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Damien Jurado - Intoxicated Hands


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The hangover pt 4

Damien Jurado - Intoxicated Hands (2003)

I pretty much like everything Damien Jurado has done, but since he's been working with producer/artist Richard Swift, they are like batman & robin (and i'm not talking about that Joel Schumacher rubbish).  However this was from his recently reissued 2003 album 'Where shall you take me' and is Jurado at his rawest. Every time I hear this I feel like it's 4am and I'm drunk. The kind of drunk where you've somehow made yourself a chilli and then (without burning the house down) have fallen asleep on the radiator (yes, i've done both) then woken up with your arm blistered because the heating has kicked in. (I still have the scar).

There is bitterness in his voice. The "Just get out" bit wrecks me.

She took advantage of intoxicated hands
And he pretended to be asleep
And underneath the blankets their legs weaved like a chain
And come tomorrow morning how will you explain

Was it that whiskey talking or is it your heart
That you made you say I love you to me 
As you held me in your arms
And you'll have the explanation for that 
What has come about

I loved you seven long years 
And now that you've found me out
Just get out

I was just like the others I wanted to be more
Shame it took that whiskey baby 
To bring me to your door
You'll have the explanations for that 
What has come about

When I loved you seven long years my boy 
And now that you've found me out
Just get out

Damien (with beard) & Richard Swift

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Damien Jurado - Intoxicated Hands
4/ 5


22 April 2014 at 11:51

Will undoubtedly end up as one of my albums of the year. Jurado and Swift, brilliant individually and together, utterly inspired.