Thursday, 9 October 2014

Tinariwen - 'Iljaych Tareq'


'The Desert Bez' and his crew

Tinariwen - 'Iljaych Tareq' (2014)

You know what it's like, you go camping, you light a bonfire, maybe have some marshmallows even though you don't like marshmallows and then one of your friends takes out a guitar. Bloody hell you think, what a mood killer as they start playing half baked'd rather listen to the mosquitoes buzzing around your ears. But then there's Tinariwen, the Desert Blues dons and that's a whole different proposition, atmospheric, entrancing, exactly what you need for an evening under the stars...even makes the marshmallows taste nice. Whilst recording their latest album, Emmaar, in the Joshua Tree Desert, the 'desert Bez' and his boys would jam around a campfire long into the night. Inside/Outside - The Joshua Tree Acoustic Sessions are the fruits of that labour, 5 striped back tracks that see the band go back to their roots, without all that production of a studio, brilliant and evocative! The offer is still open boys, come round, we can sit in my son's sandpit and sip tea late into the night!

If you like you 'Desert Blues' check out TuneDr's Desert Blues Vol.1 here....

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Tinariwen - 'Iljaych Tareq'
4/ 5


10 October 2014 at 09:01

Marshmallows! sandpit and Tinariwen for me tonight.

10 October 2014 at 11:16

Spooky! I was only yesterday thinking of "desert bez" and sniggling to myself about him. Definitely the one in the group who has a "rider" and probably has groupies lined up from here to Timbuktu