Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Valentines - Four Tops/Righteous Brothers/Art Garfunkel

Wednesday Love Club

Valentines Special, better late than Never

In Love, The Breakup, Lonely


ART GARFUNKEL - I've only Got Eyes for You (1975) (In Love)

We have all been there, in a crowded place, but not being aware of anybody else but her or maybe making a horrible journey, that normally you want to end as soon as possible, but because she is with you, you want it to go on for ever. Why? because you Love her. You are in Love of course.   

RIGHTEOUS BROTHERS -You've Lost that Loving Feeling(1964) (The Breakup)

Possibly one of the best records ever made, certainly in my top twenty. You always know when 'that loving feeling' is going. You feel the pain, the twisting Knife in your heart, you want to die, what is left in life, she was your world, your future, you love her!   

THE FOUR TOPS - Ask the Lonely (1965) (Lonely)

'Ask The Lonely' is one of the most underated 'breakup'songs of all time and one of my favourite/greatest voices of all time, the great  Levi Stubbs. Along with The Temptations, they knocked out some of the best pop music which my ears have had the pleasure to have heard. This is pure brilliance in the space of 3 minutes. You're stunned into submission, with the shear excellence of what can be achieved in such a  short space of time. When it finishes you just want to hear it again and again....isn't it great, when you can look back on 'all that pain' and now enjoy 'all that pain'.

Bob Marley once said ...'music does not hurt'. Seriously Bob! 'Go ask the lonely!!'

'Ask me!'

I'll be there
By Old Pa

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Valentines - Four Tops/Righteous Brothers/Art Garfunkel
4/ 5


23 February 2016 at 16:14

I absolutely love 'I only Have Eyes For You' maybe the Flamingoes edge it for the Doo Wop ting. Righteous Brothers, well you really can't argue with that, instant goose bumps the millisecond you hear 'You never close your eyes....' endorsed by Goose and Maverick of course! Four Tops! Stop it, you had me at hello. Very Romantisch, you should maybe mention this to Old Ma.