Sunday, 29 June 2014

TRACKS OF THE WEEK - 29/06/14 - Lorelle Meets the Obsolete, Frett, Robert Plant, The Kooks, Embrace,

Five tracks that put thunder in our hearts...

London Scouser:-
Embrace - 'I Run'

I was a mahoosive Embrace fan back in the late 90's early 00's and 'Drawn From Memory' was probably my favourite album of 2000. Any band that can use a kazoo is pretty awesome in my view. They even released an official England song, 'World At Your Feet', for the 2006 World Cup, and it was a decent effort... Unlike most England performances... This song is off of their latest self titled album and was released last week, its very reminiscent of the song that got me into them way back when, 'All You Good Good People' and the album is currently on it's 4th repeat play.

Lorelle Meets the Obsolete - 'Third Wave' (2014)

The hallucinogenic effects of driving to work at 4am in the morning with sleep in your eyes and the first light of the sun poking through the clouds on the horizon, can not be overstated. Emphasised further by the brilliant, 'Third Wave' tickling my psychedelic tickle spot. 'Third Wave', is taken from Mexican duo, Lorelle Meets the Obsolete's third album, The Obsolete Chamber, a perfect accompaniment to any early morning drive.

Lorelle and the Obsolete on Sonic Cathedral records or check out their Tumblr site here...

Frett - Porcelain (2014)

Foals-meets-Bombay Bicycle Club? Frett are Suffolk based duo Simon Lucas-Hughes and Elliott Buckle and this features on their third EP, called simply, EP3. Atmospheric with a simple, catchy guitar melody it actually feels a little too quick - you'll be pressing the repeat button a little too easily.  One to watch!

Old Pa's Corner:-
Robert Plant - Rainbow (2014)

This is the first release from Robert Plant's new album Lullaby and... The Ceaseless Roar. It is his first since 2010's Band of Joy.
I have not been a great fan of his solo stuff, apart from the occasional gem, but this is rather good and I have to say I for one will be looking forward to the new album out in September.  

Shell Hunter:-
The Kooks - 'Around Town'

The Brighton boys are back after a good few years of silence, apparently 'finding themselves' with this blinder of a track! It's gone straight into my favourite songs of theirs. I love the gospel choir backing and bet it would be amazing live and if you are lucky enough to be at Glasto this year, they are set to be the secret act today! It's taken from their upcoming 4th album titled 'Listen' out this year, which is exactly what I will be doing with it! Praise The Lord!

Give it a listen or two and I bet you'll have a smile too, even if you don't think too much of it.

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Thursday, 26 June 2014

Ryan Adams - Neutron Dance (Pointer Sisters Cover)

Ryan Adams - Neutron Dance (2014)

I've been hard pressed to find anything by Ryan Adams in the last few years.  So this recent performance at the Code Conference, of the Pointer Sisters "Neutron Dance" has whet my appetite for more.  He'll be playing the Newport Folk Festival in July, followed by a few other gigs.  So hopefully after that, the internet will then be awash with new material - I cannot wait.

See below the Pointer Sisters original - I could only remember it because it was featured in Beverley Hills Cop!

DYLAN COVERS #153 The Yardbirds - Most likely you'll go Your Way x 2

Evil hearted You!

THE YARDBIRDS - Most Likely you'll go Your Way (At the BBC)

The Yardbirds were great and had several fantastic hits in the mid sixties. They also had a few guys who you may be familiar with who at one time played in their ranks. How about Jimmy Page, Jeff Beck and Eric Clapton.Not a bad line up there.

They also included in their repertoire this pretty good cover of  Most Likely you'll go Your Way and here are two different live versions of the song.

The first one is taken from the album The BBC Sessions(1997)  and the second one apparently features Jimmy Page and was recorded from a live Concert in Stockholm in 1967. There is a Boot available of this concert. 
THE YARDBIRDS - Most Likely you'll go Your Way (1967)

Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Soft Cell - Say Hello, Wave Goodbye



SOFT CELL - Say Hello, Wave Goodbye (Sax Version) (1982) 

Expectations were high! Shellhunter and London Scouser were here. We all dressed in Spanish colours and headed to the sea front to indulge in the atmosphere, share another victory with our Spanish friends.

What a damp squid that was!  5-1 to Holland. The atmosphere died and we slunk home quietly after the match.

Nevermind, tomorrow was the big one,  Englan V Italy. We would have a BBQ,  have a few drinks and then be ready for the match at midnight. We were all exited with anticipation. This is what the World Cup is all about. Englan could do this!

Balotelli magic and the dream was cut short. Hold on! not quite, we will beat Uruguay next Thursday and then Costa Rica (who are Costa Rica anyway?). We actually played quite well against Italy, we just did not get the rub of the green.

Here we go, Uruguay, a must win. Wait a minute! we are one down to that guy Suarez. That is not in the script. We must score! We just have to score!

Rooney! Rooney! has equalised (I was in the toilet and missed the magic), we are back we have the momentum we can win this. We can win the World Cup.

Stunned silence! a goal by that man Suarez again, a goal from nowhere and schoolboy error goal. The dream is over. The dream is finally over.

Englan are the new Scotland. Wait a minute! Maybe not!! Scotland always, at least got to their final game before going out.

It is not that we were that bad, we had chances. But Italy and Uruguay took theirs, we did not take ours.

Coming in to La manga

I heard Say Hello, Wave Goodbye the other day, we had a nice day trip to La Manga, a forty minute boat trip there and back. We enjoyed a great meal in a restarant by the harbour. I said I loved this song and must use it for a post. I needed a story.

I got a story.
At the Restaurant

It had to be the 12inch version with the sax introduction 3.34secs. I reckon it is up there with best ever introductions, ever, to a song. What do you think? what are your favourite introductions.

Another favourite introduction of mine would have to be Here comes the Sun by Richie Havens
RICHIE HAVEN - Here Comes the Sun (1971) 

The last bite of course goes to Suarez !

Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Nick Mulvey - Juramidam


Do you like Singer/Songwriters/Alt-Country/Americana or Indie-Folk, or do you have a unhealthy affection to the sadness, if so you may have a case of the Tuesday Blues!

Nick Mulvey - Juramidam (2014)

I've been a fan of Nick Mulvey ever since I featured the fantastic 'fever to the form' back in Feb. With a style that has glimmers of Jose Gonzalez & Ben Howard, to do a like-for-like comparison would be a little unfair.  He must have been influenced by his time in Cuba or at the School of Oriental and African Studies because musically, he combines the latin finger-picking style with a percussive, rhythmic strumming style.

With a recently released solo debut, 'First Mind' and positive responses from the critics, I can see him going on to bigger things. Check him out at Glastonbury this weekend!

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Sunday, 22 June 2014

TRACKS OF THE WEEK 22/06/2014 - JAWS, Jon Allen, The Presidents Of The USA, Movement, Dave and Phil Alvin,

Five tracks that would top any World Cup group...

Movement - 'Like Lust' (2014)

Ooooh, this is a great, moody, slow burner of a track. In fact it's a wee bit saucy. Saucy enough to do something uber romantic with your loved one, like wear a pear of novelty pants and feed each other falafels and houmous...phwoar! Anyway, I love it and 'Like Lust' is taken from the Sydney 3 piece's four track EP, Movement, out last March, it's well worth a listen. Click here to hear it on Spotify.

JAWS -Think Too Much, Feel Too Little (2014)
JAWS are a Birmingham four-piece have created a track that has bloomed perfectly in time for summer.  After one listen of this infectious, effortless groove, you'll heading off to your local country park with a multipack of cider and snoozing on a blanket. Summer Bliss.

Old Pa's Corner :-
Dave and Phil Alvin - I Feel so Good

There is only one way for me to describe this, it makes me feel so good! It is an absolute blast of good old rock 'n roll boogie! Superb! It don't get better! It is from the album : Common Ground : Dave Alvin and Phil Alvin Play and Sing the Songs of Big Bill Broonzy. It is definitely worth a listen if you like this sample.

Shell Hunter:-
Jon Allen - 'Night And Day' (2014)

I keep on missing the boat with up and coming artists I'm recommended so this time I'm taking no chances! My bestest music pal from work, Brian, told me to check out Jon Allen as he was going to see him last week. He was absolutely raving about him and after hearing a couple of tracks, I agree there is something addictive about his voice. It's almost got a Paolo Nutini quality to it but a little more Rod Stewart in it as my pal put it. This new track is from his new album out this year called Deep River but for now I know I won't be able to stop listening to debut album Dead Mans Suit from 2009. You heard it here second!

London Scouser:-
The Presidents Of The USA - 'Rooftops In Spain' (2014)

Do you ever have a song that just sticks in your head and gives you a smile all over whenever you sing along to it in your head ?? Well for me this is one of those songs. Okay its a bit gimmicky, but those people who know me will probably say that's me all over. It helps that I've just come back from 2 weeks in Spain so the Spanish lyrics in the song helped me. See, music can be educational as well !!!

Give it a listen or two and I bet you'll have a smile too, even if you don't think too much of it.

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Thursday, 19 June 2014


I don't know about you but I'm really enjoying the World Cup but what about Football songs...they're tragic aren't they? Or are they? Here's a selection.....that are more Lionel Messi than Colin Hendry! 

Do you have any favourite football tracks?'s ok you can admit it, let us know!!

Primal Scream/Irvine Welsh - 'The Big Man and The Scream Team Meet the Barmy Army Uptown' (1996)

It's so nice that Scotland are not in World Cup, the idea of having to go through the guaranteed 270 minutes of agony the group games have to offer is far too gruelling for my constitution. It's only after they have been unceremoniously dumped out of the tournament in heroic failure, that you start to relax and enjoy the footballing spectacle!

It was Euro 1996, Scoltand were in it and more importantly I would get to experience my first taste of a classic clash with the Auld Enemy, as England were in the same group. Leading up to the big day, my English girlfriend at the time and I would wind each other up to the point where it would end up in a heated argument about our respective nations, despite her being a big fan of Mel Gibson's exploits. She'd play '3 Lions' and England's 30 years of supposed hurt and I had this Scud missile of a record to take it out from Primal Scream, a superb Rock/Dub number with author Irvine Welsh's rant over it (when the guitars come in around The big day came with the inevitable big match nerves so it was a bit of a boozy affair to say the least. Predictably England took the lead but soon after Scotland found a way back in and were awarded a penalty, this was the moment!!! Then it all went to shit, in a helicopter high above Wembley stadium, Uri bloody Geller moved the ball and Gary Mcallister missed the spot kick, a sickener. From the resulting goal kick, Gazza went on to score 'that goal', flicking the ball over Colin Hendry's massive heed to net an incredible goal, one which I still haven't recovered from to this very day. Disgusted, I just ran out the house and headed to our local park to escape the banter from my girlfriend, only to be found by an eventual search party, crashed out in a drunken heap, draped in my Rampant Lion flag.

Frankie Valli - Can't Take My Eyes Off You

Can't Take My Eyes Off You? - Football? What's the link? Back in 1993, the BBC used this song when promoting the Welsh Football teams during the qualifying rounds for the 1994 World Cup. It quickly became the unofficial anthem of the Welsh Football Supporters. 

We thought we had it all! Old heads (Ian Rush, Neville Southall) and young talent in the form of Ryan Giggs and Gary Speed. We were second in the group and it all came down to the final match where Wales had to play Romania in Cardiff.  It was 1-1 at 63 minutes when Wales were awarded a Penalty, but Paul Bodin (Who? I know) smashed the ball against the cross bar.  Romania ended up winning 2-1 and qualified! I still remember it!

Wales have only qualified for one major tournament  - The World Cup in Sweden 1958, when coincidently a young Brazilian called 'Pele' knocked them out! 

In 2011, Stereophonics singer Kelly Jones sang an acoustic version of the song in tribute to the former Wales Manager Gary Speed who sadly committed suicide.

Shell Hunter:-
Fat Les - Vindaloo (1998)

What are football songs all about? To me, they've got to be something that gets the crowd all riled up and something they'll enjoy singing along to. Forget all the soppy crap, it's got to be straight to the point! Vindaloo has it, synonymous to the stereotypical English lad..."I want to hottest thing on the menu, get me a Vindaloo!!" Its got the crowd pleasing factor, easy lyrics and sounds fantastic when shouted at the top of your lungs in a pub full of drunken revellers(especially if England did win). Sadly I think this style of song was the last of it's kind in quality and will always be up there with New Order and The Lightning Seeds. There are some great characters in the video, my favourites being the pissed tart and the weirdo with the bald wig that walks like Mick Jagger!

Old Pa's Corner :-
Rod Stewart - Ole Ola! (1978)

If it was a quiz question I would definitely remember the year 1978, It was World Cup year and Scotland had already won the World Cup, well according to the manager Ally McLeod that is.

I was at a wedding in Inverness and me along with another 100 or so celebrating fans gathered round a small TV for Scotland's first game. Rod Stewart's Ole Ola! was playing loud. It was Fiesta time, whiskey time!. A time to celebrate this great Scottish world class, all conqueing team. (Scotland were 40 to 1 on to win this game with some bookies, unbelievable odds).

There was no regard to the break up of the wedding, amongst the tears and the  'how could you spoil Morag's big day', and  'it will never last'.

Fourteen minutes into the game, Jo Jordon is through on his own, GOAL !  Scotland 1 Peru 0, we are on our way. World Champions! Scotland! it tasted good!

Eighty Minutes later the score read, Scotland 1 Peru 3, a certain 'Cubillas' spoiled the party, it was his fault the wedding was a disaster. It was his fault Scotland lost, whiskey time. It was his fault I had a raging hangover the next day.

The dream was over before it had began. Three weeks later a Nation's confidence was brought to it's knees and has never fully recovered.  Not even  Proud Edward's army  had achieved that. We thought we were invincible, a small Nation that could compete with the Big Boys. Sadly we now know our place.  (Thank God for Andy Murray and Robbie Burns and Scotch Whiskey)
The Dream is well and truly over for the last 34 years

Come on England! Ole Ola! I hope you don't suffer the same fate. Nobody deserves that, not even an England supporter.

Arrivederci it's one on one!! Check out more Tune Doctor Special Operations here....

Wednesday, 18 June 2014

The Eagles - Doolin-Dalton/Desparado (Reprise)


الحصول عليها من

THE EAGLES - Doolin-Dalton / Desperado(Reprise)(1972)

I was sent from Jeddah to Riyadh to support a cut over to an automated Cargo System. I arranged to do a late shift on to an early shift on to a night shift then, get a flight home after the night shift and not have to be back to Riyadh until the start of a late shift the next day. It gave me an evening in Jeddah with my family.

We were given what were called crew rooms which were used for Cargo Flight crew who were on over night stops.  The rooms were basic and there was toilet and shower facilities. It was pretty much perfect.

Pretty much perfect that is, until I went to the toilet only wearing my boxer shorts. When I got back to the room I found the door was closed and locked. The key was in the door in the inside. Oh!shit! I was locked out.

What was I to do? The Duty Officer's room was a long walk down a corridor a few hundred metres away. I had no alternative, I just had to walk in my boxer shorts and face the shock and surprise of my Arab friends who worked in the Warehouse.

I walked tall and proud and there were many little whistles and strange clucking sounds which I was not sure meant (and did not want to). There was also shouts of  الحصول عليها من . I was tempted to do a moony but would probably have been arrested and flogged  for offering temptation. I eventually arrived at the room to the amusement of all there and was given an Arab ghura to cover all my modesty.

You may say I was a little bit Desperado! 

This track is from The Eagle's Desperado album (1972). I had this long before they became famous and their Greatest hits were part of everybodys rcord collection including your Mum and Dad and Granny. The Eagles were pretty cool and hip in these days. 

Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Ryan Adams - Jacksonville Skyline


Do you like Singer/Songwriters/Alt-Country/Americana or Indie-Folk, or do you have a unhealthy affection to the sadness, if so you may have a case of the Tuesday Blues!

Keeping us waiting
Ryan Adams - Jacksonville Skyline

It seems an eternity since David Ryan Adams has released anything.  I know he has been busy, producing a Ethan Johns album, Producing and drumming on a new Lemonheads album, recording material with Deadmau5 and a plethora of other things.  So it's great to hear his announcement that he is releasing a new single called "Gimme Something Good". The 7″ was up for pre-order now at Adams’s Pax-Am site, and is set to include a B-side called “Aching For More.” 

In anticipation i've put up this Whiskeytown classic which he played acoustic on the David Letterman show back in 2011.  Bloody brilliant.

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Sunday, 15 June 2014

TRACKS OF THE WEEK 15/06/14 - letthemusicplay ft. Kate Tempest, Jungle, Cloud Nothings, Isaiah Rashad, Andrew Ashong,

Five treats that Daddy would like.....

Andrew Ashong - Special (2014)
Andrew Ashong is a British-Ghanaian Soul singer-songwriter, DJ and producer from Forest Hill in South London.  His style is the laid back, soul/jazz of the 70s and he has many supporters - He won the Track of the Year gong at the Worldwide Awards which was nominated by the listeners to Gilles Peterson's radio show.  Pour yourself a drink and enjoy it is - that is what I did!

Old Pa's Corner:-
Jungle - 'Lucky I Got What I Want' (2014)

Flycasual featured them earlier this year so it goes to show even internal musical bliss, works quite well. Don't you think? West London duo Jungle are what is described as Electro-Soul and this is a haunting track with a big bass beat and an organ hook to die for. It is from their self titled album and I love it!

Jungle are also featuring at the Latitude Festival so I will be poping in to sample their delights.

Shell Hunter:-
letthemusicplay ft. Kate Tempest - 'Our Town' (2014)

Another poet genius will be on stage at Latitude Festival this year, highly acclaimed Kate Tempest. I didn't know her from adam until I saw her supporting Scroobius Pip at Hoxton Bar in London a few years ago. Let's just say I was absolutely blown away with her and band Sound Of Rum. This new track with London producers letthemusicplay is just excellent. Kate does what she does best, her spoken word but telling the story with real feeling. I love the way you can actually hear her smiling as she talks about the heady days of getting drunk and being in love. The backing is a total house rave up which normally wouldnt even turn my head but with Kate's clever words, its no wonder she's won awards for her poetry. Her new album Everybody Down was out in May and will be getting more than a few spins from me on the run up to the festival!

London Scouser:-
Cloud Nothings - 'I'm Not Part Of Me' (2014)
A couple of weeks ago I was going through my facebook page and in the middle of annoying people (yes my facebook friends) sharing pictures of their dinner or professing their undying love for their other half's, I saw that I was recommended a band as I follow a few bands on facebook, it said something along the lines of 'if you like Black Books & Ringo Deathstarr you'll probably like Cloud Nothings. I took the advice and have to concede I do like them. This song comes from the 3-piece band's 4th album 'Here And Nowhere Else' which was released in April. It starts with good riffage and continues with a great sing-along chorus. They are currently in the middle of a worldwide tour that sees them visiting the Far East before heading back home to the US and Canada. Then they come over to Europe for a few festivals in August. I definitely will be looking into their back catalogue on the strength of this

Isaiah Rashad - Soliloquy (2014)

Thanks to Sfw, I've been listening Isaiah Rashad's EP, Clivia Demo all week. He sent me the track, 'Soliloquy', with it's old school style boom bap beat and a piano hook that sounds like it could have been done by Cuban piano maestro, Ruben Gonzalez, it was an instant hit. I first heard of Isaiah Rashad when I was doing research for a TOTW a few weeks ago on label mate (Kendrick Lamar's Top Dawg Entertainments label), SZA, but never got round to listening to him. Sfw knows me to well as the LA based, Tennessee rapper's record is full of laid back, smoked out cuts which wouldn't go a miss on our Late Night Hip Hop playlist.

Check out Isaiah Rashad on Top Dawg Entertainment records.

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Saturday, 14 June 2014

The Beach Boys - 'Sloop John B'

Saturday Night Jukebox....
Everyone has a guilty pleasure 

The Welsh Contingent

The Beach Boys - 'Sloop John B' (1966)

Part 2.....

The storm soon subsided and we were again on our way, but this guy was relentless. The fishermen on board caught a load of live lobsters and had put them into barrels on board. This guy pulled one out of the barrel by it's antennae and started trying to chase the squeamish women around, shoving it in their faces. It was then I noticed the Welsh contingent. Surely I'd seen their flags earlier? A couple of the guys were noticeably scowling but did nothing...yet.

In the meantime, we had a little bit of reprise in the form of stopping at a small deserted island. Pure white sand, beautiful green palm trees swaying in the now calm wind. Everyone piled into the water and oooeh and aaaahed about the picturesque beach whilst practically fighting to get a space. It wasn't even five minutes when all you could hear was shrieking and saw holiday makers scattering the beach in panic! The rain storm had awoken a sleeping giant on the island.....a huge swarm of mosquitoes! We all ran as fast as we could back to the boat. I never pictured paradise full of mossies!!

On approach of the dock, the second German guy in the group was staggering along and didn't gauge where the toilet door was, bearing in mind on the catamaran it's on the floor! He fell so awkwardly through it with legs sticking up in the air, we thought he'd broken a few bones!

Everyone got off the boat with this German guy and his mates still singing and shouting their heads off and walked to the coach. I was already inside looking down in perfect timing to see one of the welsh lads punch him square in the nose and shout, 'your walking home boyo!' Everyone on the bus cheered! We didn't see any of these German guys again for the rest of the holiday, until we were on our flight home. The main guy sat a couple rows in front of us very subdued and very quiet!

Have a listen to my guilty pleasures playlist or catch up on more

Thursday, 12 June 2014

DYLAN COVERS # 152 Mike Melvoin/Ministry - Lay Lady Lay

His clothes are dirty but his hands are clean


I was not going to bother this week as I have my daughter and her hub over visiting for a couple of a  weeks. But Singing Bear from Grown up Backwards sent me these two gems. So here they are for you to share.

Thanks  Singing Bear you saved the day!
MINISTRY - Lay Lady Lay

Sonzeira - Brazil Bam Bam Bam

World Music Corner

Sonzeira - 'Brasil Pandeiro' (2014)

"Got, got, need, got...ooh I need that shiny! Swap you Letchkov and Ivanov for it". Yup, despite Scotland not being in it (again), I'm really excited about the World Cup. So much so that I've used my 5 year old son to justify reliving my youth by collecting the Panini sticker book (thanks London Scouser).

Ivanov and Lechkov...the oldest 21 years olds in the world!

The first World Cup I remember and the one that ultimately captured my imagination was Spain 82', Paolo Rossi, The Kuwaitis walking off, the France vs Germany semi final and the best Brazilian team to never win it! Unfortunately, through the fault of Old Pa, my allegiance is with Scotland so it was a baptism of fire when I saw them take on the might of Zico, Socrates, Falcao and co. Scot defender, David Narey, scored a screamer to make it 1-0 but that was akin to just pulling on the lion's tail as the Selecao mauled us 4-1 and so a life time of pain and hurt began.

I even bought some official World Cup pants from Lidl...notice XL!

Despite the controversy, the pacification of the Flavelas, the safety for it's construction workers and the millions perhaps not being spent on areas where the country actually needs it, this World Cup promises to be spectacular. There's nothing quite like the World Cup that brings the planet together. I'm sure most are secretly happy Brazil are hosting the World Cup and for 90 minutes at least, whilst their team plays, the rioters will be glued to their TV sets. England invented the game but Brazil is it's spiritual home, the flair, the passion, the thongs and of course the music! Brazil must win to make it all worthwhile and to avenge their personal disaster for losing the 1950 final against Uruguay in front of almost 200,000 at the Maracana. No pressure then.

There'll be a plethora of Brazillian playlists and CD'd cashing in on the World Cup. "Best Brazil Album in the World...ever" etc. You want authenticity? Look no further than Gilles Peterson's Sonzeira Brazil Bam Bam Bam.

It was a real labour of love for Gilles as he spent considerable time based in Rio, putting together a super group of all the top brass of Brazilian music, old and new and forming Sonzeira. He wanted it to be his 'Buena Vista Social Club' and it's a fantastic album, really capturing the many forms of Brazilian music of which I've only scratch the surface of. But I love the music, that usual British reserve dissipates as the rhythms, the sultry vocals wash over you, you can feel the heat. World Cup or not, it's also a great summer record and definitely one to sip a Caipirinha in your speedos to whilst lounging in the garden.

For info on the artists involved, click here.

Listen to the album on Spotify here...

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Wednesday, 11 June 2014

LINTON KWESI JOHNSON - Inglan is a Bitch



The New Scotland

LINTON KWESI JOHNSON - Eglan is a Bitch (1980) 

I have followed Scotland's World Cup exploits since the fifties and oh! how I have suffered for my trouble.

But have you noticed how recently Englan are morphing into Scotland. They go out very early in all their Tournaments (just Like Scotland did when they qualified). I honestly don't think Eglan will get passed the first hurdle at Brazil. I cannot see them beating Italy or Uruguay in the first rounds.

But unlike many other Scots I will be cheering on Englan and I really do hope they can surprise me and go deep into the Tournament and hopefully beat Germany, preferably on penalties. We can dream.

I am Looking forward to it and I will be shouting!

Come on Englan!

Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Matt Corby - Made of Stone


Do you like Singer/Songwriters/Alt-Country/Americana or Indie-Folk, or do you have a unhealthy affection to the sadness, if so you may have a case of the Tuesday Blues!

Matt Corby - Made of Stone (2010)

What is it with Australia?  They get the sun, they've got the beaches and despite spiders, man eating crocodiles and very little ozone layer, they have got the talent.  This is the second week in a row that i've featured an antipodean (check out Sean O'Neills 'Vienna') and I have featured Matt Corby previously, but this is breathtaking.  Musically, he's the nearest to Jeff Buckley and this performance, taken live on a grand piano at Studios 301, Sydney, demonstrates his talent.  Mr Corby, I tip my cap to you sir.

For those who disconnect, download a free EP on MP3 here

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Monday, 9 June 2014

Oasis - 'Stand By Me'

 Musical Medicine.....a track that let's you reminisce about the olden days

Noel on his way to the bank for some change, definitely maybe

Oasis - 'Stand By Me' (1997)

If I had a bucket list, I'd have a few things ticked off by now. Some of those include... Going to Madison Square Gardens and watching live Ice Hockey #letsgorangers. Sleeping with a pop star (see previous post). Learning to Scuba dive...
Back in 1997 I also was able to cross one off of the list. Oasis back were huger than huge... They mahoosive, and word got around that they were filming the video for an upcoming song in my hometown of Feltham. These words were true as they used many of the closed down/boarded up shops in the town centre as mock shops for the video of Stand By Me... Now you cover afficionados might make the mistake that I did in thinking this was a Britpop version of Ben E King's classic, but no, it's the Gallagher's through and through.
On the days that they were filming, I was hard at work slaving away behind the counter of a well known High Street Bank. And if I'm honest you can't actually see me in the video, but at 00:24 the Bank is clearly shown and I was in the Bank. Ergo I was in the video... I rest my case

Sunday, 8 June 2014

TRACKS OF THE WEEK 08/06/14 - Swans, All We Are, Eno/Hyde, Parquet Courts, Lana Del Rey

Five tracks used to return to Normandy.....

Swans - 'A Little God In My Hands' (2014)

I keep whining about how little time I have for all things musical at the moment but I was as delighted as a chimp with a fresh batch of poo to throw when I finally got round to listening to a recent playlist. Amongst the tracks giving me a much needed aural massage was the Swans' 'A Little God In My Hands', the lead single from the latest album, To Be Kind out last month. Freakish funk with a stomping beat, it's a brilliant track just on the right side of weird, like me. Despite being around in the 80s, I know very little about the New York band and To Be Kind is in fact their 13th studio album after a 13 year hiatus. Better late to the party than never.

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All We Are - Feel Safe (2014)

Some tracks can get to you instantly. With its slinky riff, disco feel and infectious groove, it wouldn't go amiss in Studio 54 - which is probably a good thing for All We Are as they describe their sound as "the Bees Gees on diazepam".  This Liverpool-based three-piece are made up of a Norwegian, an Irishman and a Brazilian, met at the Liverpool Institute of Performing Arts (LIPA).  They are performing at a number of festivals this year, including Glastonbury, Green Man and End of the Road.   

Old Pa's Corner:-
Parquet Courts - Black and White (2014)
Continuing on our journey towards the Latitude Festival in July here is a track from another group featured in the line up there it is Parquet Courts. This track Black and White is from their new album  Sunbathing Animal (2014).

These guys have been mentioned in the same breath as Pavement, The Strokes and even the Velvet Underground. That is some list and you can be assured Old Pa will be in the queue to check them out live.

They were featured in an earlirer post by Flycasual . Check out here.

Shell Hunter:-
Lana Del Rey - 'West Coast' (2014)

What can make Lana Del Rey's (or the princess of pout as I like to call her) new album even better? How about the fact that it was produced by The Black Keys' Dan Auerbach? Surely that is a recipe for success. This track taken from new album Ultraviolence which is out on 16th June is just what you'd expect from LDR, it's dark, moody, sexy and sultry. It's got that dusty desolate desert feel and I'm sure her album will be bursting at the seams with jewels like this.

London Scouser:-
Eno/Hyde - 'Witness' (2014)
A few weeks back I came home from a late shift and thanks to Old Ma who told me that Kasabian were on Jools Holland, I had something to watch. I'll admit that I don't always watch the show but this particular week I enjoyed most of what I heard. Having missed the start of the show I didn't know who was on and at one point Jools was speaking with a couple of guys at a table, as he does. I figured out that one of them was Brian Eno, but I couldn't figure out who the other was. Shortly after it came to me... The screen showed - 'Eno/Hyde - Witness' and as soon as I heard the voice I recognised the 'Hyde' as Karl Hyde, of Underworld fame. This song is from the album 'Someday World' which was released on May 5th this year. They are releasing a follow up album in June as well.

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Saturday, 7 June 2014

The Doors - 'Riders On The Storm'

Saturday Night Jukebox....
Everyone has a guilty pleasure

Cuba Libres all round!!

The Doors - 'Riders On The Storm' (1971)

Part 1...

Old Ma, Old Pa and I went to Cuba on our first real holiday after moving back from Saudi. I remember it so well, it was my first experience of an all inclusive. I was just 16 but no one ever questioned my age when I ordered the drinks. Cuba is a fantastic place, one I'd love to visit again. Havana was full of old school charm and real life. The beach in Varadero was probably one of the most picturesque I've seen, powder white sand and beautiful cool turquoise water. As we all love being on the water, we decided on a Jolly Roger catamaran tour, which is pretty much a booze cruise with other holiday makers but it ticked all the boxes for us! When you bought that, you got the sunset cruise free which could be taken at a later date. We enjoyed the day tour but were looking forward to the next instalment. When we arrived there were already a few revellers on the boat, who had decided to take their freebie immediately after the day cruise. Wow, they're hard core I thought! We soon worked out they were 3 German blokes and saw that they had a couple of empty rum bottles rolling around them. Hmm I smell trouble.....

The tour began and we were soon enjoying the spray on our faces and a few Cuba libres. Suddenly the sky went dark and it became dramatically cold. The waves turned rough and the heavens opened! We had sailed into one of the daily thunderstorms we encountered there! The group of holiday makers ran undercover and were all huddled under the only shelter available in the middle of the boat and reminded me of a busy hen coup. Old pa and I remained where we were, unperturbed by the dramatic change in weather. The skipper managed to guide us into a sheltered bay in between a couple of small deserted islands where we waited for the swell and enormous thunder claps to subside. In the meantime, one of the 3 drunken Germans was just getting into his stride and stood at the highest point he could clamber up to, and shouted as loud as he could: 'I've seen the lightning of the world!' and 'I am Jesus Christ'. It was all very theatrical with the storm above us. He had been getting into everyone's faces during the trip, barging into a large elderly lady and even old pa at one point. The group were almost at breaking point. I remember now I thought the guy looked like the lead singer from Wheatus with his odd specs.

Stay tuned for Part 2 next week....

I've seen the lighning of the world......!!

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Thursday, 5 June 2014

DYLAN COVERS # 151 The Triffids/Jeff Lee Johnson - I am a Lonesome Hobo

A Lonesome Triffid?

THE TRIFFIDS - I am a Lonesome Hobo (2008)

Here are two different takes of I am a Lonesome Hobo from John Wesley Harding. I bought that album the day it was released in 1967 and I did not even have a record player. I just had to have it. I got a copy made immediately on my trusty old  reel to reel. On that trusty reel to reel I have Dylan at the BBC, which I watched in wonder way back in 1965. Its in a box in a garage and it is a direct copy from an old speaker my father had.

The first one is by Aussie favourites The Triffids and can be found on  their album release Treeless Plain (2008).

The second take is from one of the best Dylan Tribue Albums I have heard for some time by a a guy called Jef Lee Johnson from his album the Zimmerman Shadows (2009). This is an album worth checking out, there is some great guitar work going on and this is a pretty tasty version. 

Jef wins!
JEF LEE JOHNSON - I am a Lonesome Hobo (2009)

Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Robert Palmer/Elkie Brooks/Vinegar Joe



Robert and Elkie

ROBERT PALMER - Every Kinda People
I saw an Old Grey Whistle Test show the other night and it featured Vinegar Joe who were a band doing the rounds in the early seventies. Although I never bought any of their albums I was aware of them. I remembered the performance,(see below) as I thought at the time .'what a babe' was Elkie, she was raw exciting and sexy. Robert Palmer was backing singer and guitarist on this one. He was raw exciting and sexy.

Both Elkie and Robert went on to pretty big commercial success once they left the Band. I even bought a RP album as I just loved his take of 'Every Kinda People' a song written by Andy Fraser of the Free. I do wish I wrote that one.

I never could stand Elkie's Pearl is a Singer but I quite liked some of her other stuff. I particularly like her version of Lilac Wine, the song made into a classic by Jeff Buckley. But I just loved her take of Don't Cry out Loud. Perfect for her voice.

ELKIE BROOKS - Don't Cry Out Loud

Finely here are Vinegar Joe in all their Glory. Take it Elkie.
VINEGAR JOE - Proud to be a Honkey Woman

Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Sean O'Neill - Vienna


Do you like Singer/Songwriters/Alt-Country/Americana or Indie-Folk, or do you have a unhealthy affection to the sadness, if so you may have a case of the Tuesday Blues!

Sean O'Neill - Vienna (2014)

I was recently sent this beautiful track by Australian artist Sean O'Neill.  Sean has now moved from Perth and relocated to London and has released the beautiful 'Vienna'.  

With the DNA of Ásgeir / Bon Iver / Dustin Tebbutt,  he has captured his relocation to the northern hemisphere perfectly with this stunning soundscape of vocals, guitars, strings and wind instruments.  

You may struggle to find much info about him ("like" his facebook page to find out more) but in some ways that adds to the mystery and anticipation.  However,  if his other material is like this, we may have stumbled on a real gem!

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Sunday, 1 June 2014

TRACKS OF THE WEEK 01/06/2014 - Eels, Tom Vek, The Horrors, Fang Island

You'll find nothing Cheesy here - 4 tracks to chase!

Eels - A Swallow in the Sun (2014)
I have religiously bought Mark E.Everett (EELS) albums ever since Beautiful Freak in 1996.  He's an artist that I've stuck with, despite his material often leaving me disappointed.  I've admired him/them best when the songs have bared all and this doesn't disappoint.  Intelligent with dark humour, this delivers yet more unhappy endings. A Swallow in the Sun features on his most recent album, The Cautionary Tales of Mark Oliver Everett. The sadness triumphs again. Phew!

Old Pa's Corner :-
Tom Vek - Broke (2014)
I just had to feature this one, not only because I like it, but this lad was born in Hounslow in Middlesex and I spent a lot of my life in that part of the woods. Another reason is, that as the whole Tune Doctor Team are all going to Latitude in July, we are trying, if possible to feature artist who are in the line up.  T.V. is in the line up and after hearing this I will certainly be checking him out.

I wonder if he ever drank in the Rifleman in Hounslow?, Shellhunter's favourite underage drinking Pub. Hey! Tom, lets us know if you have downed in the Rifleman!

The track is from his new album Luck (2014).

Shell Hunter:-
The Horrors - 'So Now You Know' (2014)
Love this new song by The Horrors from their latest album Luminus, real eases last month. It's got a great 80s vibe and I can't stop singing it. I remember a few years back when I met the arrival of a KLM flight and saw a group of guys walk off with skinny jeans, beanies and plimsoles on and thought, they must be a band. I checked the passenger list and saw there were 4 passengers with excess baggage comments and that gave it away, bands have band equipment. I googled their names and came up with The Horrors, so since then I've always been interested in them.   Their sound can be described as shoegaze, goth-rock, dream pop or post punk which doesn't really mean much to me, I just like the fact the whispy vocals and synths remind me of 80s film soundtracks. There has to be a few 'horrific' gems on this album if this is anything to go by!

London Scouser:-
Fang Island - 'Sisterly'
I'll be honest and say I can't remember how I came across this Brooklyn based band. I added their 2012 album 'Major' to my 'One's to listen to' folder on Spotify and this week that's what I've done. I'm pretty happy with the results too. Great indie anthems with my favourite being 'Sisterly'. The video is pretty good too, its your basic studio video but with gratuitous cuddly toy throwing... Maybe the director used to work on 'The Generation Game'... #shutthatdoor

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