Wednesday, 1 June 2016

10CC - I'm Mandy Fly me



10CC - I'm Mandy Fly Me

It was my Nieces' 21st birthday.  I was coming over from Jeddah, catch a flight from London's Heathrow to Inverness and enjoy the celebration with the rest of my family.

The flight was early and as I arrived in London an hour or so before departure, as was the custom, I headed straight for the British Midlands Bar for an early refreshment. Get in the mood, you know yourself.

I headed for the British Airways Lounge in plenty time and heard the news that there would be a delay due to a technical fault and they were awaiting a new part. Could we ensure that we were back here in one hours time.

I went back to the Bar and settled down with the daily newspaper. After about 50 minutes I headed back. I saw from the information board that my flight had departed. It appeared they managed to correct the fault quickly and boarded the flight and departed. I was called but was not in that area so I did not hear the call and had missed the flight.

Luckily there was another flight about 6 hours later. Oh! well back to the British Midlands Bar.
I later went in to Hounslow for a look around and to kill time. The Bell was open in a few hours too.

When I got back in plenty of time I found to my horror that the afternoon flight was cancelled and no reason given.  There was another flight at 19.30 in the evening and all the passengers were re-booked on that flight. Except me that is as I had a staff standby ticket.

I had a meal and read a book, had a few drinks and before long it was time to go for the evening flight.  I was told the flight was full and that it would be touch and go to get on. Could it get much worse I thought.

At the gate I was hovering around, the flight was about to be closed. I was told you are on. A party of 3 had not turned up. The relief just poured out of me as I settled into my seat. Walkman at the ready.

Could a Mr. Mackenzie make himself  know to the Cabin Staff  please 
The three had turned up and I was being off loaded. That was it,  I had to find a Hotel and I booked a full fare ticket for the first flight out to Inverness the next morning.

To rub salt in the wound that flight was not even half full.

By Old Pa

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10CC - I'm Mandy Fly me
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1 June 2016 at 07:43

What a (series of) nightmare(s)! I get completely stressed out when I fly anyway, so in your situation I would've had a total meltdown! I trust you eventually made it in time for the party though?

1 June 2016 at 09:32

Hi TS yes made the party, it was worth all the hassle