Wednesday, 18 June 2014

The Eagles - Doolin-Dalton/Desparado (Reprise)


الحصول عليها من

THE EAGLES - Doolin-Dalton / Desperado(Reprise)(1972)

I was sent from Jeddah to Riyadh to support a cut over to an automated Cargo System. I arranged to do a late shift on to an early shift on to a night shift then, get a flight home after the night shift and not have to be back to Riyadh until the start of a late shift the next day. It gave me an evening in Jeddah with my family.

We were given what were called crew rooms which were used for Cargo Flight crew who were on over night stops.  The rooms were basic and there was toilet and shower facilities. It was pretty much perfect.

Pretty much perfect that is, until I went to the toilet only wearing my boxer shorts. When I got back to the room I found the door was closed and locked. The key was in the door in the inside. Oh!shit! I was locked out.

What was I to do? The Duty Officer's room was a long walk down a corridor a few hundred metres away. I had no alternative, I just had to walk in my boxer shorts and face the shock and surprise of my Arab friends who worked in the Warehouse.

I walked tall and proud and there were many little whistles and strange clucking sounds which I was not sure meant (and did not want to). There was also shouts of  الحصول عليها من . I was tempted to do a moony but would probably have been arrested and flogged  for offering temptation. I eventually arrived at the room to the amusement of all there and was given an Arab ghura to cover all my modesty.

You may say I was a little bit Desperado! 

This track is from The Eagle's Desperado album (1972). I had this long before they became famous and their Greatest hits were part of everybodys rcord collection including your Mum and Dad and Granny. The Eagles were pretty cool and hip in these days. 

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The Eagles - Doolin-Dalton/Desparado (Reprise)
4/ 5


18 June 2014 at 19:40

If you are going to get locked in your pants, why not do it in style - in Saudi Arabia?! Nice, sir. I have a very similar tale (maybe I've told it already?) but without Arabs. Desperado, indeed.

20 June 2014 at 17:50

I don't think you told us that one when we were in Jeddah!? Didn't you spend the night in a Jeddah jail, I think you may have written about that already. Great track of course. The Eagles were probably the first band I knew as I remember the LP cover of an Eagle skull and a long straight road leading off into the desert. I must have been only 4 or 5.

27 June 2014 at 17:46

Brilliant story and well told. Great pic and a fitting tribute for a fab song