Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Bedouin Soundclash - Money worries





We eventually found that there were quite a few restaurants quite near to the hotel and if you gave them a call they would come and pick you up and drop you off.

Bali is a beautiful Island and the people are very friendly and always smiling. I love the chiming sound of their music and their dance culture. Their local paintings done in great detail were a joy to behold.

We were there for three weeks and it was the first time in my life I did not read a newspaper or watch television. There could have been a nuclear war happing and we would not have known about it.
Today you are stressed about not having wi-fi in your room and go nowhere without your smart phone. All rather sad really.

The pool was big and surrounded by exotic plants and flowers and had one of the best pool bars it has been my pleasure to get pissed in. One day about mid-day we got involved with an ex Met Detective Sargent who had just left and was going to open a Pub in the Countryside. I had a great argument with him telling him he would make no money. At lunch time you might get a few punters come in and have a half of lager and a ploughman's if he is lucky. The real money is next to a factory. Pie, chips and Beans. They come in after work 6 pints each. That is where the money is. I was only winding him up.

It eventually became late afternoon and we were still at the bar and had decided to meet that evening at our favorite restaurant. Suddenly the Detective Sergeant just fell off his seat backwards into the pool. I thought he was just larking about until he did not rise to the surface. We got him out of the pool and he was out cold. They had to get a Doctor. He was OK and we had a drink at the pool Bar the next day.

That will teach him to drink with big boys.

One night at a local restauant we watched the moon rise and I don't think I have seen such an amazing sight in my life. The moon was red and rose slowly on the horizon it almost filled the view it was hugh. I could not believe what I was seeing.

Bali beautiful Island.

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Bedouin Soundclash - Money worries
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