Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Lee DeWyze - Blackbird Song


Do you like Singer/Songwriters, or do you have a unhealthy affection to the sadness, if so you may have a case of the Tuesday Blues!

Lee DeWyze - Blackbird Song (2014)
I have recently started watching the The Walking Dead and despite it being about Zombies, I'm hooked.  My wife and I are particularly slow when it comes to watching TV series'.  We'll often view an entire box set of a series (or two) over a weekend to 'get into' a show.  I call it "binge viewing".  It usually happens on a Sunday and like a pair of potheads we'll stash up on cakes, crisps and spend the entire day viewing - we may even stay in our pyjamas. Oh the shame.

Lee DeWyze is a former winner of American Idol who has just released his latest album called Frames.  

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Lee DeWyze - Blackbird Song
4/ 5


24 April 2014 at 11:47

Could not get into WD...too much shit and too little what you want to see.....but this is a very good track....love it.