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Flycasual's Best Of Latitude 2014 - Jungle, Young Fathers, The War on Drugs

I didn't find myself really but I did find myself surrounded by pseudo hippies in obligatory garb back from their two weeks in Goa, rich white kids doing the festival circuit on mummy and daddy's money kicking over bins and Essex women slumming it with their festival chic and expensive wellies! Not to mention a super cell storm in a leaking tent...Apart from that, a beautiful vibe and setting, incredible music and unforgettable memories with sterling company. Thanks TuneDr crew.... 

Uncomfortable viewing...

Jungle - 'Time' (2014)

This was my most anticipated gig, mid afternoon in the sweltering BBC6 music stage. I haven't felt hysterical about an act in quite sometime and with such a distinctive sound, Jungle are without doubt my favourite band of the year. So I'm near the front and slowly it gets more and more crowded as people pile in the venue, the heat rises and somewhat appropriately, it feels like...ehm a jungle. The seven piece do not disappoint despite feverish conditions as they play an energetic set, further cementing my admiration for them. I did get irked at the 'youts' throwing themselves about the mosh pit akin to 'sweaties' at a Cradle of Filth concert, a wholly inappropriate way to behave to 'White Soul' but that probably says more about my age than anything else. Talking of 'White Soul', I jokingly said to Sfw that Jungle were this generation's Curiosity Killed the Cat or Living in a Box or even Hue and Cry, but clearly that'll be doing them a complete disservice. However they did play right after Daryl Hall and John Oats....just saying!

Mosh Pit about to kick off!?

Young Fathers - 'I Heard' (2013)

Latitude Festival Dilemma, who do I see? Damon Albarn, one of my favourite ever artists with a rich history and a diverse array of music or up and coming rappers, Young Fathers, who have been compared to Massive Attack's early days? I'm a big fan and, like Jungle, Young Fathers are a band I've really been excited about. I take the plunge and head off to the atmospheric iArena, a stage set in the middle of the woods, to see Scotland's finest. A bit hit and miss to be honest but a performance as fierce as the surrounding rain storm (which, according to Shell hunter, scuppered Damon's encore somewhat by dispersing the crowd, despite having brought on Graham Coxon as a guest). When they're good they're magnificent, ending in soulful anguish with the brilliant 'I Heard'.

I'm not weeing in there!

The War On Drugs - 'Red Eyes' (2014) Live at Latitude Festival 2014

The line up was fantastic but with so many good bands to see you're never going to catch them all. We had just seen the brilliant Future Islands and were now making the trek back from the iArena to the main stage at the Obelisk Arena to see Tame Impala, probably a 15 minute walk. A distinct sound stops us in our tracks as we pass by the BBC6 Music stage, it's the War On Drugs' 'Red Eyes', one of my favourite songs of the year ever since Old Pa featured it on a TOTW back in March and it was a stunning performance. One of the aspects of Latitude I loved was that despite the inevitability of missing out on artists, you're always going to get to see something due to the positioning of the various stages.

The iArena....Ewoks and Speederbikes just out of shot!

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Flycasual's Best Of Latitude 2014 - Jungle, Young Fathers, The War on Drugs
4/ 5


28 July 2014 at 18:54

'Time' has really wormed its way into my brain these past few weeks, first time i've seen the vid though - excellent, but don't you think the first guy looks like Fred Schneider of the B-52s?
We heard a lot of music wafting over the marsh from Latitude every night in 2013, but nothing at all this year - I guess the wind must've been in the wrong direction. A shame, as I was really hoping to hear a bit of War on Drugs, one band I would dearly like to see.
Glad you all had a good time guys!

29 July 2014 at 09:08

Thanks for the comments Mr Swede. He does look like a skinnier version..yes, minus the moves of course. I had a great time, seeing bands that you really want to see up close and witnessing some fantastic musicianship was fantastic. Mark Lamarr had a slot showcasing some bands 'not on radio' from his BBC radio 2 show. One ska band called Natty Bo and the Top Cats were truly amazing, Natty Bo is an incredible front man and their rendition of 'Message to Rudie' was amazing. Sadly I can't find anything on them!

4 August 2014 at 21:22

My Jungle experience as a little more subdued as Old Pa, Shellhunter and I were all sittingin the BBC tent on our camp chairs listening as the chaos ensued. Great to hear, even if we didn't really see them. I like the Young Fathers, and thought they were great when they performed with the William Onyeabor Supergroup. As for The War On Drugs, I also heard it whilst heading to the main stage to get ready for The Black Keys and wished I could have seen them. Great song