scouser. I've been a big fan since 'Paris is Burning' and the collaboration with David Byrne seems to have totally rejuvenated her, not that she particularly needed rejuvenation! 'Digital Witness' and the album it comes from are already contenders for my end of year lists.

14 April 2014 at 19:56

Sfw, Wild Beast, I'm a fan...great song, great voice.

SH, I'm with you on this, most of their track are very good, ear for a tune blah blah. This is an unusual track and I like it, it'll take a lot more for me to instigate a conscious uncoupling.

Old Pa, what a lovely racket!

LS, bonkers in a good way, looks like that collaboration with David Byrne last year rubbed off on her!

14 April 2014 at 20:01

Old Pa, reading back your post.....eugh, gross.