Three conquering conkers for us this week!


Nick Hakim - 'I Don't Know' (2014)

I've been captivated by the bluesy tones of Brooklyn's Nick Hakim, with his EP's Where Will You Go Pt 1 & 2. Without a bum track on them it was difficult to pick a track but I will have to go with the recent single, 'I Don't Know'. It reminds me of the melancholy and heartbreak of Jeff Buckley but with a more soulful edge, I just love the piano and organ work and the anguished guitar solo. One cat to keep an eye on fo' sho'.

Stream both EP's from Nick Hakim's website.....

Old Pa's Corner :-

Pablo Moses - More Mandela (2014)
Here is an absolute cracker from an album by 3 legends of Reggae music, Winston Jarrett, Pablo Moses, and Ashanti Roy (The Congos). It is produced by Harrison “Professor” Stafford and there are 9 original songs and then the 9 songs in dub version, 18 total tracks.  
To me this is a bit of a treat. I  hope you like this taster by Pablo, anything with Mandela or Markus Garvey in it and you canna a go wrong.  

London Scouser:-
The New Pornographers - 'Champions Of Red Wine' (2014)

I first heard of The New Pornographers when I saw they were supporting Belle & Sebastian a few years back. I've listened to some of their back catalogue and really like them. They are similar to B & S at times which is great in my book. This track comes from their latest album 'Brill Bruisers' and it was the title that drew me to listen to it first of all as I'm partial to a glass or 3 of the red stuff. I may not be a champion, but I do my best. It has a great electro backing that reminds me a little of OMD and Neko Case's vocals are amazing. There are other good tracks on the album, so I'll be forced with a difficult choice no doubt when it comes to my #tracksoftheyear

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A worried man with a worried mind

WAYLON JENNINGS - I Don't Believe You (1970)

Here are two by that Highwayman, Outlaw and general good 'ol Boy, Waylon Jennings. The first track is a song not covered very much, it is I Don't Believe You and can be found on the album Don't Think Twice (1970). 

The second cover is from a live recording at a show in Lanierland Music Park, Cumming, Georgia,
Sep 23, 2000.
WAYLON JENNINGS - Things Have Changed (2000)


Have the urge to kick over your neighbour's green recycling bin? Avoid bewildering your kids by listening to GMAG instead!

Mum, Dad, Vicar, meet my new boyfriend...

Marilyn Manson - 'Apple of Sodom' (1997)

Here are a couple of tracks to make your ears bleed for a little bit, hopefully in a good way if that's at all possible. I know they're not everyone's cup of tea but I didn't know they were mine until I was I was slapped in the face by the Shoe of Love. Yes my long term girlfriend left me and I was reeling, living that time like the lyrics to Prince's 'Nothing Compares To You'. Blah Blah, it happens to everyone I know but despite a new found clarity in music, I stopped listening to it for awhile. That was until I was introduced to the soundtrack to David Lynch's creepfest, Lost Highway and that was it, it was exactly the kind of heart massage I needed. In reflection it also shows the dark, despairing place I was trying to dig myself out of, funny how music vividly takes you back to an era. Dark and sinister, these two tracks will live with me forever......

Mum, Dad, Vicar, meet my new German exchange students..they'll be staying for a week.

Rammstein - 'Rammstein' (1997)

Awesome Fact: I once went to a Rammstein concert with several members of this blog and despite the incredible noise, the sweat and amazing pyrotechnics, London Scouser managed to fall asleep standing up against a wall of the venue. 




SNEAKER PIMPS - Post Modern Sleaze  (1996)

I have been watching the Belgium Human Trafficking series Matrioshki and enjoyed the first series on TV. I therefore just had to get hold of the second series. It is not easy watching at times, but it does expose how these girls. from the Eastern Block countries and Thailand are exploited.

The are treated like a commodity and treated like pieces of meat. It is heartbreaking to think that because of poverty they are ruthlessly preyed upon and made to do unspeakable things, so theses gangster can make money out of them. When they are of no use or cause trouble they are disposed of or sold on.

It is rather sad when you think about it that if you have money and live in a western country, if your child goes missing it is a big deal and reaches the front pages of the newspapers and is all over the TV.

In India, a supposedly economic power house and now sending space ships to Mars, have literally every year hundreds of thousands of young girls  kidnapped from their homes and end up in prostitution and are never seen again. This scandal does not even make the news there. It is sad and very very wrong. Very wrong.

One good thing about the series is most of the bad boys get their come up-tupence as Old Ma says, well it is close enough for me.

This song featured is the theme tune from the series and because of trusty Shazam I found it to be the Sneaker Pimps from their album Becoming X (1996). I do remember briefly listening to them in the nineties but don't remember too much about it. But this is a good one.

I should have been candle!

TEMPTATIONS - Ain't too Proud To Beg

Does it get any better than this.?
Musical an oasis of a cold pint in the desert

Nah that's too much, I'll give you...

Bob - Sinclar - 'Love Generation'

I always joke to London Scouser that we can always find an Irish pub in any city we go to. We proved it in Tunisia when we went 8 years ago. Living up to his name, LS was adamant he wanted to watch the Liverpool match and he found a pub outside of our resort to watch it in. We arranged a taxi and we were under the assumption we had to haggle for everything in Tunisia so when we were told the price of our trip we tried to get it cheaper for fear of offending the driver. The taxi driver was quite menacing and after almost a shouting match we backed down and paid the price, a bit flustered and confused about our bartering skills. It was later we found out the taxis outside the hotel have set prices. We must have looked like idiots! In the taxi on the way to the pub, I pictured the headlines....Missing British couple!! I was relieved to get dropped off at our destination!

Are you talking to me?!

The pub was better than any run of the mill Irish pubs I've been to as it goes, we had a great burger and even free pop corn and raw fennel pieces with our drinks, a nice touch. The match was a non starter (surprise surprise!) but they played music videos on the big screen too which is where I heard this song. It was infectious with it's happy beat and whistlely bit. It almost put me in such a good mood not to worry about the taxi home, almost.

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And the whole world is on your case

GARTH BROOKS - To Make You feel My Love (1998)

Here are two covers of the great Adele song To Make You feel My Love. Well that is how the songs seems to be introduced these days. Many many people seem to think the song is written by Adele and it is hers.  The song has become an X-Factor staple and maybe it is an attempt at some sort of credibility, but what do I  know.

To me the song is taylor made for Sid Vicious and I think he would have done a perfect version.

The two versions I have chosen, I will not comment on too much because they may give a lot of pleasure to some folks and that is not a bad thing. It also spreads the gospel and that is good too.

Garth Brooks and Mel Gibson (not the Aussie actor),  for fuck sake, what are Dylan Covers coming to. Please for give me but I could not resist it.(and sorry about the language) But we do try to cover all types of artists here.

Brooksy's version can be found on the album Garth Brooks The Ultimate Hits (2014). It was originally recorded in 1998 and released as a CD single. Garth was nominated for a Grammy for best vocal performance and Bob got the nomination for best Country song.  There you go, I did not know that.

Braveheart's is on the album Weakness in a Man (2007). Quick, close your ears I think he is trying to imitate Elvis.
MEL GIBSON - To make You Feel My Love (2007)


'The Desert Bez' and his crew

Tinariwen - 'Iljaych Tareq' (2014)

You know what it's like, you go camping, you light a bonfire, maybe have some marshmallows even though you don't like marshmallows and then one of your friends takes out a guitar. Bloody hell you think, what a mood killer as they start playing half baked'd rather listen to the mosquitoes buzzing around your ears. But then there's Tinariwen, the Desert Blues dons and that's a whole different proposition, atmospheric, entrancing, exactly what you need for an evening under the stars...even makes the marshmallows taste nice. Whilst recording their latest album, Emmaar, in the Joshua Tree Desert, the 'desert Bez' and his boys would jam around a campfire long into the night. Inside/Outside - The Joshua Tree Acoustic Sessions are the fruits of that labour, 5 striped back tracks that see the band go back to their roots, without all that production of a studio, brilliant and evocative! The offer is still open boys, come round, we can sit in my son's sandpit and sip tea late into the night!

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'I thought that you'd want what I want'

JUDY COLLINS - Send in the Clowns


Red telephone boxes

smelt of piss 
i never saw it comming 
Houdini's Punch

my mind was numb
a marching zombie
owned by the night
the hail, the sleet
the maggot wind
the dreich

 Houdini's punch
garrotting my guts
 twisting, strangling
 tighter and tighter
the bile rising
i needed to vomit
i wanted to scream!
but nothing came out

i arrived
 at i don't know where
 or how i got there
i did 'nt care 
i had lost the night
i had lost my love


Do you like Singer/Songwriters/Alt-Country/Americana or Indie-Folk, or do you have a unhealthy affection to the sadness, if so you may have a case of the Tuesday Blues!

Oscar Isaac - Fare Thee Well (Dink's Song)
I recently watched Inside Llewyn Davis, The Coen Brothers most recent feature.  Oscar Isaac's brilliant portrayal of a aspiring folk singer on the fringes of success (which is loosely based on Dave Van Ronk) had me wanting to pick up my six-string.  Isaac performance shows that he could always move into music if his acting career doesn't work out, however that now looks unlikely as he is in the next Star Wars movie.   The soundtrack was co-produced by produced by T Bone Burnett and Marcus Mumford and although the movie version of song just features Isaac, this version features Mumford and Isaac getting all Rootsy.

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Five spiders that were in the 'house' for us this week!

The Fauns - 4am (2014)

Whispery vocals with an infectious melody - whats not to like? 4am has been seductively waking me up on my drive to work this week. It perfectly matches the tiredness and dreamlike state that I seem to find myself before the birds get out of bed. The Fauns are from Bristol and have released their debut album Lights on Invada, the record label run by Portishead's Geoff Barrow. Nice

Old Pa's Corner:-
Marianne Faithfull - Late Victorian Holocaust (2014)

No prizes for guessing who was involved in this song. You guessed Nick Cave.

Marianne Faithfull’s album Give My Love to London (2014) is a cracker and no wonder when you see the list of names who have contributed.. Her band includes Portishead's Adrian Utley (guitars), Ed Harcourt (keyboards), Rob Ellis (drums), Dimitri Tikovoi (bass) + string quartet, and special guests Warren Ellis and Jim Sclavunos (Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds). Marianne has written most of the lyrics and the music was written by Nick Cave, Anna Calvi, Roger Waters, Pat Leonard, Tom McRae, Steve Earle

This track is suitably dark and just up my Victorian Alley. Sweet little sleep to you all.

Shell Hunter:-
Kongos - 'Come With Me Now' (2014)

When I hear this track with the accordion, it makes me imagine I'm in a hillbilly's house party, probably a wooden shack somewhere by a river, with the whole place bumping with music and good vibes. God knows why because this group of 4 brothers are South African! It's got to be more Biltong than Beaver for the snacks thankfully. However, they've been living and recording in Phoenix for a long while though which has obviously helped them get their alternative rock/ Kwaito voices heard. They've got a couple of albums under their belt so far entitled Kongos and Lunatic which was originally released in 2012. Thankfully it's had a re-release this year otherwise we might have missed out!

London Scouser:-
Hot Chip - 'Go Bang' (2014)

Only last week I stated that I was waiting to hear something new from Hot Chip, so I googled and I found out that they had recorded a cover of a song by Arthur Russell for an upcoming tribute album. According to Wikipedia,  Arthur Russell was a musician who spanned 4 decades and many more genres but who found most of his success in the disco scene. He died in 1992 from Aids and the tribute album 'Master Mix - Red Hot + Arthur Russell' which is released on October 21st will raise money for the Red Hot Foundation.
This track is 11 minutes long and definitely a disco hit and could have been written for them specifically, it will definitely give me my cravings for Hot Chip's until their next album.

Tony Allen - Go Back (feat Damon Albarn) (2014)

A superb, yet sobering track from Afro Beat drummer extraordinaire, Tony Allen, the one time member of Fela Kuti's legendary band Africa 70. 'Go Back' tells the plight of the African refugees who have ended up on the Italian island of Lampedusa and features long time collaborator (The Good, The Bad and The Queen, Rocket Juice and The Moon and Africa Express), Damon Albarn on vocals and keys. Taken from Tony's new album, Film of Life out later this month. If anything for the keyboard that sounds like a hotel lobby band, brilliant!

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Look out Rogers coming through!
ROGER CHAPMAN - Its all over now, Baby Blue (1996)

I have always been a Family man, what with 2 kids, dogs, parrots, newts, you have no choice. Seriously I have been a great fan of Roger Chapman's vocal gifts ever since I heard the fabulous album Entertainment (1969) by Family. Roger was of course their lead singer. One of my favourite Bands.

Hear are a couple of versions of It's all over now, Baby Blue by Roger. Both interesting especially the live take from the album The Loft tapes Vol 3 (2007). A bit of a jazzy feel. It is certainly not boring.

The other take is found on the album Kiss My Soul (1996) . As I say with that vocal talent, how can it be boring.
ROGER CHAPMAN and the SHORTLIST - Its all over now, Baby Blue (2007)   

Recollection Collection......musical memories recalled with affection!

Edwyn Collins - 'A Girl Like You' (1995)

Edwyn Collins has a lot to answer for!

In the mid nineties I used to work as a pumped up cabin crew aboard the then prestigious environs of Eurostar (more Eurostar adventures here). Back when everybody was giddy with excitement about going through a tunnel for 20 minutes.

And as you can see, I had an equally dazzling uniform! Phwoaaarr!
I would work with the same crew for a period and would obviously get to know them fairly well, unfortunately some tried more than others as my purser took a real shine to me. She would always try and find moments alone with me whilst on the train and ask about my love life.....over zealous trolley checks, over enthusiastic help with cash floats, helping me grill the Croque-Monsieur, yep, she'd be there.

When I'd mention this to friends, they'd often be like, "what's the problem? Get in there, she's a superior officer!". The problem was that she had a chin Jimmy Hill would have been proud of and I had a girlfriend I was particularly fond of. What's more, she kept calling me "my baby" and being twice my age, it just added to my discomfort as I was fairly content having a mother already.

Jimmy Hill, King Chin!
Things came to a head when my crew had a night-stop in Paris. On arrival, I had some downtime and I would take the opportunity to listen to some music on my Walkman (a portable tape, that's TAPE player) while waiting for the crew to finish up what they were doing. I was just about to relax with my latest monthly mix when 'psycho purser' sat far too close to me and asked if she could listen in.

"Uh, yeah ok." I mumbled

The first track happened to be the Edwyn Collin's classic, 'A Girl Like You'. Halfway through the song she blurted out, "You've done this on purpose, this song is about me, isn't it?"

"Hmmm, no really it isn't!" I replied, mild panic settling in.

"I must borrow this tape!" she retorted, I reluctantly handed it over.

The crew reconvened for dinner at a cheap and cheerful station restaurant later that evening and the cabin crew equivalent of Kathy Bates in Misery was clearly overdressed for the occasion. Amusingly she wore her hair not too dissimilar to Princess Leia from Star Wars and I made the mistake of telling her exactly that.

"Ooh, listen everyone, Brian just called me a Princess!" She cooed.

"No, no really I didn't, I just....", I tried vainly to explain.

But it couldn't have been further from the truth, she was more suited as a villain in Jabba the Hutt's court than in the arms of the dashing Han Solo.

Jabba the Hutt's court, there she's is, third from the left!
After dinner, I tried to make a quick getaway only for her to corner me in the lift alone. She tried to convince me to come for a 'night cap', even asking me if I would leave my girlfriend for her. Things had gone waaaaay out of hand now but it wasn't me who eventually complained, it was the rest of my crew who had noticed her behaviour. I was bemused by the whole episode, sometimes annoying but I never felt threatened. Of course I am aware of how serious a harassment case can be but I always thought I could handle it. I was asked by my management if I wanted to take it further, which I didn't and instead she was reprimanded and duly removed from my line.

I can't even remember her name or what happened to her afterwards as a result but ultimately I wasn't bothered, I was more pissed off that I didn't get my tape back.

Nothing like the girl in question!
Despite all that, the Northern Soul inspired, 'A Girl Like You' is a firm favourite of mine. It's coming up to the 20th anniversary of that song which the BBC's 'One Show' kindly reminded me, jolting memories of how not to conduct a romantic break in Paris for two. Interestingly (or not) the fuzz/dirty guitar sound was created using a vintage guitar pedal from the 60's.

What I didn't realise was how ill Edwyn Collins has been, suffering a series of strokes and cerebral haemorrhages back in 2005. With any hope of survival all but written off, he managed to recover somewhat and is able to tell the tale. A documentary of his life is being released on Nov 7th entitled, The Possibilities Are Endless. Powerfully inspiring stuff!

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A Bloody Nose


I don't know how old I was,  maybe 7 or 8,  but I was the best fighter of my year,  I was also the best runner and jumper. At that age you have no concept of  big fishes in  little ponds. You only knew your own world and I was King of that world.

One day a new boy was introduced to our class, he was a Gypsy and his name was Dave. Gypsys often came and went in our school, as was their nature. This boy was older than the rest of us and was at least a foot taller than me. I felt threatened for the first time in my life.

He eventually found out that I was the best fighter and  challenged me to a showdown at play time the next day.

I may have been the best fighter,  but I was a very scared best fighter. I was terrified and knew I did not stand a chance. Maybe he would injure me badly or even kill me. I had no way out,  I had no where to hide. I could not show I was scared or show any sign of weakness.

The bell rang and we all went to the playground, there was a great rush of excitement, the crowd could sense something was going to happen, they sensed blood. All I could hear was the shouting of fight!  fight!.

We squared up to each other fists raised, a few shadow blows were thrown, but nothing landed. Suddenly I just swung a punch and it landed square on his nose and blood spurted out everywhere and it just would not stop. That was it, it was over that quickly. Teachers came out, the nurse came out. To his credit he told the teachers that he fell. Must have been part of the Gypsy code.

We later became good friends and forgot all about our fight.

Unfortunately for me, my reputation as the best fighter in the Central School stuck and when I went to the Senior school at the age of 12, there were several hungry fighters waiting for me, especially Ivor Jones from  down the Ferry! and Duncan MacIver from Dalneigh. But these are other stories. Other battles.    

FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH - White Knuckle (live)


Do you like Singer/Songwriters/Alt-Country/Americana or Indie-Folk, or do you have a unhealthy affection to the sadness, if so you may have a case of the Tuesday Blues!


Dawn Landes - You Alone
Today we have a beard free zone with the excellent Dawn Landes' You Alone. You Alone, This 2005 alumm firebird, and features in the film Happy Endings. Dawn has had the unfortunate position of a public divorce, she was married to Josh Ritter, and all of their material being scruitinsed and having the tag 'break-up' record. Both artists admitting they weren't at their happiest after it. I suppose the only winner is the public as we get to enjoy the sadness, every cloud and all that!

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