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TuneDr Recommends - GeekBeats

TuneDr Recommends...

TuneDr recommends that you listen to at least 5 good tracks a day to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Why not start with one of these we've prescribed from a number of tracks received from emerging artists. There's something for everyone and furthermore they've passed our medical.

GeekBeats - 'Competition'

Funny to think that the guy at work who drives the tank like vehicles hauling the aircrafts (the exact same one, albeit adapted, in the movie Aliens that the Marines take a spin in) was making laid back and soulful Hip Hop beats the last 16 years. Onerrea Velox aka 'GeekBeats', has finally 'come out' of the musical closest and released two self produced EP's on Soundcloud (a couple of his buddies help out on the mic on a few tracks), which I seriously recommend you have a listen too. Perhaps a little raw in places but the talent is there and a must for fans of J Dilla or Pete Rock, just two artists that came to mind when I first heard his material. Or if you're, like me, a sucker for a good beat to bob your head to. Big ting awaits....

It's another on time departure for GeekBeats!

GeekBeats 30 Second Interview

- What music are you listening to at the moment?

Amy Winehouse (1 of my favorites), Dangelo The Internet, Joey Bada$$ and A Tribe Called Quest.

- What album could you not live without?

Dwele- Some Kinda

- Who would you like to work with?

Kid Astro, Elzhi, Joey Bada$$, Erykah Badu and Marsha Ambrose to say the least.

- What's your favourite place on earth and why?

Nan's house with all the family and food. This is where my music days started as a kid. Music plays non stop from Soca to Lovers Rock to Hip Hop and Soul. Dad used to be a "Sound Boy DJ" playing Reggae, Dub and Lovers Rock back In the day. Mum was into preforming arts. My 2 aunts used to sing in groups. 1 uncle used to sing and the other uncle a sax player in a group. So you could say music is in my family genes!

- First record bought?

Black Street- No Diggity

- CD/Vinyl or download?


- If you had to cover a song, what would you choose?

Erykah Badu - Your Funeral

- Baba Ganoush or Houmous?

Houmous, as I've never tried Baba Ganoush. Something to add to my taste list though.

You Can listen to both of GeekBeat's EPs on Soundcloud below:-

Geek Beat It Up Playlist EP
In No Particular Order EP

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TuneDr Recommends - GeekBeats
4/ 5