Sunday, 15 January 2017

Best of 2016 - Flycasual

Flycasual's Best of 2016

Better late than never, I just wish I could dedicate more time to the blog as before but still, thanks to Old Pa and Sfw for keeping it afloat in choppy waters....A miserable year all round but yet again you can always take refuge in the music.

Radiohead - 'The Numbers'

A grower of an album but arguably A Moon Shaped Pool is one of their best fo' sho'. It wasn't until 'The Numbers' hit me that I realised I was listening to something special. Undoubtedly my track of the year, it captures the mood of it perfectly and when the strings eventually come in......

A Tribe Called Quest - 'We The People'

The Native Tongues were busy this year, De La Soul released their excellent self produced album 'and the Anonymous Nobody' with the standout track 'Pain'. British DJ, Ali B and the Jungle Brother's, Afrika Baby Bam, released the old skool flavour of single 'Gimme Dat', one of the best Hip Hop tracks I've heard in years. And of course, Hip Hop Royalty, A Tribe Called Quest, released We Got it From Here....featuring the late Phife Dawg, another victim of the curse of 2016. Possibly my favourite Hip Hop band proving that after all these years, they can come back and still kick it. 'We the People', on the pulse and sobering.

James Blake - 'Radio Silence'

James Blake's album, The Colour in Anything, was another grower for me with a couple of standout tracks. The bleak 'Modern Soul' being one but it was the heart wrenching 'Radio Silence' that clinched it for me, if anything because it introduced me to Bill Withers', 'Hope She'll be Happier' which is quite possible three minutes and twenty one seconds of overwhelming devastation. It felt like someone had punched out my heart, bowled a 'googly' and the batsman hitting it for 'six' out the park.

Christine and the Queens - 'Tilted'

A fantastic pop song and my first track that stood out for me in 2016, great beat, great vocal, great atmosphere. From Nantes, France, Christine cemented her way into my heart with a Glastonbury interview, she speaks better English than I do!! And forever cemented into my psyche when I saw the above, amazing, performance on Jools Holland. Particularily poignant, as it was aslo the same week Prince died and she did a fitting tribute by performing 'I Feel For You'.

Gambari Band - Kokuma

Everyone needs a bit of ancient Ngoni lute in their lives especially if it sounds like the title track from Mali's Gambari Band, debut album. Apart from tearing it up every Saturday night at Bamako's Hotel Maya, they've also played with Damon Albarn's Africa Express project. The Muscianship and vocal harmonies are something to behold and have had me under it's spell all year. Another Malian band to add to it's immense talent pool.

....and should you wish to listen to my top 25 tracks of 2016, click here or below whichever is more convenient.

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Best of 2016 - Flycasual
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16 January 2017 at 13:50

Outstanding selection. Looking forward to an afternoon of peace and quiet listening to these tunes. Tidy