Sunday, 17 July 2016

TRACKS OF THE WEEK 17/07/2016 - Slow Club, The Bacao Rhythm & Steel Band,Psychic ills, Bob Mould,


London Scouser:-
Bob Mould - 'Voices In My Head' (2016)

Voices In My Head was released in January this year and it's off of the 12th solo album by former 'Hüsker Dü' and 'Sugar' frontman Bob Mould. Whilst having heard of the two bands, I don't consciously know of anything by them. This was in my 'Discover Weekly' playlist and at first I wasn't sure... But now now I have to say "It's a grower !!!" It seems a bit REM, not as in Michael Stipe's vocals but in the music and how it is sung... Or is that just me ???

Old Pa :-
Psychic Ills (feat. Hope Sandoval) - I Don't Mind (2016)

This is a dreamy psychedelic track form a new album by Psychic Ills with the added bonus of having the silky dreamy tones of Hope Sandoval. I was thinking when I first heard this that there was a feel of the Jesus and Mary Chain and Hope completed the connection. Love this 

Bacao Rhythm and Steel Band - P.I.M.P.

I'm absolutely loving this at the moment. A steel drum band doing Hip Hop and Funk covers from 50 Cent to Kool and the Gang? I thought that has to be a novelty, right? But Germany's Bacao Rhythm and Steel Band are far from a Caribbean hotel lobby gimmick, they are first and foremost a funk band and they can play, as Fiddy's family classic, P.I.M.P., demonstrates. They have just released a compendium of their work, 55 and not only is it a refreshingly good album but it's perfect for that family BBQ, even gran will be pleased with the extra sausage for you, guaranteed.

The Bacao Rhythm and Steel Band Facebook page...

Slow Club - Ancient Rolling Sea (2016)

Low budget video, check. Hipsters, check.  This 'slow' groove by London/Margate duo Slow Club has all the hallmarks of a Matthew E. White produced track. Catchy riff, 70s Bass, and a sing-a-long chorus that you cannot forget. Ancient Rolling Sea appears on One Day This Won't Matter Anymore, out 19th August. Nice.

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TRACKS OF THE WEEK 17/07/2016 - Slow Club, The Bacao Rhythm & Steel Band,Psychic ills, Bob Mould,
4/ 5


17 July 2016 at 17:18

Nineties feel this week!

LS - Bob Mould is on my listen list, I like what I hear
OP - Give me Hope!
FC - after all the atrocities this week, this is needed

All winners

11 August 2016 at 05:28

LS, not bad. Get the REM comparison, had the urge to sing 'What's the Frequency Kenneth'.

Old Pa, pretty much anything with Hope singing pricks my ears. My track of the week. She has collaborated with Jesus and Mary Chain and may have a romantic liason.

Sfw, nice vid with a good slinky track to boot. British summer time...