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DINOSAUR JR - Little Furry Things


2 out of 3 ain't that Good - A Monster Day Out

Old Pa is a Scary Monster!

DINOSAUR JR - Little Furry Things

May the 16th opening day of Godzilla (the re-make) we (Moi, Old Ma, Shellhunter and London Scouser)  are on our way to Waterloo to the IMax Cinema, the largest screen in the UK to watch the in Movie 3D.

The Taxi driver taking us to the train Station was 'shall we say different' for a start he had never drunk alcohol in his life and even more scary he had never eaten a curry, Britain's National Dish, ever. Old Pa of course had to ask him if he 'shagged'. (Why am I so predictable?)
5 kids and a couple of Grand children put Old Pa quite in his place. You can imagine the scene in Mr Taxi driver's Pad on a Saturday night. 

I am going up Mr Taxi Driver says.  I won't be long love says Mrs Taxi driver, I will just finish my six pack of Stella and polish off the rest of my Vindaloo and chapati.

An hour later, a quick fart, a burp and she makes her way up to the bed room.

Anyway I digress. At the train station the fare came to £13.20. I gave him a twenty and said give me a fiver change. He had no change so he asked if I had a Tenner. He said thanks and it sort of threw me. I was trying to give him a tip and he ended up giving me the tip. What a nice chap and the sun was shining.

We bought return tickets to Waterloo Station and during the trip the Conductor (he is weary) asked for the tickets and in a stern voice said he will tell us for future reference (I thought we had done something wrong).

He said we could have bought a  'group ticket' which would be half the price. We could explain at Waterloo and get a refund saving £34.

Another nice man. My faith in humanity was being restored by the minuted. The Sun was shining.

The movie was exactly as described on the Tin. It was a Monster Movie Goddammit and you got what you paid for. I loved it and the big screen was amazing and the 3D was amazing.

We went for a drink after, on the banks of the Thames, we had a couple of hours before a train back home as we had to get back for Shellhunter's Chihuahua/Yorkie cross Maya.

Pitchers of Kronenburg were being consumed at a 'Monster' rate and before long we were on our way to catch the train back home. At a crossing the lights changed, an instant decision was made by London Scouser and he ran across the road leaving Shellhunter behind, but taking bits of her hand with him. She yelled!, she was in pain. Shellhunter was clearly in distress and her finger was swelling and did not look very good at all.

A decision was made to go direct to the local A and E and myself and Old Ma would go home for Maya. Poor Shellhunter she was at A and E for almost 4 hours and the result was she had dislocated and fractured her ring finger of her left hand. The sun had disappeared.

Oh! well 2 out of 3.........  

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DINOSAUR JR - Little Furry Things
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28 May 2014 at 21:22

Oh no - I hope Shellhunter's finger is on the mend. Sounds like quite an eventful day. For the record, I didn't have my first curry until the age of 33!

29 May 2014 at 21:27

Just another booze related A&E stat to keep the Daily Mail readers happy! Good track too.