Monday, 30 May 2016

TRACKS OF THE WEEK 29-05-2016 - Afro Celt Sound System, DJ Ali B x Jungle Brothers, Radiohead


Old Pa :-
Afro Celt Sound System - The Soul of a Sister

Here is a great track from Afro Celt Sound System. I was quite into them when they first came out in the mid nineties. For some reason I just forgot about them until I heard this track. In have skipped through the album and it sounds a big return to form. It is number one priority on my playlist, on my new system, on my new car. I did tell you I got a new car?. Oh! I didn't....well...

DJ Ali B x Jungle Brothers - Gimme That (Edit) -  (2016)

This is hands down, the best Hip Hop track I've heard in years. Effortlessly capturing that old school vibe with that stripped down funky drum and bass and of course The Jungle Brother's very own Baby Bam providing the flawless rhyme. UK producer/DJ Ali B is responsible for putting this absolute gem together but it has been so hard trying to get hold of it. I've been meaning to post this since I first heard it about 6 weeks ago but I couldn't find it anywhere, scouring through the obvious and not so obvious channels, in the hope that I may catch it somewhere. I even contacted DJ Ali B and he assured me it will be released soon. Was it clever Marketing? It was strange, as it felt like it did when I was growing up, where you'd hear a song on the radio and you'd make it your life's work to try and track it down. Waiting by the radio in the hope that it gets played again, snatching a copy of it on tape, only for it to be ruined by a talking DJ. A bit like that, yes, then doubting whether the track is actually worth the fuss when you hear it again. Well it is....pure dopness! 

Radiohead - Daydreaming (2016)

I have been listening to A Moon Shaped Pool constantly since it "dropped" (I am SO street) three weeks ago.  The album is like a magnificent dream.  It is eerie, choral, melodic and "the guitars sound like pianos, the pianos sound like guitars, and the mixes breathe with pastoral calm."

The last Radiohead album that got me this excited was 2007's In Rainbows,  although after listening to Spectre I just knew that it would be worth buying the album. 10/10

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Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Bob Dylan - Stirling Castle, 23 July 2001



13th July 2001


I was living down in London at the time. My sister Carole who lived in Inverness told me that Moray Firth Radio had tickets for Dylan playing in view of Stirling Castle. They had hired a bus and there was a ticket with my name on it. It was 2001.

Well you did not have to ask me twice, and that's all right, if you know what I mean.

She asked me if I would provide entertainment for the trip down and back. I thought I would make up a little quiz of 20 questions relating to Dylan. I would do this with 5 questions at a time then have a break and play some Dylan music. I had an extensive number of bootlegs as well as Dylan's released catalogue to draw upon. The winner of the quiz would get the CDs which I had prepared. 

I had for the way back two videos,  Don't Look Back,  Dylan's 1965 tour of the U.K and the Boot version of Eat the Document which was never officially released. This was a video about the fabled 1966 tour when Dylan turned electric. I was looking after all the Dylan fans who would be travelling South to Stirling to see our hero.

The questions I kept pretty simple for example :
1. What was Dylan's 10th officially released album
2. What is the 5th Track on the first side of the Freewheelin
3. What is the name of Dylan's first wife
4.What was the first song Dylan played when he went electric
5. What was the name of Dylan's backing band on his 1966 World tour 
It went down pretty well but I was quite surprised when I found that the questions were a bit too difficult. I just automatically thought everyone was as much a Dylan fanatic as me.   

We had plenty supplies for the trip down and soon everyone was having a ball, there was even an impromptu singing session of Dylan classics. Just like these old Sunday School picnics when everyone sung 'she'll be coming round the mountains' on the way home. 

Help! get me outta here.  

Dylan was in great form and I managed to get right down the front until I just had to go to the loo. Too much beer I am afraid.

The setting was brilliant and I have to say, taking everything in to consideration it was one of the most memorable Dylan concerts I have seen.

I saw Dylan with my sister one other time and that was in 2000 in Aberdeen. I got to within a few metres of Dylan at that concert. I feel a bit responsible that she got hooked on Dylan as I played him constantly in the 60's and I suppose brain washed the lucky girl.

Her favourite was Positevely 4th Street and I one made her a compilation CD of Dylan doing about 20 versions of the song. Sad you might say, but if you are a Dylan fan, then you would of course understand.

Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Jonas Alaska - My Heart Was Leaving Me


Do you like Singer/Songwriters/Alt-Country/Americana or Indie-Folk, or do you have a unhealthy affection to the sadness, if so you may have a case of the Tuesday Blues!

Jonas Alaska - My Heart Was Leaving Me (2016)

I love it when you (or should that be 'I') get bowled over by a simple song. My Heart was Leaving Me is by Norwegian singer/songwriter Jonas Alaska.  It is a gorgeous track that has managed to lodge itself into my random listening playlist over the last few weeks.  Reading the lyrics has given me a few nervous laughs and I wish I could give my younger self a little bit of advice about heartbreak. I would have said, "It will give you the best playlists ever! Pull yourself together and get out there!!"

Taken from the Album Younger

I had a friend so sweet to me 
everything she did was fun 
And in her eyes it was clear to see 
she’s more true than anyone 

I broke her down 
thought I had my reasons 
I left her in a hole 
I made her say please when 

She never meant to hurt me 
didn’t take long to see 
that when I was busy leaving 
my heart was leaving me 

I’d never felt a thing before 
I was worn out the whole way through 
I saw her standing on the kitchen floor 
right then and there I knew 

That I was going down going under 
Inside my head was lightning and thunder 

She never meant to hurt me 
didn’t take long to see 
that when I was busy leaving 
my heart was leaving me 

Almost funny to me now 
I had so much to do 
All the words and lines I was writing 
Never meant a thing without you 

What’s done is done, it’s over now 
I’m shaken up and all alone 
I wish I knew but I don’t know how 
To turn my heart into a stone 

With a dull nail clipper I’m cutting the grass 
just trying to kill time but the hours won’t pass ‘cus 

She never meant to hurt me 
didn’t take long to see 
that when I was busy leaving 
my heart was leaving me 
my heart was leaving me

Sunday, 22 May 2016

TRACKS OF THE WEEK - 22/08/2015 - Ben Watt, Bob Dylan, James Blake


Ben Watt - Gradually (2016)

Ben Watt is better known for being "the bloke out of Everything but the Girl" and this is the standout track on his third solo album, Fever Dream. Watt says that the song "looks at misunderstandings in a long-term relationship." My own "misunderstandings" are not wiping down the kitchen worktop, leaving out the kitchen pans but hey, who wants perfect?

Old Pa :-
Bob Dylan - All The Way (2016)


Here is a track from Dylan's new album Fallen Angels (2016). Once again it is a covers album of songs covered by Frank Sinatra. This brilliant song is done in a Country waltz style and Bob's voice is almost reminiscent of his days when his voice changed for a couple of albums in the late sixties. Giving up the tabs has certainly not done him any harm. Best version of the song, to open up the debate?

James Blake - 'Radio Silence' (2016)

Although not a massive fan of James Blake (I just find he is an acquired taste), there's no denying his talent, particularly his knack of composing songs of the heart bruising variety. 'Radio Silence', taken from James Blake's third studio album The Colour in Anything, is of that ilk, it's just sounds claustrophobic and oppressive with some memorable lines which reek of desperation....great stuff. However, after a bit of research, I found that the main line used in 'Radio Silence' was lifted from Bill Wither's gut-wrenching, 'Hope She'll Be Happier'. If it's pain you want, have a listen to it below, it's as honest, from the soul, song of sorrow I have perhaps ever heard. Thank you James Blake for pointing me in this direction. 

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Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Chris Rea - Wired to the Moon


Seen and not heard...

Lord of the Manor

CHRIS REA - Wired to the Moon

WARNING - It must be known that in the making of this post, it was not the intention to upset or injure any party. No dogs, horses or any living creature was hurt in any way.

When I was growing up the great saying was you should be 'seen and not heard'. That was the way it was. Kids did not have any rights in these days. A smack if you were naughty was normal and expected.  Saying that, my father took his belt of to me once when I was about seven, he did not use it I may add, but it was a severe warning.

The only other time he tried to hit me was when I was a teen. I can't remember the reason but I managed to get my foot behind him and down he went. I did a runner and did not come home until late that night. I was expecting the worst but nothing happened and nothing was ever said about the incident.

I don't remember ever my parents playing with me. You were expected to just get on with it and you did. My parents never ever came to watch me playing sport, even although I was successful. For some reason I did not even expect it and was not upset or anything.

My father was old school, he worked and my mother stayed at home. He went out a lot but never with my mother. I was never in a restaurant until my late teens and when I did it was a nerve racking experience. I did not know how to conduct myself.

All these things did not affect me too much when I look back. It was just the way it was in these days..

One thing I wanted to do if I had kids was to be transparent. I would not hide anything from them. I would involve them in all things relating to my life. Warts and all.

I stuck to this whether it was a good policy or not. My kids became more a friend than me their dad. In fact I would much prefer to have an evening out with them than people of my own age.

I remember once I took my parents to Nice and my son was only in his first year.  It was quite something seeing how my mother, Old Ma's mother and Old Ma had all different ideas of what should be done when a situation occurred. I had to step in and say that this is our way, this is our chance.  We appreciate your help, but we will do it our way.

Both Old Ma and me agreed we would let our kids do it their way and only try and offer advice if asked.

I am not saying our way was the correct way, but we got there. I am proud of both of my kids, they have never let me or themselves down in anything they have done.

I made an observation to a friend that things have change dramatically. Nowadays, it is the parents who are  'seen and not heard'.  Everything revolves around the kids. Parents do not seem to have any time for themselves, because the kid are making demands on their time, all the time.

There has to be outings, clubs, sport,  every available second has to used up to entertain the kid.
I am not saying that this is wrong and I am sure this will all be to the benefit of the kid in their future. But maybe kids should get used to entertaining themselves and give these tired exhausted parents, who nowadays both have to work. Give them more time for their own needs and each other.

Things have got out of hand. I remember recently going to watch my grandson go swimming. I was about to take some pictures when in a panic I was told not to. Bloody hell what is going on?.

Parents can't even go into play areas to watch their kids. I suppose sitting on Santa's lap will be a defo no go.

They make you feel guilty, it is not right.

I personally hit my son and daughter both only once. Not too hard. It served as a deterrent and a loud menacing voice was all that was required in the futre.

You only get one chance and you can only do your best. Above is only an observation but others of my age agree.

by Old Pa

Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Elvis Costello - Oliver's Army/Pearl Jam - Masters of War


The British Legion
Join the army if you fail...


ELVIS COSTELLO - Oliver's Army 

I was eighteen years of age, I was into Badminton, I was the number one junior in the north and one of the best for my age in Scotland. I did not drink alcohol.

My father got me a job in Inverness British Legion Club as a bar waiter on Wednesday evenings, when there was bingo. I also worked Sundays, when women were allowed and there was also a bingo session followed by a variety show.

The guys I worked with were all very hard core drinkers and would always have a pint on the counter while they did the waiting job. I was always teased that I should have at least a shandy.

One day I said what are you having and ordered the drinks and one for me. That was the start of the long slippery road of my affair with alcohol. Before long I was round for round with these guys. After work I would join then for card sessions, a bottle of scotch was always on the table. It is where I learned to play poker and brag.

It was there, that one day I was telling a guy that I was about to go to sea on a merchant ship as a navigator. I just had to go to Aberdeen for an eye test and I would be on-board a ship to Australia within the next couple of months. He told me not to go to sea because, if I do, the sea will take a hold of you and you will never ever be happy away from the sea again. I decided not to go, but there was also a girl involved, which helped the decision as well.

I wonder what would happen if did go?. I wonder where I would be now and with whom?.

I could go into the club any time, even although I was never in the Forces. The drinks were cheap. I remember getting drunk on £1. A pint of Pale Ale was 1 and 10,  about 10 pence of current money.

This was 1967 of course and before the UK went decimal. The Beatles were at the peak of their powers. Sargeant Pepper had just been released.  Dylan was holed up  in Woodstock, in the Basement. From July 1967 it became OK to be gay in the UK.

The guys I worked with were great characters and I remember one of them called Walter would always go up and sing at the Sunday concerts. He was good too. Another, Andrew held the Inter School High Jump record. Until a certain Old Pa created a new record by half an inch.

I was fit, a sports champion in athletics. I was Football Captain in the first two years of junior School. I was a Badminton Champion. All this changed that first day I had a drink.

Do I have any regrets about the life of boozing I have led since that day?.
There is no point in regretting anything.

Mines a Pint and whiskey to chase.   


PEARL JAM - Masters of War

by Old Pa

Monday, 9 May 2016

TRACKS OF THE WEEK - 08/05/2016 - Michael Kiwanuka, Paul Simon, Pumarosa, Mark Pritchard, Thom Yorke


Michael Kiwanuka - Love and Hate (2016)

This is awesome. You NEED to listen to this future soul classic from London's Michael Kiwanuka. The 28 year old Kiwanuka has matured with his newest release which will feature on his new album, Love & Hate that is out on 27th May. Produced by Dangermouse, I love the sound of the drums, its grand, sweeping strings, and vocals that are comparable to Bill Withers / Otis Redding.  Yes I just wrote that, Bill Withers and Otis Redding!

London Scouser:
Pumarosa - 'Priestess' (2015)

I've been meaning to put this track out for ages, for everyone to hear (if you haven't already). It was released last September but I only came across it this year and for me it's my new 'Hinterland' it's so catchy and anthemic that I can't stop humming it. They've been described as 'industrial spiritual' which I get... They're definitely one to watch and I can't wait for their album to be released cos this will deffo be in my #tracksoftheyear

Old Pa :-
Paul Simon - Cool Papa Bell

A new album by the fabulous Paul Simon is always a wonder and something to look forward too. It has been a long wait and if this taster is anything to go by then hurry up June I can hardly wait until Stranger to Stranger is released. I have been a fan since the mid sixties when he was with his mate Art. Great memories.This sort of sounds like a greatest hits all rolled into one song, if you get it. Brilliant!

Mark Pritchard - Beautiful People feat Thom Yorke (2016)

Just a gorgeous collaboration from British DJ Mark Pritchard and Thom Yorke, a track which has managed to set up camp in my brain for the last couple of weeks. With the trademark sparse vocals from the Radiohead frontman and that little hook, the song manages to sound bleak yet hopeful at the same time. Taken from Mark Pritchards forthcoming album, Under the Sun, out May 13th. Radiohead however, have also released a new album entitled, A Moon Shaped Pool.

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Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Van Morison - Purple Heather/Los Lobos - Matter of Time




VAN MORRISON - Purple Heather 

(Van's voice at it's very best)

Dedicated to Shellhunter and her new life in foreign lands.


I had to take the chance
go and search myself
leave behind all that cushy life
say goodbye to all my friends
and all my family
there always comes a time
you have to prove yourself
or I will never be fulfilled
with never a regret
it's easier to stay at home
in the comfort of the ones I love

and I've never felt so all  alone
I want to hold my baby
I  turn around
and in the distance
I can see the Tower

They work you hard
I'm not shy of work
I will show them what I can do
when the work is all done
I will hit the Bar
search deep into my wine
stop my mind playing tricks
stop these thoughts of home
soon get their visa
and husband and my baby
again be in these arms of mine

and I've never felt so all  alone
I want to hold my baby
I  turn around
and in the distance
I always see the Tower

Then into Purple Heather :

I will build, my love a tower
By the cool crests of waters
And I'll cling to her forever
Like the ivy to the heather
Will you go, lassie, go
And we'll all go together
To pick, wild mountain thyme
All along the purple heather
Will you go, lassie go
Lassie, go
Will you go, lassie, go'


The best news it came
is it just a dream
can I start to live again
be with the ones I love
hold my baby close
the time it has come
I have passed the test
the greatest test of all
with never a regret
I look to the future
in the comfort of the ones I love

and I've never felt so good before
soon to hold my baby
I  turn around
and in the distance
I see the Tower smile

LOS LOBOS - A Matter of Time 

(My favourite LL song)

Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Gerry and The Pacemakers - You'll Never Walk Alone/Primal Scream - Full Strength Fortified Dub!



GERRY AND THE PACEMAKERS - You'll Never Walk Alone

It was a cold spring night I was excited to be going to Ibrox, the home of Glasgow Rangers. What excited me even more was that I would be able to see Big Jim Baxter, one of Scotland's greatest ever players. He had returned from down across the border.  The Prodigal son had returned.

Rangers were playing in the semi final of the then Cup winners Cup. Two very memorable things happened that night. Slim Jim scored a screamer, exactly what I had come to see.

The next thing was not quite so exciting. Mid way through the second half, I felt a very strange warm feeling down my right leg. It did not take me too long to realize that the guy behind me was pissing against my leg. The dirty bastard!. Now I am 6 foot tall but this guy was 8 foot tall and 5 foot wide. When I screamed  'what the fuck.....' he just glared and said ' see yooooo!'  I apologized and tried to move away.

The second story happened at the home of Celtic, Parkhead. I was there to support my team Aberdeen. They were level with Celtic at the top of the league and this was a very big game in deciding who would win the league.

There was a thin strip of red behind one of the goals which stood out amongst all the green of Celtic. I decided to join theses supporters with my friend. No goals until the 87th minute when Joey Harper rose to a cross and headed Aberdeen into the lead.

Pandemonium broke out, my friend was hit on the head with a full can of Tennents Lager. People appeared from nowhere with large poles and started to beat the Aberdeen supporters, including me. I vowed I would never go to another football match again if I managed to get out alive.

Well that was until managed to get tickets for Scotland verses England a few weeks later at the spiritual home of Scottish football, Hampton Park.

It was amazing, would you believe 137,000 people were packed into the ground like sardines..The big chant was 'Bobby Moore's a poof, Bobby Moore's a poof.'  He was currently on TV advertising some hair product.  Sassenach  Ponce.

It was frighting. The crowd swayed and at times you were lifted up and carried. No health and safety in these days. Most of England's world Cup winners were there as well as some Scotland greats. In particular the great Wee Jimmy Johnston, a magician if ever there was one.  Result, well it was a rather boring nil nil draw. But we were robbed we should have got a penalty.

I remember on the way out being carried for more than 20 meters and my feet did not touch the ground. There was also a higher tier and on the way out hundreds of men just pissed over it and there was a river of piss. Seems to be like like some male Glasgow thing to piss on people at football matches. .
PRIMAL SCREAM - Full Strength Fortified Dub

Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Ryan Adams - How Much Light


Do you like Singer/Songwriters/Alt-Country/Americana or Indie-Folk, or do you have a unhealthy affection to the sadness, if so you may have a case of the Tuesday Blues!

Ryan Adams - How Much Light (2015)
No beards, but a great track from the master. How Much Light features on the 7" single I do not feel like being good and a live version appears on the excellent Live At Carnegie Hall.  It is almost a carbon copy of Winding Wheel - is that a problem? No chance.

On the 6th May, Ryan is releasing a Deluxe version of the landmark Heartbreaker. The extensive reissue will include four 180 gram LPs — the original remastered album as well as demos and unreleased outtakes from the album sessions.  I already have mine on order!

Sunday, 24 April 2016

TRACKS OF THE WEEK 23/04/2016 - Jesse Mac Cormack, Teleman, Dreadsquad, Lush


Lush - 'Out of Control'

Since I've been feeling nostalgic of late, it would be rude for me not to post this absolute beauty of a track from 90's favs, Lush. The original 'shoegazers' are back with their first original material for almost 20 years and it's almost as if they've never been away. Having broken up back in 1998 following the unexpected death of their drummer, Chris Acland, they decided to reunite and record a new EP, Blind Spot, to coincide with a set of UK gigs. It's definitely great to hear Miki Berenyi's voice again, as lush as ever and a welcome return.

Jesse Mac Cormack - After The Glow (2016)

I have been desperate to share this. It is one of my #trackoftheyear contenders and has recently taken extra significance as it reminds me of Purple Rain-era Prince. The Montreal producer/multi-instrumentalist has blown me away and I cannot get enough it.  

London Scouser:-
Teleman - 'Düsseldorf' (2016)

I was having my first relaxing Sunday morning in a while this week and decided to put on 'Sunday Brunch'. This track was one of the songs they use either side of the ad break. It was an instant hitter for me, with the 80's keyboard and vocals. I googled them thinking they might be a German band, but no, they're a London band who mostly used to be members of 'Pete And The Pirates' and who were biggish for about 4 minutes a few years back. Those in the know will be aware that 'Kraftwerk' hail from this certain German city.

Old Pa :-
Dreadsquad and Blackout JA - Innocent Persuasion


Here is a great track from their Album World Destruction released this year. However this track appears to be a few years old. But who cares it touches the spots. The first track on the album is a cover of Edwyn Collin's 'A Girl Like You' and is worth to search out and hear. If you like this and want to find out more about Dreadsquad and Blackout JA just give it a click.

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Saturday, 23 April 2016

RIP - Prince

RIP PRINCE 1958-2016

"Sometimes It Snows In April"

London Scouser:-

Like a lot of people Prince first came to my attention when I saw 'When Doves Cry' on Top Of The Pops. At first (bear in mind I was 12 years old) I didn't get him, but pretty soon after I was a fan. From the 'Purple Rain' album onwards he changed his direction like the weather. In no particular order I am going to list my favourite tracks from his subsequent albums.
I bought all of these albums and over time with the advent of mp3 and now Spotify I don't have any CD's in my possession... As a result I can't listen to these tracks, my greatest hits album that will never be...
Around the World in a Day - Paisley Park
Parade - Girls & Boys
Sign o' the Times - Starfish & Coffee
Lovesexy - Alphabet St.
Batman - Batdance
Graffiti Bridge - Thieves In The Temple
Diamonds & Pearls - Gett Off
Prince logo.svg - 7
Come - Come
The Black Album - When 2 R in Love
The Gold Experience - Gold
Chaos & Disorder - Dinner With Delores

And that's about when I lost interest in him...
Along the way, I was a huge fan of Wendy & Lisa, Vanity 6 and the numerous songs he wrote that other artists made famous, Manic Monday & Nothing Compares To You to name but a few...

I guess he has his revenge, as I can't find a version of these songs to play so I'll offer up a cover that I've just discovered... Personally I think it's awesome...


It's funny, I never realised how much of a big Prince fan I was until April 21st 2016. I mean although I had my favourite bands and artists, Prince was always there (comforting in a way), growing up throughout the early 80's, through the 90's and up to now, he's had a massive impact on my musical landscape. Not a lot of artists have that sort of impact and it was something I found out, misty eyed, as the tributes came pouring in over the radio, that I will no longer have the privilege to see him in concert or hear the diminutive genius deliver his brand of sauce again. His talent was simply staggering, musically and lyrically, if only for the line 'all the flowers that you planted, in the backyard, all died when you went away'. For each of Prince's era and guises, I could recount some very fond memories attached to some incredible pieces of music, enough to write a blog about it. From lying on an exotic beach in 86' listening to my first album, Sign 'O the Times, to cruising in a ragtop with my mother in the south of France, Sexy MF blaring from the car speakers, wholly inappropriate thinking about it but it was France and you can get away with that sort of thing. My first Prince memory from my school days, it was assembly and some of the students were performing different songs each with varying levels of incoherence but it wasn't until the quiet girl from my class nobody knew much about came on stage, flouting school rules she sported a purple beret and began to sing 'Raspberry Beret'. I fell love. In true Prince innuendo, there will always be a piece of me that will be forever purple.


I am stunned. I am gutted. I was eating dinner on Thursday evening when I got a message that said "Bloody hell. Prince now."

I have been trying to explain to my wife why his death means so much to me.  James Brown-Jimi Hendrix in one?

I was a fan from 84-92 and my older sister would play the "Purple Rain" cassette on repeat. I soon became a convert. I thought he was weird. I thought there was something pervy about him. But boy he could be play guitar! 

I preferred his rock/pop/acoustic songs. Just listen to his Very best of album and the quality of his material will punch you in the head like a sparring session with Ali. 

"Purple Rain", "Let's go Crazy", "1999", are the obvious ones but my favourite song is probably "Sometimes it snows in April" from the Parade album. It is a dark song about the death of a friend and is devastatingly good. Sign O' the times album is a must have. I could go on.

To finish I need you to watch this video of Prince showing off at the George Harrison memorial concert. Look at Dhanni Harrison's face! Stunning .

RIP, your majesty 

'U turn on the Telly and every other story is telling U somebody died... '

Wednesday, 20 April 2016

TRACKS OF THE WEEK 10/04/2016 - Primal Scream, Port St. Willow, BlackBooks, Mass Gothic


Old Pa :-
 Primal Scream - (I feel like) Demon Again (2016)

He is a nice track from Primal Scream's new album Chaosmosis (2016). I thought Screamadelica was one of the best albums of the nineties but they never really followed it up. Saying that, this is very nice in a pleasant sort of way. I'm off to get loaded.

Mass Gothic - Pier Pressure (2016)

Circumstances have made me a little morose of late. A lack of time on the blog is one of the minor reasons and as a result this brilliant track has been gathering dust in my favourite tracks to post box. As well as mirroring my mood, it has made me feel incredibly nostalgic with it's 80's feel taking me back to a simpler time when the only thing to get stressed about was the next release from Stock, Aitken and Waterman. Mass Gothic is a Manhattan based band which Legendary record label Sub Pop snapped up in 2015, Pier Pressure is taken from their self titled debut album, out Feb 2016.

Port St. Willow - Ordinary Pleasure

Here is a great track from Port St. Willow, which is the work of one individual songwriter, singer and multi-instrumentalist Nick Principe. 'Ordinary Pleasure' is not very ordinary, and somehow he has managed to create a vision of the city at night - with it's moody falsetto vocals, jazzy chords gentle drum brushes and a Saxophone and French Horn "solo" that seems to go all Mile Davis. It reminds me of something and I cannot seem to put my finger on it. (Why am I thinking of Sade?) Anyway, give this a listen late at night with your favourite tipple, scotch/wine/ovaltine, and you might get teleported to the big city which for someone who lives in the sticks is a nice treat.

London Scouser:-
Black Books -'Automatic' (2016)

Black Books were my band of the year in 2013 culminating in seeing them up close and personal at The Barfly in Camden. I even got to chat (drunkenly) to the lead singer afterwards... I just wish I could remember what I said !!! They were the band that started my obsession with Austin, Texas.
I've been patiently waiting for something new and was pleasantly surprised when I saw this week that they have a new track out. It starts out with a dreamy intro going into Ross Gilfallan's vocals and instantly it's like they've never been away. I can't wait for the release of their sophomore album

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Emily Harvey/ Kitty Kallen - Little Things Mean a Lot

Wednesday Club



EMILY HARVEY - Little Things Mean a Lot 
There are some songs you hear and you just wish you had written them. This is one of these, I just love it. Here is my attempt at a cute love song. I did not know I had it in me and I got rain in the title. All very bad for my image of course.

When you ever get bad thoughts
I will tell them go and shoo!
I don't have time for lots friends
I don't even need a few
I'm only happy with my one girl
I don't want anybody new

I don't care if the sun don't shine
it doesn't matter if it rains
as long as I'm with you

I don't like when you are scared
I wouldn't even tell you boo!
when I'm  alone and  by myself
a ship without its crew
I 'm here to give you all my love
it's something that your due

I don't care if the sun don't shine
it doesn't matter if it rains
as long as I'm with you

When you're standing next to me
my heart can't help but coo!
when I see that  smile of yours
there is no better view
if you ask me what it's all about
I reply that you're the clue

I will do without another whiskey
don't  need any other brew
I will never tell you any lies
nothing that's untrue
and when I see that you are sad
I will tell a joke or two

 I don't care if the sun don't shine
it doesn't matter if it rains
as long as I'm with you

I will be with you until end of time
together we're stuck like glue!
I  live my life with you together
I will see it through
If you ask that same old question
I reply 'I love you too!'

I don't care if the sun don't shine
it doesn't matter if it rains
as long as I'm with you

By Old Pa


KITTY KALLEN - Little Things Mean a Lot

Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Alexi Murdoch - Some Day Soon


Do you like Singer/Songwriters/Alt-Country/Americana or Indie-Folk, or do you have a unhealthy affection to the sadness, if so you may have a case of the Tuesday Blues!

Alexi Murdoch - Some Day Soon (2011)

"Daddy, this is go-to sleep music", is the phrase from my 4 year old when I play this song. If only she listened to the lyrics! Alexi Murdoch is a Scottish singer/songwriter who has released a number of critically acclaimed albums, Time Without Consequence (2006) and The soundtrack of the 2009 film Away We Go.

Some day soon, features on his 2011 release, Towards the  Sun and is a poignant song about the loss of a parent and has all the qualities of a Nick Drake masterpiece.  I highly recommend that you give them a spin!

by SFW

I love my father and I love him well

I hope to see him someday soon
I love my father and I love him well
I hope to see him someday soon

Cause where I live, it gets dark at night
The kind of dark eats up the light
Yeah where I live, it gets dark at night
The kind of dark eats up the light
And you know that, mother, I'd be lying
If I didn't tell you I'm afraid of night

And as I dream I'm falling down
The world moves without a sound
I'm lost as sure as I was found
The sun comes up without a sound

So I up and face another day
And I hope that kindness comes your way
Yeah I'll up and face another day
And I hope that kindness comes your way
This for you I pray
I pray for you today

And in the morning I'll be gone
Wherefore and to cannot be told
Yes in the morning I'll be gone
Wherefore and to cannot be told
A mind filled with memories
Weigh me down like gold

I love my father and I love him well
I hope to see him someday soon
I love my father and I love him well
I hope to see him someday soon