Thursday, 17 July 2014

Batida - 'Tirei O Chapeu'

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Batida, annoyed with his Rubix cube!

Batida - Tirei O Chapeu (2012)

I can't get enough of this at the moment, original and highly infectious, 'Tirei O Chapeu' is a stand out track from Portuguese/Angolan DJ, Batida's self titled and excellent debut album. After reading about it in Songlines magazine, I knew this album had my name all over it. Incorporating modern electro and dubstep, traditional Angolan Semba and Soukouss music samples from the 70's, throw in a few Angolan rappers for good measure and you get real heady concoction.

An Angolan/Portuguese colleague of mine listened to a few of Batida's songs earlier this week and his face lit up saying that if I listened to this I'd better be prepared to learn some of the dance moves involved, making little shuffles forward with his feet whilst simultaneously thrusting his crotch towards me. Unfortunately I'm not much of a dancer and I can't really see myself doing that anytime soon. Hang on a minute, I've a wedding to attend to soon, that might be a good look for me, especially in a kilt....predatory females, lookout!!

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Batida - 'Tirei O Chapeu'
4/ 5


16 June 2012 at 09:33

What a great track I like the old school sound mixed in with all what modern tech has to offer.

16 June 2012 at 19:33

I have both Portugal and Angolan connections...especially enjoyed this, thanks.

I am not much of a structured dancer, myself. :-)