Sunday, 4 January 2015

TRACKS OF THE WEEK 04/01/15 - Slaves, Torche, Ryan Bingham


Three tracks to help forget your resolutions !

Torche - 'Minions' (2014)

Here's a wee ditty to blow away dem Christmas cobwebs....detox? My arse! It's time to retox and damage your new speakers with Torche's latest trudge heavy riffage. 'Minions' is taken from the Miami band's fourth album, Restarter, out on Feb 23rd. Get the beers in!

Relapse Records

Slaves - The Hunter (2014)

The Christmas Decorations are down, no pay for four weeks and we all need a pick me up. Kent duo Slaves do it with a kick in the Plums and a slap around the ear hole with The Hunter. Singer/Drummer does a Johnny Rotten as good as the punk godfather himself. No butter for sale here, just pure punk. Time for that tattoo!

Old Pa's Corner:-
Ryan Bingham - Your Diamond is too Rough (2014)

I feel as if I stole this one from SFW. This guy has got all the ingredients, Beard, Guitar, a sad song. This ones for you SFW.
RB has a new album out in January and is called Fear and Saturday Night. Ryan has been described as Gravel-tongued and I suppose that fits him perfectly.
'Bingham wrote most of the album's 12 tracks alone in an airstream trailer, parked in the mountains of California without electricity or cell phones. The seclusion gave him creative clarity that resulted in songs inspired by an unstable childhood, and by the deaths of his mother to alcoholism and father to suicide.'

You can't beat a little bit of pain for that bout of creativity. I will be looking forward to his album, what, with titles such as 'Nobody Knows My Trouble' and 'Broken Heart Tattoos'  well that is right up my pain threshold.

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TRACKS OF THE WEEK 04/01/15 - Slaves, Torche, Ryan Bingham
4/ 5


11 January 2015 at 11:56

FC - Not unpleasant riffiage
SFW - a right kick in the plums, spot on

10 February 2015 at 16:47

Sfw, Torche and Slaves on the same bill. My ears are bleeding. It's a good one though.

Old Pa, Great track...he'll never be short on material that's for sure.