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TRACKS OF THE WEEK 25-06-2017 - Kodaline, Radiohead, Mobb Deep

Tracks Of The Week

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Kodaline - 'Brother' (2017)

I've been a fan of Kodaline ever since they were first introduced to this blog by Shellhunter way back in 2012.
This track is really good and keeps them on form. The first version I heard on Spotify was the 'stripped back' version which I absolutely adore. The normal version features in the video, and I defy you to watch it and not have a year at least trying to poke it's way out of your eyelid.

Radiohead - 'Man of War' (2017)

Following my Radiohead-heavy friday which included listening to their OK-NOT-OK 20th anniversay release and watching their triumphant return to Glastonbury I felt I just had to feature oxfords finest. Man of War appears on OK-NOT-OK and is a anthemic Bond theme, in the live and let die mould.  It's surprising it was never included on the 1997 release, but then again the fantastic 'I promise' could easily have been included, so what do I know?

As a side note, did anyone else think that their Glasto appearance had the feel of a swansong?

Mobb Deep - 'Shook Ones' (1995)

Not a new track at all but this week cannot go by without the mention that Prodigy, one half of the Hip Hop group, Mobb Deep, died aged 42. Cause of death is as yet unconfirmed but it is thought that he suffered complications from a long time blood condition, sickle cell anemia. Mobb Deep are an NY band that always oozed swagger, Prodigy in particular and will always be remembered for their head bobbing Hip Hop anthem, Shook One Part II. RIP

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TRACKS OF THE WEEK 25-06-2017 - Kodaline, Radiohead, Mobb Deep
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