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TRACKS OF THE WEEK 27/04/2014 - Mac DeMarco, SZA, UME, Night Engine, Morton Harket,

Five tracks that serenaded David Moyes off into to sunset..

London Scouser:-
Ume - 'Black Stone'

I'm a couple of months behind the release of this track from Ume (pronounced Ooh-may) who hail from... ..... yep you've guesssed it... Austin, TX. They are another 3 piece band with a lady singer and in this person's humble opinion, they rock with a capital RAWWWWKKKK !!! They released their album 'Monuments' in March of this year and came to my attention by virtue of the fact they recently played a gig in their hometown along with Megafauna (my TOTW from last week) and my band of 2013, Black Books. Great company to keep, the only thing I ask myself, is why I haven't gone over to Austin.... It's a musical Mecca

SZA - 'Child's Play' feat Chance the Rapper (2014)

I instantly liked this when I first heard it, soothing intravenous soul. It sounded unusual, a bit bleak, a bit woozy and even if you add Rap's rising star, Chance the Rapper's wonky verse for surreal effect, it still feels like you're under the duvet after a night out with 'Child's Play' playing you to sleep. SZA is the first female recruit on the Top Dawg Entertainment label, home of Grammy nominated (he should have won) West Coaster Kendrick Lamar and is taken from her debut album, Z.

check out SZA's blog here...

Mac DeMarco - Salad Days (2014)
This dreamy, psychedelic track by Canadian musician Mac DeMarco, is one to pick you up on a Sunday. With its catchy melody and a guitar appegio that is the musical equivilent of a cloud quickly blocking out the sun, it is a "half-cup full" sort of tune. He's a bit of a joker, just look at the audience filmed footage on YouTube performing a version of U2's Beautiful Day and you know that fame is the least thing on his mind (he strips naked and then tucks in his old boy like Buffalo Bill in Silence of the Lambs - only to finally put a drumstick up his bum). Not quite one for granny.

 It is the title track on his third full-length album which was released by Captured Tracks music label on April 1.

Old Pa:-
Morton Harket - Brother (2014)

I have always had a soft spot for Ah-Ha ever since Take on Me and that memorable cartoon inspired video. I have even bought a couple of his solo efforts and they have been pretty good.. I heard this track Brother the other day, the title track from his new album Brother (2014).

It is one of these tracks which just sounds epic and classic on its first hearing. Even sounds a bit like Brothers in Arms but maybe that is just because of the Brother connection.  All the Harket falsetto trade mark is there.

Pretty odd video, maybe I am missing something. Enjoy Bro'

Shell Hunter:-
Night Engine - 'All I Got' (2014)

After a well deserved rest at the end of hardcore year of touring and festivals, Night Engine have returned with a refreshed vigour. Theyve been working their socks off on their debut album 'Wound Up Tight' which is due out later this year. I've been looking forward to hearing some new material after being blown away by their energy last year and this first single doesn't dissapoint! It's a bit slower then my other favourites but it's a real grower, full of raunchy glam electro rock. The guys will being doing the rounds again this year but more importantly are performing a headline show at Hackney Oslo on June 5th, well worth a visit and you may even see me there, front row centre!

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TRACKS OF THE WEEK 27/04/2014 - Mac DeMarco, SZA, UME, Night Engine, Morton Harket,
4/ 5


27 April 2014 at 11:28

LS - Good riffage. RAWK
FC - Smooth operators
OP - The sun always shines on tv
SH - A good pair of lungs

1 May 2014 at 11:09

LS - I like this and as SFW says good riff
FC - pretty pleasant...the rap made it 'tho
SFW - i used to like Buffalo Bill
SH - keep up the support...nice retro feel