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TRACKS OF THE WEEK 04/05/2014 - Jack White, We Are Scientists, Caveman, Royal Blood, Brian Jonestown Massacre

Happy Birthday Old Pa!...5 tracks to help you start life as a pensioner...

Shell Hunter:-
Jack White - 'Lazaretto' (2014)

Yeah! The music genius that is Jack white is back! This track has truly knocked my socks off! I was at work last week and fighting with 2 ancient telex printers, drowning in noise and reems of paper when my ears pricked up like a musical meerkat! A colleague of mine must have felt the same because he said "that is great, what is it?!" I said 'God knows, but it sounds like Rage Against the Machine!" He ran over to the radio but it was too late, the title had diappeared. Lucky for me and my amazing ears, I heard them announce it was the brand new title track from Jack white's second solo album due out next month. I'm excited to hear what else he's got in store! PS. Does anyone else think Jack White reminds them of Heath Ledgers depiction of Joker? How cool can you get!

London Scouser:-
We Are Scientists - 'Make It Easy' (2014)

My album of 2008 was by far and away 'Brain Thrust Mastery' and when Shellhunter and I saw 'Kings Of Leon' in Vegas that year I was pleasantly surprised to see that We Are Scientists were the support... They were really good, better than Messrs. Followill in my opinion. Their follow up album 'Barbara' in 2010 didn't float my boat as much but they seem back on form with their newly released album 'TV En Francais' I've listened to it a couple of times and already I'm liking it a lot. This is the first single off of the album and I can sense a difficult decision come December when I have to choose which track makes it into my #tracksoftheyear

Royal Blood - 'Come On Over' (2014)

Blog and now a firm family favourite, Royal Blood, did their credentials no harm after their aural assault on Jools Holland (22/04/14). It was pretty pulsating stuff, turned up to '11' and everything, with drummer, Ben Thatcher, giving a jaw dropping performance (honourable mention to Mike Kerr on the Bass), inspiring me to maybe pick up the sticks for my midlife crisis (cheaper than a Ferrari). As we eagerly await news of an album, 'Come on Over' is the third release from the Brighton duo. They have performed at SXSW this year and will be on the festival circuit performing at Glastonbury and Reading later, definitely a band to see live. Big ting awaits. 

Unfortunately the performance of 'Come on Over' on Jools Holland wasn't available on video yet (official video has boobs and is a bit saucy)  but you can catch them play 'Little Monster' see what I mean, a must watch.

Caveman - Shut You Down (2014)

Like an Emperor Palpatine keeping an eye on a young Anakin Skywalker, I've followed Caveman since their 2011 debut CoCo Beware. Heavy on the reverb and a great guitar melody, this is their latest release from their self-titled second album.  How can I describe them? They've been labelled "chamber pop, dreampop, folk with synths, ethereal, echo-laden alt country, guitar-heavy psychedelia and soft prog" - I usually say "They are awesome".

Old Pa's Corner :-
Brian Jonestown Massacre - Food For Clouds(2014)
This track Food for Clouds is taken from the new album of the same name by The Brian Jonestown Massacre

This is pretty good, it has a 'trippy' 'dubby' feel with a thumping base all the way through. It also has a distinctive brass sound coming through at the end of each verse. Definitely my favourite track this week. Hope you like it.  If you don't, you will find yourself on a slow boat to Guyana.

I can't choose between the 2 so what the 'ell its my birthday i'll do what I want! Here is Everything Fades to White it is just as good if not better.

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TRACKS OF THE WEEK 04/05/2014 - Jack White, We Are Scientists, Caveman, Royal Blood, Brian Jonestown Massacre
4/ 5


4 May 2014 at 11:14

SH - nobody seems to have a bad word about Jack White...but if the truth be known has he really done many 'classics'...I like JW and I like this too!
LS - this is pretty good
FC - nice bit of metal...does no harm at all...I have bruised my forehead
SFW - This is not bad at all, shud be a grower

10 May 2014 at 08:53

Two quite differing joint faves for me this week. Brian Jonestown Massacre (both tunes), very nice pulsing stuff. And Cavemen. I must have missed your mentions of them before, but I made up for my neglect by heading over to eMusic and downloading the album while 'Shut You Down' was still playing! Good stuff, which takes me back to Rain Parade days.