Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Robert Palmer/Elkie Brooks/Vinegar Joe



Robert and Elkie

ROBERT PALMER - Every Kinda People
I saw an Old Grey Whistle Test show the other night and it featured Vinegar Joe who were a band doing the rounds in the early seventies. Although I never bought any of their albums I was aware of them. I remembered the performance,(see below) as I thought at the time .'what a babe' was Elkie, she was raw exciting and sexy. Robert Palmer was backing singer and guitarist on this one. He was raw exciting and sexy.

Both Elkie and Robert went on to pretty big commercial success once they left the Band. I even bought a RP album as I just loved his take of 'Every Kinda People' a song written by Andy Fraser of the Free. I do wish I wrote that one.

I never could stand Elkie's Pearl is a Singer but I quite liked some of her other stuff. I particularly like her version of Lilac Wine, the song made into a classic by Jeff Buckley. But I just loved her take of Don't Cry out Loud. Perfect for her voice.

ELKIE BROOKS - Don't Cry Out Loud

Finely here are Vinegar Joe in all their Glory. Take it Elkie.
VINEGAR JOE - Proud to be a Honkey Woman

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Robert Palmer/Elkie Brooks/Vinegar Joe
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