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TRACKS OF THE WEEK 25/05/2014 - Jurassic 5, Future Islands, James, Lee Scratch Perry, Wooden Arms,

5 tracks to share with the family!

Jurassic 5 - 'The Way We Do It' (2014)

First archaeologists discover a new kind of Titanosaurus in Argentina and now Jurassic 5 unearth a new gem in the White Stripes sampling (My Doorbell), 'The Way We Do It'. Produced by the late Heavy D, it's the first of 4 brand new tracks since they got back together and also it's the self proclaimed old schooler's first in 6 years, welcome back I say. And it's like they never left, 'The Way We Do It' has all the hallmarks in the making of J5 classic, witty rhymes, clever interplay and of course that old skool flavour which is always popular around these parts. Catch them on their reunion tour this year by visiting their website for dates.

Apologies to Geologist/Archaeologists the world over for the crap Dinosaur/Jurassic 5 connection, as the Titanosaurus in question was of course from the late Cretaceous period.

Old Pa's Corner :-
Lee 'Scratch' Perry - Sounds of Jamaica (2014)

This is an interesting one. We all know that Lee burned down his famous Black Ark from the seventies where all these famous recording of his were made. Well some guy has recreated the Ark in London and Lee has popped in and produced a double album 'recreating' as near as possible the sound of these historic recordings. The album is called  Back On The Controls (2014)  and from what I have heard is rather good. Well done Lee.

Shell Hunter:-
James - 'Moving On' (2014)

Another pleasant surprise performer at this year's Latitude Festival is soundtrack to the 90's guys for me, James. I've always enjoyed Tim Booth's voice and am looking forward to seeing them, there's guaranteed to be a good up vibe with favourite classics such as Waltzing Along, Laid and of course massive 'stand'out track Sit Down which actually reminds me of my 18th birthday bash. This song is the first single released from new album La Petit Mort which is out June 2nd. I've heard a couple of songs so far from it and have not been disappointed, great energy and 'try your damnedest not to sing-along' choruses. Perfect sunny day music!

London Scouser:-
Future Islands - 'A Dream Of You and Me' (2014)

Following last week's choice by Shellhunter I decided to follow suit and listen to an artist that will feature at this years Latitude festival. I chose Future Islands who are a band that we saw in a small venue (somewhere) in London a couple of years ago and they've been championed by Shellhunter a few times on this blog. This is the final track on their 2014 album 'Singles' and for me it sums them up perfectly. Great singalong lyrics with really pleasing melodies. All in all a perfectly pleasant pop song.

Wooden Arms - December (2014)
I've been listening to a bit of piano based music lately. Artists such as Agnes Obel, Nils Frahms and It was a nice surprise to discover Wooden Arms. They are a Norwich-based 7 piece band who describe themselves as "alternative, classical & indie". Violin, Cello, Piano, Guitar and 5 part vocal harmonies, "a blend of classical instrumentation meeting modern melody". Bloody lovely!

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TRACKS OF THE WEEK 25/05/2014 - Jurassic 5, Future Islands, James, Lee Scratch Perry, Wooden Arms,
4/ 5


28 May 2014 at 21:32

Flycasual. Nice Old Skool vibe.

Old Pa. Scratch has still got it.

Shellhunter. When they're on song, they make it seem effortless.

London Scouser. I must have watched that legendary Letterman appearance 20 times, but I still can't make my mind up about this band.

SFW. From Norwich y'say? They must keep their heads down 'cos I've never bumped into them. An unexpected treat.

29 May 2014 at 22:19

Mr Swede - That's what their site says. Probably busy practicing.

FC - Top track
OP - He's like a drunk rambling in the corner.
SH - Not bad
LS - I like these lot