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WEDNESDAY CLUB - Jimi Hendrix & Love - The Everlasting Love One

MIDWEEK CRISIS you are in need of some loving, come to WEDNESDAY CLUB we've got Arthur Lee & Jimi Hendrix and you could be the One to share their everlasting Love.
JIMI HENDRIX & LOVE - The Everlasting Love One (outtake) (1970)

This track, as well as other outtakes have recently surfaced, of sessions Jimi had with Arthur Lee, the main man of Love (one of my favourite groups of all time). The first 3 Love albums were brilliant with 'Forever Changes' up there in my top few albums. Although I bought all Love's later stuff and have seen Arthur Lee a couple of times, they never hit the heights of the first 3 albums. I was not even aware that Hendrix was on one of the tracks from their 1970 'False Start' album.

After hearing the outtake, I immediately sought out the 'take' which made it on to the album. It is indeed a gem, how could I have possibly let this track slip through the net. Can it get any better? Jimi and Arthur playing together? It makes me all weak at the knees. If you want to hear probably my favourite Love track and definitely in my top 5 tracks of all time, check out my earlier Love post

The recording session where this outtake originates was the result of a session recorded on 8-track, at Studio One, Olympic Sound Studios, in London on Tuesday 17 March 1970.
Do you wanna be in my band Jimi?
 JIMI HENDRIX & ARTHUR LEE - The Everlasting Love One(Album Version)(1970)

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WEDNESDAY CLUB - Jimi Hendrix & Love - The Everlasting Love One
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12 April 2012 at 08:58

Sounds a bit like a jam session - but it's unmistakably Hendrix! Thanks for bringing this to my attention.