Monday, 15 December 2014

London Scouser's - Best 5 of 2014

2014 - Another great year of music

It took me a long time to choose my favourite 5, and they aren't in any particular order, but here goes

We Are Scientists - 'What You Do Best'

We Are Scientists are a band I've liked since first hearing 'The Great Escape' and their 2008 release 'Brain Thrust Mastery' was my album of the year. I'll admit that I haven't given this years offering 'TV en Francais' as much earplay but nevertheless I was immediately attracted to this song. For me it has the best lyrics I've heard in a long while "When I said that you were something else, I didn't mean it as a compliment". Every time I hear them a smile forms. One of life's simple pleasures.

Woods - 'Moving To The Left'

My second choice reminds me of the sixties and where their song 'With Light And With Love' which was my TOTW earlier this year sounded like 'The Byrds' this is very 'Beatles' like in my opinion. The whole album is great but this was by far my favourite track on it.

Foo Fighters - 'Something From Nothing'

Welcome back Mr Grohl and friends, whilst I was disappointed with having only 8 tracks on their latest album 'Sonic Highways' I was definitely not unhappy with what I heard. It's a great rock album which has had maybe a dozen plays already and is destined for many more I'm sure.

Belle And Sebastian - 'The Party Line'

Ahhhh, Belle And Sebastian... Just the mention of the name brings back so many great memories for me. Possibly my favourite was many years back... I was on holiday with Shellhunter in Spain visiting Old Pa and Ma. I was sat around the pool listening on my huge brick of an original iPod to a B&S compilation I'd put together, I can't remember which specific song it was but that's not important. I'm a shade rather than sun bather and the umbrella that had been doing it's duty had the audacity to stay still when then sun was moving and as a result I was starting to get hot. I noticed Old Pa had got up out of the corner of my eye. It was then that I uttered the immortal lines that will be with me until my last days on earth I'm sure... "I don't mean this in a lazy way, but...' almost immediately Old Pa's comeback was something along the lines of "Not in a lazy way, my arse!!" He didn't let me add the rest of my request, which was a simple '...could you please move the umbrella" this seemed a perfectly reasonable request to me'
Maybe you had to be there, but it still makes me chuckle to think of that.

Ume - 'Black Stone'

Now for my final choice it was a toughie, as earlier this year I went through my 'Austin Phase' and discovered a plethora of bands that were new to me, some of which weren't from this year alas. I plumped for this with it's amazing riffage. 2014 has been a great year for ''Ooh-may' (as they are pronounced) which saw the band perform on stage in London as part of the 'British Summer Time' gig on the same stage as Black Sabbath, Motorhead & Soundgarden. As well as lead singer and guitarist Lauren Larson taking part in 'Acoustic-4-A-Cure' along with  Billie Joe Armstrong, Sammy Hagar, James Hetfield, Scott Mathews, Pat Monahan, Joe Satriani, Nancy Wilson, not bad company to keep. I think they are destined for greatness.

Those were my top 5, and this below is my top 20, check it out via our Spotify playlist and enjoy

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London Scouser's - Best 5 of 2014
4/ 5


15 December 2014 at 15:11

I don't know too much about We Are Scientists, but this is ok and that lyric quote is very good.
Woods are one of those bands I listen to intently in short bursts when a new LP is out, then seem to forget about - and I'd forgotten about this. Love it.
I'm a long way from being a hardcore Foo Fighters fan, but Dave Grohl is high in the running for the title 'Nicest Man in Rock'. He's also a fine director and still clearly a big, big music fan. 'Sonic Highways' was a terrific TV series, and the music on the album, particularly the lyrics, complement it well.
I too am a long time B&S fan, though for some reason 'The Party Line' failed to connect with me, or at least has so far. Still looking forward to the album in January though. Great Old Pa story!
Ume wouldn't be my usual bag, but it's a refreshing change to hear a bit of heads down riffage accompanied by sung vocals, rather than screamed. I rather enjoyed it.

Thanks for sharing your selections London Scouser. I'm looking forward to hearing what the rest of the Tune Doctor posse come up with.

15 December 2014 at 18:22

Thank you for your kinds words Mr The Swede... Not just for this but for all of your contributions this past year, we all really appreciate your thoughts... Will you be doing something similar on 'Unthought of, though, somehow' ?? I hope so

15 December 2014 at 18:31

Great top 5. I'm looking forward to listening to your top 20. It's always great to hear what others have been crazy about that I may have missed!

16 December 2014 at 07:47

Always a good thing when Belle & Seb come around. Gone disco? Nice to see Andy Murray make an appearance in the video ;) All the rest sound like solid choices to me if not my bag (man). Have a wonderful Christmas.

20 December 2014 at 12:19

Very interesting and individual choices, I like them all.
We Are Scientists - I've liked all the songs I've heard and I knew you were impressed with that lyric. You always made a point of singing it!
Woods - Excellent track, why haven't we seen this group. I bet they would be amazing live! This song reminds me of a Bravery song, Time Wont Let Me Go, if I remember rightly?
The Foos - they are back, no wrong can be done. I just love that robotic guitar riff.
Belle - Yay! Camptastic disco! Welcome back lads!
Ume - undeniable riffage and wait a minute, a girl singing? Are you eating your words LS?