Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Santana - Just in Time to See the Sun




I thought I would try a little experiment. I picked a number and then looked at the corresponding song on a file I have of  'All Time Greatest Songs' (my choices of course). The object was to see if I could write a post about the song.

After all, that is what our Site is really all about !.

I thought of something immediately and I then played the song for Old Ma and asked her if it reminded her of anything in particular. Spot on, it reminded her of exactly the same situation. 

I was staying in Boston Manor near Ealing in 1972 and shared a house with my sister Rose and her friend Morar. I had  room with quite an interesting guy (his name escapes me) who had quite a few Dylan Bootleg LPs, so he was alright with me. That I am afraid,  has not really anything to do with the story, but there are a few stories that come to mind whenj I stayed in that house, now I come to think about it..

It was winter and bloody freezing, there was no heating in my bedroom. Old Miss (in these days) and I were so cold in my 3 foot wide single bed with its nylon sheets, that we decided to go into the living room.  We gathered plenty of cushions and blankets on the floor.  We lay next to the old gas heater and played music.

I had just bought Caravansaria by Santana and this was a standout track. We played the whole damm album several times and then played the Temptation's Papa was a Rolling Stone, the long version, we had it on repeat. We were nice and warm and snuggly and were musically purrring.

Funny what you remember with a little'it!

Let us know your musical memories, I am sure they must be more exciting than that.

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Santana - Just in Time to See the Sun
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4 February 2015 at 06:44

In the good old days of youth, we could all put up with stuff like the cold etc, with so much ease. I remember sharing a house with my mates with no heating beyond a coal fire. We had a really bad winter in Jan. 1981 and the ice formed on the *inside* of the windows. It was colder getting *into* than staying out (too think to think of something like a hot water bottle) but it was still great. £10 a week rent saved a lot for Guinness. Great track, BTW, Old Pa, if a little short. Funnily enough, I'm on a Santana kick myself right now. Must be the cold weather.

4 February 2015 at 08:37

Once upon a time I never gave a second thought to crashing out on someone's floor after an evening out gallivanting. Now, if my host has no spare bedroom to sleep in (preferably with en-suite bathroom) with fresh coffee available the following morning, I tend to, forsake my couple of glasses of wine, make my excuses and drive home! What's become of us?
Great memories Old Pa.

9 February 2015 at 15:36

It paints a warm picture in my heart of a young Old Pa and Ma, in love and in the 70's, listening to Santana....wait let's not go there. It could be said that without classic Santana, Caravanserai, there perhaps wouldn't have been a Shell Hunter of Flycasual. Pooh, the musical universe has spoken or something.