Wednesday, 22 June 2011

WEDNESDAY CLUB - LOVE -'You set the Scene'



It was on one of those mornings, when you wake up in a sort of a twilight world, after one of those long nights you don't remember ending. This song was still on repeat and I loved the trumpet sound at the end, I was hooked and hooked for life. The rest of the album 'Forever Changes' was better than all expectation. When I'm down it makes me happy. When I'm happy, it's an equalizer....Thank you Stan (my flatmate)!! I went to see Arthur Lee with my daughter to see him play "The" album live with an orchestra a few years back (she got hooked on the album too). I shared some of her cans of Super Strongbow on the train and it was then I knew my parenting skills were paying off.

We have all got our Desert Island album and I think Forever Changes just edges Blonde on Blonde for me....maybe!!!!

Love Love? Love Wednesday Club!

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WEDNESDAY CLUB - LOVE -'You set the Scene'
4/ 5


22 June 2011 at 10:37

One of the best concerts I've ever been to! R.I.P Arthur Lee!