Thursday 7 February 2019

Du Blonde - "Angel"

Du Blonde "Angel"

As you can tell, (if anyone is reading this), we've been on a hiatus due to work, life and laziness.  However, this track recently grabbed me by the short and curly's, so I just had to share...

Du Blonde is a UK-based rock artist who has directed music videos for a variety of artists, including Ezra Furman.  Du Blonde just released her self directed music video for her new single, "Angel" on Jan 17 on Youtube. "Angel" is the newest single off her upcoming album Lung Bread For Daddy out on Moshi Moshi Records, Feb 22.

I really like the early PJ Harvey vibe here.  We are constantly being told that Rock Is Dead, maybe Du Blonde is the artist we've been looking for.  Worth a spin.

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Du Blonde - "Angel"
4/ 5


22 April 2019 at 09:15

Love it. Love the film too.