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BURNING SPEAR - Throw Down Your Arms

BURNING SPEAR - Throw Down Your Arms

DRAMS 3 : For the Boys, The Songs of Brian Mackenzie

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this is why we get black holes
to gather all the useless words
eat the ducks and swans
from the village pond
build latrines for them
on the village green

when it's night
I have to stare
my love has moonbeams
in her hair
I see stardust everywhere
magic is in the air

see all the girls
the pretty girls
only there for show
one sweet kiss
from a girl I love
I sell my soul to the devil

inside I'm filled, deep with rage
ashamed I do nothing
from my invisible cage

they say the lead is a grizzly bear
ol' baloo fret
it's ok to scream!

no one told them
what they would find
no one told them
the horrors to see

when I think about you baby
all I want to do is call
hear your voice across the airwaves
reverse charges on recall

children you got to stop
you got to enjoy your lives
no more killin'
on the streets of London

some won't come home
these soldier boys
left in graves
in a foreign land

they don't see behind his eyes
they don't see the tears he hides

the Fuhrer's voice
rang in our ears
he gave us the future
filled us with hope

we have waited for this day
we have waited for this moment
for clear skies at night

started the revolution
for ten million bards
his music found art
with songs from the wind

Jung Yi a loves fiery temptress
let me be under your control
the Virgin Mary lost her ticket (knickers)
her barren womb will be sold

this place is dark and eerie
there's no welcome here
unholy feelings
bring out a sense of fear

strange jagged rocks
in a bright blue sea
boats chasing wind
from the harbor key

I digress
from these beautiful views
my life's a mess
you see

deep in the jungle
horrors of Nam
with death all around
you got to get out, run away

how someone so good
can suddenly change
the brightest of stars
they can easily fade

all that remains
is this ruin you see

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BURNING SPEAR - Throw Down Your Arms
4/ 5