Wednesday, 30 April 2014

The Who - My Generation/Bob Dylan - Restless Farewell

An Old Fart

THE WHO - My Generation

'Will you still need me, will you still feed me, when I'm sixty-four'  said Paul McCartney in his famous song to his dad about getting old.

Bloody 'ell!  I am 65 on Sunday and officially become an Old Age Pensioner.  An Old Age Pensioner, are you jocking?.  I can't believe it !  What an 'orrible thought. You never quite think about becoming a Pensioner,  but unfortunately it creeps or should I say steam rollers up on you like an  express train.

But I am not quite ready for the arm chair, I will not be sitting in God's waiting room. No thank you!, that is not for me. As long as I am  'fit'  there are a few things that are on my Bucket List that I would like to do, before I pop my clogs or kick that bucket.

I still harbour dreams of doing a marathon and if my feet can hold out (I have had a few problems recently) I am still determined to do it, or give it a shot. I have also had for some time now, this idea of climbing Kilimanjaro. I would especially love to do it with my kids. It is a bit of a challenge, you hike up to 5 hours a day and the air gets quite thin up there. What I like about it is that you start in tropical surroundings and end up in possible Arctic conditions.

Bring it on! Baby!.

Can you handle it Shellhunter, Flycasual, London Scouser ?.

As you already know, I love my music, but I have never been to a Musical Festival. I have just got to do it. Mud, Wellies, Tornadoes,  bring it on I am ready for the experience.  It's on My List.

I think that is enough to begin with, but when that is completed. I will go on to phase 2.

So don't you dare call me an 'old fart'. 
BOB DYLAN - Restless Farewell

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The Who - My Generation/Bob Dylan - Restless Farewell
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30 April 2014 at 06:57

Happy birthday for Sunday Old Pa and may you continue ticking off items on your bucket list for many, many years to come.
If had to chose one Dylan performance to save from a burning house, it could well be this one. I've always loved it and it still gets me every single time. Perfection. The Who clip is of course a classic too.

30 April 2014 at 07:40

TS - Thanks for the wishes and I have to agree that is one of my fav Dylan Clips....the band are immaculate. It makes My Way seem like a nursry Rhyme....

30 April 2014 at 10:19

Never worry, there is no way you are an old fart!
Happy birthday for Sunday and I look forward to reading about your adventures climbing Kilimanjaro in a future post...
In the meantime, put your feet up and have a nice cup of cocoa and a snooze. Only joking, honest! You could probably beat me in a marathon any day!

30 April 2014 at 11:18

C - there's a challenge now...get these trainers on....oh boy! I have spilled my cocoa laughing so much!!

30 April 2014 at 20:32

Have a good one, Old Pa! Wishing you all the very best on this milestone. I like your 'bucket list' choices - the sort of things I might well try to do myself if I was a 'list' sort - but I'm not really. Good luck with yours! Have a drink on me! :) Great songs, of course. Bob's tribute to Frank is beautiful.

30 April 2014 at 20:44

OP, I am always up for a challenge and love the idea of the marathon or Kilimanjaro, bring it on! I feel satisfied I have already crossed of the musical festival off my list many times over though. Something I highly recommend!!