Thursday, 4 April 2013

Brother Ali - 'Begin Here'


A hint of sun and it's windows down blasting fresh joints in my Peugeot family saloon...Yes Yes Y'all!!

Brother Ali - 'Begin Here' (2009)

This is perfect Hip Hop for the wee small hours. Sometimes it's just nice to listen to a retrospective playlist on random, as I did the other day, not only do you not know what you are going to get but it could unearth old gems like Brother Ali's 'Begin Here'. I was into the American rapper at the time, particularly the EP, 'The Truth is Here', which closes with this track...a fitting end to a fantastic album.

Brother Ali is known for his old skool style flow, something which made me a fan of his in the first place but for me it's his producer Ant (one half of underground Rap group, Atmosphere) that creates a really slick track with the beat and that sublime piano loop. I love the Piano and I love Hip win!

I could probably even safely slip it in on a 'dinner with the in-laws' playlist between Sinatra and Matt Monroe but I don't how much street cred that would give myself or indeed Brother Ali. Which is all perhaps a little irrelevant for me these days, being middle aged (almost) and living in my little nondescript suburban cul de sac in Surrey, with Doris the sweet old lady next door and that miserable old bastard across the road unlikely to care.

Brother Ali released his latest album, 'Mourning in America and Dreaming in Colour', last September.

Brother Ali, a fan of ZZ Top...maybe?

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Brother Ali - 'Begin Here'
4/ 5


6 April 2013 at 09:57

Pretty nice track some good lyrics here too....almost like me slipping in Belle Isle to a Michele Friendly CD...and getting away with it