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TRACKS OF THE WEEK 21-05-2017 - War On Drugs, Nick Mulvey, Cigarettes After Sex, DJ Format & Abdominal

Tracks Of The Week

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London Scouser:-
The War On Drugs - 'Thinking Of A Place' (2017)

11 minutes of pure bliss...
Ok so I'll add a little bit more... In 2014, Tune Doctor went on tour to the Latitude Festival and one of the stand out artists was TWOD who had scored a massive 5 out of 5 with 'Red Eyes'
This is their first release since the album 'Lost In A Dream' which featured the above mentioned track, and it does not disappoint in the slightest. Vocally it reminds me of The Eagles in places, what do y'all think ?!?

Nick Mulvey - Unconditional (2017)

Nick Mulvey has just released his first material since his 2014 debut First Mind. ‘Unconditional’, which was produced by Ethan Johns and Dan Carey will appear on his forthcoming second album and it comes with a short film directed by Bj√∂rk collaborator Bastian Glaessner.

It sounds like Nick Mulvey....but wait, it is! Put on your BBQ, get yourself a craft beer and enjoy the sunshine!

DJ Format & Abdominal - 'We're Back' (2017)

Proper, no nonsense, head bobbing Hip Hop from the dynamic duo of UK's DJ Format and Canada's Abdominal. Making middle aged Hip Hop headz smile the nation over I'm sure, as this track reminded me of one of Kid N' Play's rap battles from House Party. I sort of wanted to draw the curtains, wear calico baggy clothes and perform variations of the Running Man, or maybe I did? Dubious dance moves aside, I still got it going do DJ Format and Abdominal. 'We're Back' is taken from their 5th album, Still Hungry out earlier this month. WORD!

Old Pa:-
Cigarettes After Sex - Each Time You Fall In Love (2017)


Fancy a fag, or even sex. I have given up both. If only I could give up booze I could die unhappy.  Enough of this rubbish.I like their name and I love their sound too. Dreamy and sad. Like Hope Sanoval backed by Joy Division with Martin Hanett at controls. 

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TRACKS OF THE WEEK 21-05-2017 - War On Drugs, Nick Mulvey, Cigarettes After Sex, DJ Format & Abdominal
4/ 5