Thursday, 29 May 2014

DYLAN COVERS #150 Boy George - It Ain't Me Babe/Dolly Parton - Don't Think Twice it's Alright

You just kinda wasted my precious time

BOY GEORGE - It Ain't Me Babe (2014)

Here are couple of covers by two 'Grand Dames'  The first is by none other than Culture Club babe Boy George. I don't care what anybody says I absolutely love his take. It is a slowed down version of  It ain't Me Babe and his voice is just perfect for it....I'm a 'Kama! kama! kama.......!'  It was recorded this year in the Casino De Paris.

The second one is a rather hideous take of the fabulous Don't think Twice it's Alright by Dolly Parton. Just goes to show all off the diverse artists across the whole spectrum that acknowledge and cover Dylan. 

It can be found on the album Blue Smoke - The Best Off (2014). Apparently, she sings the track on her current tour and you can find several versions on YouTube, if you have the will!

DOLLY PARTON - Don't Think Twice, it's Alright (2014)

Wednesday, 28 May 2014

DINOSAUR JR - Little Furry Things


2 out of 3 ain't that Good - A Monster Day Out

Old Pa is a Scary Monster!

DINOSAUR JR - Little Furry Things

May the 16th opening day of Godzilla (the re-make) we (Moi, Old Ma, Shellhunter and London Scouser)  are on our way to Waterloo to the IMax Cinema, the largest screen in the UK to watch the in Movie 3D.

The Taxi driver taking us to the train Station was 'shall we say different' for a start he had never drunk alcohol in his life and even more scary he had never eaten a curry, Britain's National Dish, ever. Old Pa of course had to ask him if he 'shagged'. (Why am I so predictable?)
5 kids and a couple of Grand children put Old Pa quite in his place. You can imagine the scene in Mr Taxi driver's Pad on a Saturday night. 

I am going up Mr Taxi Driver says.  I won't be long love says Mrs Taxi driver, I will just finish my six pack of Stella and polish off the rest of my Vindaloo and chapati.

An hour later, a quick fart, a burp and she makes her way up to the bed room.

Anyway I digress. At the train station the fare came to £13.20. I gave him a twenty and said give me a fiver change. He had no change so he asked if I had a Tenner. He said thanks and it sort of threw me. I was trying to give him a tip and he ended up giving me the tip. What a nice chap and the sun was shining.

We bought return tickets to Waterloo Station and during the trip the Conductor (he is weary) asked for the tickets and in a stern voice said he will tell us for future reference (I thought we had done something wrong).

He said we could have bought a  'group ticket' which would be half the price. We could explain at Waterloo and get a refund saving £34.

Another nice man. My faith in humanity was being restored by the minuted. The Sun was shining.

The movie was exactly as described on the Tin. It was a Monster Movie Goddammit and you got what you paid for. I loved it and the big screen was amazing and the 3D was amazing.

We went for a drink after, on the banks of the Thames, we had a couple of hours before a train back home as we had to get back for Shellhunter's Chihuahua/Yorkie cross Maya.

Pitchers of Kronenburg were being consumed at a 'Monster' rate and before long we were on our way to catch the train back home. At a crossing the lights changed, an instant decision was made by London Scouser and he ran across the road leaving Shellhunter behind, but taking bits of her hand with him. She yelled!, she was in pain. Shellhunter was clearly in distress and her finger was swelling and did not look very good at all.

A decision was made to go direct to the local A and E and myself and Old Ma would go home for Maya. Poor Shellhunter she was at A and E for almost 4 hours and the result was she had dislocated and fractured her ring finger of her left hand. The sun had disappeared.

Oh! well 2 out of 3.........  

Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Julia Stone - Bloodbuzz Ohio


Do you like Singer/Songwriters/Alt-Country/Americana or Indie-Folk, or do you have a unhealthy affection to the sadness, if so you may have a case of the Tuesday Blues!

Where is it off to now...
Julia Stone - Bloodbuzz Ohio

This came on as I was sitting on the decking, watching the stars and everything seemed to fall into place.  After a tough few weeks and a rubbish w/e ("Manflu ruined my Bank Holiday!") having a few minutes outside just sorted me out.   Thank you Julia,  we love Girls with guitars!

This cover of The Nationals centerpiece on High Violet, appears on Julia Stones 2012 album, By The Horns. (She actually first met them when they performed at 2010s Latitude Festival.) The Australian folk songstress Julia Stone has achieved substantial success in her native country as one half of folk-blues duo Angus and Julia Stone.  

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Sunday, 25 May 2014

TRACKS OF THE WEEK 25/05/2014 - Jurassic 5, Future Islands, James, Lee Scratch Perry, Wooden Arms,

5 tracks to share with the family!

Jurassic 5 - 'The Way We Do It' (2014)

First archaeologists discover a new kind of Titanosaurus in Argentina and now Jurassic 5 unearth a new gem in the White Stripes sampling (My Doorbell), 'The Way We Do It'. Produced by the late Heavy D, it's the first of 4 brand new tracks since they got back together and also it's the self proclaimed old schooler's first in 6 years, welcome back I say. And it's like they never left, 'The Way We Do It' has all the hallmarks in the making of J5 classic, witty rhymes, clever interplay and of course that old skool flavour which is always popular around these parts. Catch them on their reunion tour this year by visiting their website for dates.

Apologies to Geologist/Archaeologists the world over for the crap Dinosaur/Jurassic 5 connection, as the Titanosaurus in question was of course from the late Cretaceous period.

Old Pa's Corner :-
Lee 'Scratch' Perry - Sounds of Jamaica (2014)

This is an interesting one. We all know that Lee burned down his famous Black Ark from the seventies where all these famous recording of his were made. Well some guy has recreated the Ark in London and Lee has popped in and produced a double album 'recreating' as near as possible the sound of these historic recordings. The album is called  Back On The Controls (2014)  and from what I have heard is rather good. Well done Lee.

Shell Hunter:-
James - 'Moving On' (2014)

Another pleasant surprise performer at this year's Latitude Festival is soundtrack to the 90's guys for me, James. I've always enjoyed Tim Booth's voice and am looking forward to seeing them, there's guaranteed to be a good up vibe with favourite classics such as Waltzing Along, Laid and of course massive 'stand'out track Sit Down which actually reminds me of my 18th birthday bash. This song is the first single released from new album La Petit Mort which is out June 2nd. I've heard a couple of songs so far from it and have not been disappointed, great energy and 'try your damnedest not to sing-along' choruses. Perfect sunny day music!

London Scouser:-
Future Islands - 'A Dream Of You and Me' (2014)

Following last week's choice by Shellhunter I decided to follow suit and listen to an artist that will feature at this years Latitude festival. I chose Future Islands who are a band that we saw in a small venue (somewhere) in London a couple of years ago and they've been championed by Shellhunter a few times on this blog. This is the final track on their 2014 album 'Singles' and for me it sums them up perfectly. Great singalong lyrics with really pleasing melodies. All in all a perfectly pleasant pop song.

Wooden Arms - December (2014)
I've been listening to a bit of piano based music lately. Artists such as Agnes Obel, Nils Frahms and It was a nice surprise to discover Wooden Arms. They are a Norwich-based 7 piece band who describe themselves as "alternative, classical & indie". Violin, Cello, Piano, Guitar and 5 part vocal harmonies, "a blend of classical instrumentation meeting modern melody". Bloody lovely!

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Friday, 23 May 2014

DYLAN COVERS #149 Alex Harvey Band/Rod Stewart & The Faces - The Wicked Messenger

Well! well! well! Delilah!

ALEX HARVEY BAND - The Wicked Messenger (2003)

Here are two different takes of the Wicked Messenger from John Wesley Harding. The first is from Scotland's finest The 'sesational' Alex Harvey Band and is from an album released in 2003 called  Teenage a Go Go.

The second take is from another 'sort' of Scottish bloke and his Faces . It can be found on the album First Step (1970).

Nothing brilliant but workman like and acceptable.
ROD STEWART and FACES - The Wicked Messenger (1970)

Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Sutherland Brothers and Quiver - We are Sailing


I had not seen Stan for a while and it was great to to see him and catch up. I brought a case of McEwan's Export and 2 bottles of Merrydown, That was a always a good starter. I know Stan would have some reserves as well. I knew I was going to have a good bevvy and we would be listening to music old and new.

It was happiness all round. I loved Stan, We were brought together because of circumstance. We knew each other in Inverness but we were not close then. We were both transferred to East Kilbride and were to be in the same flat. It was a block of flats dedicated to the young people transferred to this new Tax Centre. All young people in flats together....a recipe for a fucking great time.

Anyway I digress...Stan I suppose looked like an older Van Morrison...but he was like me, into the music...Stan could read a book in a sitting...he had the ability to skim pages. We were inseparable in East Kilbride...we did everything together....folk Clubs...listening to the 1 maybe 2 albums we bought each month on the crappiest of stereos. But it was always about the music with me and Stan. It was always about the music.

We came home, we played music...we were drunk, we played music. Pay day was best. We met up after finishing work, headed for the record our selections...headed for the some in. Got a carry out and headed side each, of our new albums, while enjoying our carry out....there may even be a party later, girls to meet, there always was....but we had the music to listen to and a carry out to finish first.

Stan brought round The Sutherland Brothers and Quivers album which had the Rod Stewart song Sailing. We both agreed the original was far superior.

It was a shame  Rod never recovered from the steal.

Sunday, 18 May 2014

TRACKS OF THE WEEK - 18/05/2014 - Gengahr, Neil Young,The Black Keys,Ringo Deathstarr, Michael Jackson

5 tracks to accompany your BBQ sausage feast this week!

Gengahr - Fill My Gums With Blood (2014)

The sun is out! This infectious track by Londons Gengahr is a perfect partner to the sunshine.  With it's falsetto vocals, funky bass riff and delightful groove, this track is not just a #trackoftheweek - it is already moving into my #tracksoftheyear! Play this when driving and you'll have a smile on your face!

Michael Jackson - 'Love Never Felt So Good' (2014)

Blanket! Blanket...Shamon M@&Hfu&%ay! It has been a spectacularly rough couple of months in my professional life, uncertainty for the immediate future and major changes at work, all coming to a head in the middle of last week. I'm glad to say the worst is over and I can get back to a semblance of normality but it was pretty crap. So crap in fact, that I had stopped listening to music because I just couldn't raise myself enough to enjoy it. So on goes the radio, on the way home from work and this song is on, I've heard it before and I'm so cynical on posthumously released material but this is very good. Timberlake lends a hand here (he's always kind of threatened to carry the MJ mantle) and it just fits in nicely to any of Michael Jackson's classics, particularly when he was good....Off the Wall/Thriller era  and I've always been a fan.....eeehh hheee!

Old Pa's Corner :-
Neil Young - The Needle of Death (2014)

Here is a magnificent sparse take of Bert Jansc's brilliant Needle of Death. It really highlights the impact of the song. This is a great performance and is taken from a new LP called A letter Home which Neil made with the help of Jack White.

It is a Lo-Tech collection of old songs by such artists as Dylan and Springsteen. A must listen to.

Shell Hunter:-
Black Keys - 'Fever' (2014)

Today marks the first day of my 'Latitude Fest Quest' where I will feature bands performing at this years Latitude. Yesterday was the big reveal that the whole TuneDr team will be there together to enjoy it, not just me! The Black Keys will be headlining theSunday night at Latitude and that will be a knockout closing show to the weekend, I'm sure. The bluesy rock duo have just released their 8th album called Turn Blue and with Danger Mouse's production, it's getting some great press. I don't think there has been a Black Keys song released in the last few years that hasn't had me in it's grasp at some point or another, you could say they have 'The Key' to a great riff! 

London Scouser:-
Ringo Deathstarr - 'God's Dream' (2014)

A couple of months back I stumbled across this band and featured a track from 2012. Now I'm pleased to share a new track from their recently released album of the same name. It features a video that reminds me of something that would have come out back in the seventies (and yes I'm old enough to remember then !!) which I think fits perfectly with the chilled out dreamy vocals.

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Saturday, 17 May 2014

FRONT ROW CENTRE - Dan Le Sac Vs Scroobious Pip - 'Angles'

You've listened to the loved the you absolutely have to see them live...

Dan Le Sac Vs Scroobius Pip - 'Angles' (2008)

Sub 89, Reading on April 27th 2014

For music lovers out there, the ultimate thing to do is to see your favourite artist or group live on stage. I go to a lot of concerts and for me the whole evening is an experience. Living just outside of London means it's a normally a dreaded, disgracefully long trek but it is such an amazing place, not only for music but for a night out so its worth it. Sprinkled with individual bars and restaurants hidden in every corner, it makes for a far more memorable experience! To save you hassling around, see my Gig Watch tips below! This is not a normal gig review, this is my experience.

Scroobius Pip needs little introduction on TuneDr as London Scouser is almost obsessive with his musical appreciation of this spoken word genius and featured him numerous times (have a look here). He does have me to thank though when I came home saying he'd love a song and played him The Beat That My Heart Skips years ago!

friends with fancy facial hair
I loved the venue, it's always a bonus when the bar is in the same room! There was plenty of space and even a couple of couches where we found our spot and I perched on the top of one giving me a pretty good view being as short as I am. The trouble was I was slightly distracted from the show at times with the love triangle unfolding before me. A girl with 2 guys on a night out that were obviously both after her hand. One was playing it low key trying to show he was enjoying the music whilst the other was quite the opposite, showing her more attention than the Scroob! That asides, I still couldn't escape the fact Dan Le Sac and Scroobius Pip had obvious chemistry in performance and in the banter between songs. Dan Le Sac revealed his knowledge of Reading having DJ'd there through the years making quips about the local bus service in his panda head hat. A truly funny guy.

totally sharp

The set was exactly what we wanted, brilliant performances of my favourites such as Sick Tonight, Stunner, Beat That My Heart Skipped and Thou Shalt Always Kill. I was waiting with baited breath for my ultimate though. Then it came, full of theatre and raw emotion which Scroobius Pip delivers with impeccable timing and feeling. Angles has always been my favourite and to hear it loud brought floods of goosebumps. It was an ingenious idea to have costume changes to impersonate the characters involved in the different points of view, proving that Scroobius Pip is just as good a showman as he is a poet. Especially with the final verse when the grieving brother stabs the security guard, wow, it knocked me for six. When I thought he could do no more to impress, the second encore and last song was Letter From God To Man, a clever and very relevant song in today's world. I will most certainly make sure I see his spoken word set at Latitude. Who better to read his poignant and genius lyric than himself, a true inspiration to enjoy modern poetry.

The video is from their gig in Amsterdam and is a fab example of what these two got up on stage. Just awesome!

Gig watch (everything you need to know!)
Venue: Sub 89, Reading
Recommended Pub: The Monk's Retreat, Wetherspoons (mainly for the colourful people watching!)
Recommended Restaurant: Jamie's Italian (but so many to choose from!)

Friday, 16 May 2014

Dylan Covers #148 Rick(y) Nelson/The Dylan Project - Tonight I'll Be Staying here with You

Lets have a Garden Party
RICK NELSON - Tonight I'll be Staying here with You

Well I am on vacation, I did not do a Dylan Covers last week (did anyone notice) and I feel the guilt. I do not want to let all you 'pretty people' down. I have not got my own  stuff  with me, but here are 2 different live covers of Tonight I'll be staying here with You  from Nashville Skyline. They are both from a couple of albums I have always meant to get and have just picked them up in the UK,

Nothing brilliant, but worth a listen. I am looking forward to listening to both albums fully when I find the time. What with new grandson and things.

THE DYLAN PROJECT - Tonight I'll be staying here with You

Wednesday, 14 May 2014

TWO FOR THE MONEY - Elvis Costello - You little Fool/Accidents will Happen


Strange hands in your sweater

ELVIS COSTELLO - You Little Fool

Well I have been in the UK for almost a week, the weather has been kind of mixed.

The highlight of the visit (apart from being introduced to Ted my new Grandson ) has been going out on Sunday morning to watch my Grandson 1 'Maxy Big Boy' play Rugby on Sunday morning at 09:00 (sharp).

I cannot remember when I was so cold, it was bleeding freezing. There was a guy in front of me with one of those shaved heads (he had tattoos, two, 2) he must have had a case of Headpothermia!  These guys are so tough.

Then suddenly, before I collapsed, a couple of Rugby types (big strong and looking like real men) passed in shorts and tee-shirts. What is wrong with me? Don't answer that question please!!

I was promised a 'Bacon Butty' but the cafe was closed. I bought some bacon on the way home and had my first BB for 'Donkeys',  Luvvely!

It was all worth it to see 'Maxy Big Boy' do his stuff.  My Boy! Thats what memories are about. Am I right?,

Here are a couple of good ones from EC. This is when Elvis was indeed King.

ELVIS COSTELLO - Accidents will Happen

Tuesday, 13 May 2014

The Acorn - Hold Your Breath


Do you like Singer/Songwriters/Alt-Country/Americana or Indie-Folk, or do you have a unhealthy affection to the sadness, if so you may have a case of the Tuesday Blues!


The Acorn - Hold Your Breath (2007)

The Acorn are a Canadian Indie Folk band from Ottawa, Ontario and are a new discovery for me.  (Like Columbus with America, I never "discovered" them, they were there all along).  I have though, become a little bit obsessed about them over the last few weeks.    This track is a good introduction and should have you "pining" for more.  It features on their 2007 album, Glory Hope Mountain.

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Sunday, 11 May 2014

TRACKS OF THE WEEK 11/05/2014 - Sharon Van Etten, The Delines, Twin Atlantic, Kasabian

4 tracks that missed out on Eurovision...

Old Pa's Corner :-
The Delines - I Won't Slip Up (2014)

Here is a beautiful track from The Delines. They are a new Alt Country Band and are described as Retro Country Soul, I like that. It looks to me as if they are a bit of a Supergroup if you take a look at the line
up. It includes Willy Vlautin and Sean Olham both from the brilliant Richmond Fontaine, now I loved them.. Amy Boone from the Damnations and Jenny Conlee from the Decemberists, as well as other talents.

The track is from their first album Colfax (2014) and if this fabulous taster is anything to go by I would say we are in for a real treat here.

I bet she slips up! Can you ever trust a cow girl?

i'm always worried about these people worried about me

Aw! come on Ray!

Shell Hunter:-
Kasabian - 'Eez-Eh' (2014)

The great Armenian band are bringing back their brand of raunchy indie disco for a new album mysteriously entitled 48:13 to be released on June 9th. Okay, they're from Leicester but I still think they're great. Musical snobs beware, they might be far too commercial for you now but you can't deny this is toe-tappingly, head-bobbingly gripping! The album is being produced by Serge himself and launched just in time for their headlining performance at Glastonbury this year. The title reminds me of those two wrestlers from Soccer AM that used to fight and the winner would stomp away clapping his hands above his head shouting "Eez-eh! Eez-eh! Eez-eh!" They should've featured them in their video, it would've been a winning combo!

London Scouser:-
Twin Atlantic - 'Heart And Soul' (2014)

Andy Stewart... The Proclaimers... Glasvegas... Biffy Clyro... to name but a few, and now I can add Twin Atlantic to this list. And yes you've guessed correctly, they are all artists that sing with their god-given Scottish accents. I heard this track on the way into work on the very unusual occasion that I wasn't listening to TalkSport. That's because it was the Sunday morning fishing show. As soon as it started I thought I'm gonna like it as the riffage came through. This is the title track for their upcoming (25th May to be precise) third album of the same name. If the rest of the album is as good as this I will be a huge fan. And before you ask, no it's not a cover of the 80's classic by T'Pau !!!

Sharon Van Etten - Taking Chances(2014)
The song features on Van Etten's new album, 'Are We There?', which is set for release on May 26.  I was a fan of her 2012 album, Serpents and this follows a similar format.  Comparisons to Beach House/Lana Del Ray are not far off the mark. Great track however the video should have had a #trackoftheweek tarot card.

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Wednesday, 7 May 2014

TWO FOR THE MONEY - Love - The Castle/The Red Telephone


Look in my eyes

LOVE - The Castle (1966)

Old Pa is on Holiday in the UK for a couple of weeks I will be visiting Shellhunter, Flycasual and London Scouser and I will be introduced for the first time to my new Grandson Ted, I can't wait.

To to keep you going, here are two track from one of my favourite groups of all time. Love.

The first track The Castle is from their second album Da Capo and you older people may recognise the instrumental break which was used for a Holiday Programme with that dumpy bird Judith Chambers.

The second track is from the mighty Forever Changes still in my top few album ever. It is always reasurring to know that it is there if I need to call on it. The Red Telephone is a mysterios song which I have always used for little quotes as required :

If You think i'm happy...Paint me black! (white)

If You want to count me.... Count me out!  
LOVE - The Red Telephone (1967)

Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Tim Noyes - Saturday


Do you like Singer/Songwriters/Alt-Country/Americana or Indie-Folk, or do you have a unhealthy affection to the sadness, if so you may have a case of the Tuesday Blues!

Tim Noyes - Saturday (2013)

Tim Noyes - Saturday [Offical Music Video] from WeUsedToDate on Vimeo.

Tim Noyes is an artist that first appeared on my Spotify randomiser and like the movie High Fidelity, it was a "who is this" sort of moment.  He is the frontman from New England 'indie-folk' band, Aunt Martha and last year released his debut solo album, Hands.  

Folky, Melancholic and Melodic - all of which are the perfect accompaniments for a Tuesday.  

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Sunday, 4 May 2014

TRACKS OF THE WEEK 04/05/2014 - Jack White, We Are Scientists, Caveman, Royal Blood, Brian Jonestown Massacre

Happy Birthday Old Pa!...5 tracks to help you start life as a pensioner...

Shell Hunter:-
Jack White - 'Lazaretto' (2014)

Yeah! The music genius that is Jack white is back! This track has truly knocked my socks off! I was at work last week and fighting with 2 ancient telex printers, drowning in noise and reems of paper when my ears pricked up like a musical meerkat! A colleague of mine must have felt the same because he said "that is great, what is it?!" I said 'God knows, but it sounds like Rage Against the Machine!" He ran over to the radio but it was too late, the title had diappeared. Lucky for me and my amazing ears, I heard them announce it was the brand new title track from Jack white's second solo album due out next month. I'm excited to hear what else he's got in store! PS. Does anyone else think Jack White reminds them of Heath Ledgers depiction of Joker? How cool can you get!

London Scouser:-
We Are Scientists - 'Make It Easy' (2014)

My album of 2008 was by far and away 'Brain Thrust Mastery' and when Shellhunter and I saw 'Kings Of Leon' in Vegas that year I was pleasantly surprised to see that We Are Scientists were the support... They were really good, better than Messrs. Followill in my opinion. Their follow up album 'Barbara' in 2010 didn't float my boat as much but they seem back on form with their newly released album 'TV En Francais' I've listened to it a couple of times and already I'm liking it a lot. This is the first single off of the album and I can sense a difficult decision come December when I have to choose which track makes it into my #tracksoftheyear

Royal Blood - 'Come On Over' (2014)

Blog and now a firm family favourite, Royal Blood, did their credentials no harm after their aural assault on Jools Holland (22/04/14). It was pretty pulsating stuff, turned up to '11' and everything, with drummer, Ben Thatcher, giving a jaw dropping performance (honourable mention to Mike Kerr on the Bass), inspiring me to maybe pick up the sticks for my midlife crisis (cheaper than a Ferrari). As we eagerly await news of an album, 'Come on Over' is the third release from the Brighton duo. They have performed at SXSW this year and will be on the festival circuit performing at Glastonbury and Reading later, definitely a band to see live. Big ting awaits. 

Unfortunately the performance of 'Come on Over' on Jools Holland wasn't available on video yet (official video has boobs and is a bit saucy)  but you can catch them play 'Little Monster' see what I mean, a must watch.

Caveman - Shut You Down (2014)

Like an Emperor Palpatine keeping an eye on a young Anakin Skywalker, I've followed Caveman since their 2011 debut CoCo Beware. Heavy on the reverb and a great guitar melody, this is their latest release from their self-titled second album.  How can I describe them? They've been labelled "chamber pop, dreampop, folk with synths, ethereal, echo-laden alt country, guitar-heavy psychedelia and soft prog" - I usually say "They are awesome".

Old Pa's Corner :-
Brian Jonestown Massacre - Food For Clouds(2014)
This track Food for Clouds is taken from the new album of the same name by The Brian Jonestown Massacre

This is pretty good, it has a 'trippy' 'dubby' feel with a thumping base all the way through. It also has a distinctive brass sound coming through at the end of each verse. Definitely my favourite track this week. Hope you like it.  If you don't, you will find yourself on a slow boat to Guyana.

I can't choose between the 2 so what the 'ell its my birthday i'll do what I want! Here is Everything Fades to White it is just as good if not better.

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Friday, 2 May 2014

DYLAN COVERS #147 Chris Farlowe - Baby Blue/Watching the River Flow

'You can't come back and be the first in line'

CHRIS FARLOWE - It's all over now Baby Blue

I have always had a soft spot for Chris Farlowe ever since Out of Time way back in the sixties. He is an honest performer with an honest voice. I saw him once supporting Van Morrison at the Albert Hall and he in my opinion blew Van away. Van's voice was not at it's best that night.

Anyway here are two covers by Chris, the first Is It's all over now Baby Blue and can be found on his album Out of Time : The Immediate Anthology (2000).

The second selection is a song he has covered quite frequently. He has a studion version on his album Lonesome Road (1995).....but this great live rendition is from a concert in Bremen in 1985. It can be found on the album Bursting over Bremen : Live 1985 and it is with the Thunderbirds

CHRIS FARLOWE  - Watching the River Flow (1985)