Tuesday, 6 December 2016

TRACKS OF THE WEEK 04-12-16 - Josefin Öhrn, Busted, Felix Riebl


Josefin Öhrn + The Liberation - 'The State I'm In' (2016)

Swedish Psychadelica anyone? Of course you do! This got me instantly intrested as it sounded like the 'big sound' synonyomus of Irish DJ David Holmes, a favourite of mine, but of course with the added charm of lead singer, Josefin's sultry vocals. 'The State I'm In' is taken from her second album, Mirage, out ealrier this year.

Felix Riebl - 'Snowflakes' feat Emily Lubitz (2016)

If like me, you may have recently indulged in the joy of Xmas shopping chaos, Thermal pants, mulled wine and mince pies. If so, This may help lower your stress levels. Felix Riebl is a Melbourne based singer/songwriter who is also the vocalist and percussion player in 'The Cat Empire'. 'Snowflake' appears on his 2016 album, Paper Doors.

Old Pa:-
Busted - On What You're On (2016)

Of course I was aware of Busted when they first came out, I just labelled them with the likes of McFly and other Teen Bands and to be honest just dismissed them. (Musical snobbery)

I was watching something the other day and they played this track from their new album and by the time it had finished I said to myself this is not actually bad. When I heard it again a few days later I liked it and actually sought it out to hear it again. Well there you go that's off my chest.

It is really good, very soul funk, with hints of the Eighties. I love it. I want to be on what there're on! 

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TRACKS OF THE WEEK 04-12-16 - Josefin Öhrn, Busted, Felix Riebl
4/ 5


7 December 2016 at 19:44

OP - As Zane Lowe once said "..I gotta respect where you are coming from". You've had too many Singha's.
FC - I like it, but I can't place who it sounds like