Wednesday, 14 December 2016

The Beatles - I Want To Hold Your Hand (live)



THE BEATLES - I Want To Hold Your Hand (Live)


We were in Inverness visiting my Parents and Sister. Both Shellhunter and Flycasual were driving me crazy with their constant pleading and begging for me to get them a Gameboy. They just kept going on and on about it..

That was it. I said that I would challenge them all, that would include Old Ma to a putting competition and if they beat me I would get them a Gameboy. If I won then that would be it. They were not allowed to hassle me anymore.

We went to Bellfield Park a small but beautiful little park which had two putting greens. The park was situated just by the river Ness and close by was a place called the  Islands.  It was several Islands joined by small bridges and is a must walk if you ever visit Inverness. In the middle was a small cafe which was open during the summer months and during week-ends in the winter time. When I was a teen it was also a meeting place at weekends, where many teens just hung out. I did not go very often but I remember being there one Sunday evening when everyone huddled round a small black and white television with great excitement. The Beatles  were performing live on television. The quality was poor but they were amazing, they played their new single  I Want To Hold Your Hand.

Anyway back to the putting competition. I was pretty good and had many such competitions with my Inverness pal George  (R.I.P.)  I knew I would win but I would make it interesting and keep it very close, just to give them hope. I kept it close, in fact I let them go 1 up with 4 holes to play. I smiled to myself as I drew level at the next hole. All square with 3 to go. Old Ma was first to go on the16th, a very long hole. The longest on the course. She hit it far too hard, it would go miles past. I could not believe it, the ball hit the metal flag, jumped up about a foot in the air and  'plopped'  into the hole. My brave putt just missed. I was 1 down with 2 to play. The next hole was pretty long too and I went first and got pretty close, a certain 2. Both Shellhunter and Flycasual were way way short and would never get a 2. That left Old Ma who once again hit the ball far too hard

'That one will end up in the River Ness, I laughed'

but no it did not, it hit my ball and changed direction and into the hole. Two holes in 1 in 2 holes.

They were all jumping up and down screaming and hugging and shouting  'we are getting a Gameboy, we are getting a Gameboy'.  I was left open mouthed and staring at that 17th hole. We did not play the 18th hole they were already on their way to the Gameboy shop.

I never did tell them that I was going to buy one anyway, but I had to get my fun.

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The Beatles - I Want To Hold Your Hand (live)
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17 December 2016 at 11:21

Haha, lovely story.
I still have an old Gameboy tucked away in a drawer, I couldn't throw it away just in case one day all our other devices fail and then I can while away many happy hours on it playing Tetris and Dr Mario!