Sunday, 9 November 2014

TRACK OF THE WEEK 09/11/14 - Tom Odell, Buddy, Homeboy Sandman, Frazey Ford, Bombay Bicycle Club

Five tracks that were more than just a brick in the wall!

Shell Hunter:-
Tom Odell - 'Real Love' (2014)

After watching the John Lewis Christmas advert I am an emotional wreck. It's cleverly crafted to warm even the coldest of hearts with Tom Odell's emotive voice as backing and starring one of my favourite animals, a penguin, named Monty. This track is not to be mistaken for Tom's 'Another Love' but isn't too far off. It's a cover of a Beatles track that I'm not familiar with but will of course investigate. It could be that London Scouser and I are expecting our first child in a few months and I am prone to the odd spillage of emotions but I think the song will be a massive hit. It's got a good Christmas Carol feel to it and made me feel warm and fuzzy. The anticipation of Christmas and the magic for me has dwindled as I've got older so I'm excited to have my love of it rekindled with a mini 'us'.

Buddy - 'Weak Currents' (2014)

I've was listening to Portland-born musician "Buddy" (please tell me this is actually Will Ferrell's character in Elf!) when I was in the sunshine and it just sounded so good.  Now I'm back in blighty, it's like a shot-in-the-arm, flu jab. Short, sweet and blasts away those winter blues. (download the mp3 below)

Homeboy Sandman - 'Problems' (2014)

I've just started a new job (thanks) and although I'm heady with excitement at this new juncture in my career, it's been an unproductive week for music. I do the majority of my listening in the car on my way to work which previously took close to an hour, at least an albums worth. Now it takes me the best part of 13 minutes, hardly enough for a 12 inch. Poor me, I'll figure it out....First World Problems. Which leads me to the aptly titled 'Problems' from one of my favourite MC's, New York's Homeboy Sandman, taken from his 5th album, Hallways. An album I managed to listen to over the course of the week. There are some great lines in there, notably the one about Kurt Cobain. Dope!

Old Pa's Corner:-
Frazy Ford - 'September Fields' (2014)

This Aussie Gal has a voice to die for and with the right song it is something to behold.  Her Band is tight and that organ gets me all the time.

This is a song from her new album  Indian Ocean (2014) and is called September Field and I just Love it. I have added a live take as it ilustrates perfectly Frazys intensity.

London Scouser:-
Bombay Bicycle Club - 'Home By Now' (2014)

I read that BBC had a festive type video for their latest single release, but with a difference. It's like a  school nativity play version of the Stanley Kubrick film '2001: A Space Odyssey'. I think I've seen the film but can't really remember. The video is fun, and the song is really good. It has their trademark twangy sound and features Lucy Rose on vocals, who I've found out was born in Camberley, so she's up there in my book.

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TRACK OF THE WEEK 09/11/14 - Tom Odell, Buddy, Homeboy Sandman, Frazey Ford, Bombay Bicycle Club
4/ 5


9 November 2014 at 17:06

SH - Tom breaking more hearts
FC - I got problems also but will never sound as laid back as Homeboy
OP - I've been listening to this recently. I keep on thinking that it is that meaty lass from The Gossip
LS - Very underrated, I'm just waiting for the BBC to rule the world

Winner - music

10 November 2014 at 11:04

A full house for me this week!
Sfw- I really like this, definitely can see how this would sound great on Varadero beach!
Fly- i enjoyed his ranting on about his 'problems', we've all got them son! First world ones though, I like that
Pa- like the horns but I can't help thinking she sounds like Beth Ditto from The Gossip
LS- another brilliant track from them. They can do no wrong, end of.