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TRACKS OF THE WEEK 12/02/2017 - Fionn Regan, Son Volt, Tinariwen,


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Tinariwen - 'Nànnuflày' feat Mark Lanegan and Kurt Vile

It's always a treat to get a new release from the undisputed kings of the Desert Blues. Elwan is their 7th release and was recorded between Morocco and the deserts of Joshua Tree as a result of the continuing conflict in their native Saharan homeland. This is reflected musically in Nànnuflày, employing the help of Mark Lanegan and Kurt Vile, it bears all the hallmarks of the Touareg band's Blues sound but a lot more stark. I'm going to treat myself to a mint tea and indulge. 

Fionn Regan - "The Meetings of the Water" (2017)

This came out last week and I've been obsessed ever since. 'The Meetings of the Water" is out 14th April 2017 and is the Irish singer/songwriters fifth studio album. If the other tracks are as good as this I'll be delighted. The video stars Cillian Murphy (“Peaky Blinders,” Batman Begins, Inception) in a creepy midnight drive that manages to keep your attention by making your imagination run wild.

Old Pa:-
Son Volt - Back Against the Wall (2017)

Here we have a track from Jay Farrar (Son Volt) about time he got back together with Jeff Tweedy and do some stuff together for Wilco.. In the meantime this will do quite nicely. This is taken from his new album Notes of Blue..

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TRACKS OF THE WEEK 12/02/2017 - Fionn Regan, Son Volt, Tinariwen,
4/ 5


19 February 2017 at 08:14

FC - Desert nomads meet Rock nomad in the shape of Mark Lanegan. I bet there was of mint tea drunk during the sessions. Tidy.

OP - Not bad at all.

21 February 2017 at 15:29

Sfw, pretty good actually definitely worth another go. Video was a bit crap though, A list or not.

Old Pa, file under dad rock. Oh wait, I am a dad. I guess, what I mean to say is that, I hear this I think Old Pa.

22 March 2017 at 21:51

FC - can they make a bad track ?? I'm soooo all over this
SFW - I adore this track. and as FC says the video is almost as naff as Mr Murphy's film Red Eye
OP - not too shabby. I like this.
It's a full house of goodun's this week, but the Nomad's surely win