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TRACKS OF THE WEEK 15/11/14 - SOAK, Songhoy Blues, Adrian Crowley, Gerard Way, Milky Chance

Five tracks that charged our batteries!

SOAK - B a nobody (2014)

This track has been in my contenders folder for a few weeks and it is now time to finally share it. It is by Derry 18 year old, Bridie Monds-Watson, aka SOAK. "B a Nobody" is a intimate, honest and raw observation of the pressures that we put on ourselves to be something.

Songhoy Blues - 'Al Hassidi Terei' (2014)

One of the highlights from last year's Damon Albarn project, Africa Express, was Songhoy Blues' 'Soubour'. They weren't just another Malian Desert Blues band, as I felt they had more of an edge on their contemporaries, certainly with their 'harder' guitar sound. 'Al Hassidi Terei' is taken from the Desert Punks forthcoming debut album, Music in Exile, which is out next February and on this form it's definitely something to look forward to.

Songhoy Blues on Transgressive Records...

Old Pa's Corner:-
Adrian Crowley - One Blue Morning (2014)

I have heard the name,  but never really got round to checking him out until to-day.. What is wrong with me? Don't answer that!.The first two tracks from AC's new album just bloo! me away. I was aware he had the Leonard Cohen Tab, but I did not expect this.  This is great stuff and the voice is just up my Khyber Pass.

I have the album on repeat. I will be on catch up soon too. Check out the Hungry Grass also. Richard Hawley, he has stolen your tones.

London Scouser:-
Gerard Way - 'Millions' (2014)

 I have to admit I wasn't the biggest 'My Chemical Romance' fan, I liked a couple of songs 'Teenagers' and their cover of 'Desolation Row' which was on the soundtrack of the excellent comic book adaption film 'Watchmen'. Earlier this week their former lead singer Gerard Way came up to my desk at work, I didn't recognise him but the name rang a bell as I'd heard he had played some gigs in the UK. Also with his bright red hair under a beanie he looked like a 'somebody' so I decided to check out his recent album 'Hesitant Alien' and was pleasantly surprised. This particular song is released on Monday and has a video which looks like it was made with 70's special effects reminiscent of 'Can You Feel It' only with a better arse...

Shell Hunter:-

Milky Chance - 'Down By The River' (2014)

I knew I was destined to like these guys. We decided to take a punt and see them at Latitude after reading the intriguing blurb about the band being an interesting mix of folk electronica with a hint of reggae. We were gutted to find out the gig was cancelled (I think to sickness) so I forgot all about them. Well once again thanks to John Kennedy's Xposure show during my drive home I was hooked by this little ditty. Their quirkiness reminds me of Alt-J which holds them in great stead so far. The duo are from Germany and released their first album Sadnesescary last year and everyone is a winner, I kid you not, this track being the second single. Listen out for the howly vocals that sound jut like that noise a balloon makes when you slowly let the air out!

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TRACKS OF THE WEEK 15/11/14 - SOAK, Songhoy Blues, Adrian Crowley, Gerard Way, Milky Chance
4/ 5


18 November 2014 at 10:46

SFW - this is Ok after the one hearing could very well be a grower
FC - tnis is excellent and their album will be somthing to look forward to
LS - the people you meet?...did you invite him to the quizz...of the 'type' this is pretty good
SH - I have to say this is an interesting one...will have to listen to some more