Saturday, 31 January 2015

Demis Roussos - Forever And Ever

Saturday Night Jukebox....
Everyone's got a guilty pleasure

R.I.P Demis

Demis Roussos - 'Forever And Ever' (1976)

How very strange. I was thinking about doing this post for a while when I heard the news that the big hunk of love Demis Roussos passed away on 25th January this year at the pretty young age of 68. I think its kind of nice that he's been on my mind for a little while, so of course I have to show appreciation in the form of sharing this timeless 70's cheese fest, Forever And Ever.

I first heard about Demis from the fantastic cringey Mike Leigh comedy, Abigail's Party. This classic is very dear to my heart as I played the part of Beverly for my Drama GCSE and got a whopping A* for the performance. I have seen the stage play 3 times portrayed by different actors and I never get bored of it! "Do you think he's sexy Ange?"

The reason he popped into my head recently was that London Scouser and I decided to take our "Babymoon" in Rhodes in October. The last of those sorts of holidays where we are all alone in peace and quiet, I'm told. The only difference was no booze for me! Apart from the obvious Greek theme of the artist, I thought it appropriate as I would probably be dressing much like Demis in the coming months. Loose fitting kaftans or "moomoos" as I like to call them would be ideal maternity wear, although I am still yet to come across some of the wild paisley patterns sported by the man himself!

So I'd like to say Efharisto to Demis for this guilty pleasure!

Catch up with more tracks from my Saturday Night Jukebox posts here or playlist below, full of Guilty Pleasures, everyone's got one!

Friday, 30 January 2015

DYLAN COVERS # 181 - Steven Stills - The Balad of Hollis Brown x 2


STEVEN STILLS - The Ballad of Hollis Brown (1991)

Here are two versions of The Ballad of Hollis Brown sung by Stephen Stills the first one is from his solo album Still Alone (1991) and the second is live from Hard Rock Cafe in Las Vegas in 1995. Both are pretty good in my opinion.

There are a few versions out there of Stlls singing The Girl from the North Country which I may feature at a later date. In the meantime enjoy these two.

STEVEN STILLS - The Ballad of Hollis Brown (1995)

Wednesday, 28 January 2015

New Order/Joy Division - In A Lonely place


TONE DEATH (an old punk never dies)
A Jeddah Boy!

NEW ORDER - In a Lonely Place 

This is a bit of a strange one. A School friend of Flycasual is now part of a band  Mustang.  Check out our Tracks of the Week. They are a Heavy Metal band.  I have know Chris as a kid and he does look the part, even when he was 2 (so did his dad by the way, the late great Clem).  After a few San Miguel's I decides to write a song for them without really knowing their Psych. Which is a bit unfair to them and to me, I suppose. But I was excited about my little challenge.

The idea came very quickly and I was trying to think heavy metal but as Flycasual said to me when I showed him, it leaned towards Punk. Yeah!I suppose it does. But what the hell, I enjoyed it. In fact the next day when walking the dogs I thought of 2 more verses. In my opinion the idea is pretty good, but it needs a good bit of work. A good bit.

Hey! lads if you want some more I am here!

Now I am on a roll, I have been trying for the past few months to think of a theme for a Christmas song and I have just come up with exactly what I want, it was not that easy.  Well there is money to be made there and it would be great to leave some legacy for the kids. I am serious about this, I will let you know how I progress. I only have the idea now to do it!! But it is a good idea!!

Hey! SFW, I may call on you for this one.

Why In a Lonely Place?, well I  for a sneaky pint today and I heard it on the pub radio. I was in shock, but I was flooded with memories. ! It was good enough for me!

Here it is Tone Death  in all its bollocks!

Maggie Thatcher
what was her crime?
she was sacking all Our Bonnie Lads
closing all the coal mines
stealing all their jobs

she was caught giving head to Hesleltine
the dirty tory Slut

she was Tone Death
Tone Death

Adolf Hitler
what was his crime?
he was killing all our Bonnie Lads
frying all the children
destroying all we got

he was caught making out with Goebbels
the dirty little cunt (hun)

he was Tone Death
Tone Death

King Edward
what was his crime?
he was massacring all our Bonnie Lads
burning all our crofts
starving our little bairns

he was caught giving himself a hand job
the slimy dirty sasss

he was Tone Death
Tone Death

Joseph Stalin
what was his crime
he murdered 30 million Bonnie lads
sent them to the gulags
cause they knew the truth

we caught him in bed with Trotsky
the dirty commie fag

he was Tone Death
Tone Death

David Cameron
what is his Crime
starving, squeezing all us Bonnie lads
takes away our hospital beds
with condescending lies

we caught him kissing Osbourne
that dirty tory twat

he was Tone Death
Tone Death

Old Ma, pass me my slippers, I should know better!  An Old Punk never dies!
JOY DIVISION - In a Lonely Place

Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Elephant Micah - Slow time vultures


Do you like Singer/Songwriters/Alt-Country/Americana or Indie-Folk, or do you have a unhealthy affection to the sadness, if so you may have a case of the Tuesday Blues!

No Beard Required...

Elephant Micah - Slow Time Vultures (2015)

Elephant Micah, a.k.a.Joseph O'Connell, is a Indiana folklorist / singer-songwriter / multi-instrumentalist and mate of M.C. Taylor of Hiss Golden Messenger.  Despite not featuring a Beard, the  folk singer has released a bit of a masterpiece in the shape of Slow Time Vultures.  It is a great piece of American and features on his 2015 release, Where in the woods, which was recorded by O'Connell, his brother, session drummer Matthew O'Connell and long-time friend Bonnie "Prince" Billy.  I recommend that you take a listen!

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Sunday, 25 January 2015

TRACKS OF THE WEEK 25/01/15 - Mustang, Death From Above 1979, Bob Dylan, The Charlatans

Four tracks to warm your knackers...

Shell Hunter:-
The Charlatans - 'Come Home Baby' (2015)

A perfect continuation from my TOTW last week,The Prodigy, Godfathers of the 90s charts, is of course The Charlatans. This is a solid offering and wouldn't be out of place on a Best of. Its got the sort of hook that has you waking up humming the chorus. There's even the nice signature bass line in there, whats not to like?! Their 12th album Modern Nature is out tomorrow and I'm confident there will be a good helping of winners on it. Tim and co had the help of mixing by Craig Silvey who also produced with Arcade Fire and Portishead which should hopefully throw some interesting quirks in the mix too. Believe me, I'm not Tellin' Stories!

Death From Above 1979 - White is Red (2014)
Some songs just get you.  They have the ability to pick you up and are so infectious that you can play them to death.  One such tracks is 'White is Red' by Death From Above 1979.  Its a riff-loaded, foot-stomping masterpiece from the Toronto duo. It features on their album The Physical World, which was released in September 2014.  On evidence of this, it is an album that I must get hold of!

Old Pa's Corner:-
Bob Dylan - Stay with Me (2015)
Well you are either going to just love this or you are going to be the complainer you have always been. Here is a second track from Dylan's new album of Sinatra covers called Shadows in the Night. It will be released in the first week of February. (Just in time for Valentines day)

Rumours of the album were out last April and because it was not released, I immediately thought it would be a bummer. Dylan does not do bummer.

From what I have heard, it is refreshing takes on old standards (no strings). But I am biased and you are entitled to your view too. Utterley fragile, utterley fabulous and as they say in the X-factor, 'You have made it your own!'  Bob!.

Mustang - 'Hang' (2014)

'Hang', no nonsense, shit kicking old school Metal to make your ears bleed but in a good way! A great rock voice, a drummer with good chops and throw in a fairly decent bassist and you have Mustang, a three piece from Durham, formed in 2012 and who are hoping to release their debut album later this year. I actually grew up with the bassist and he was a veritable 'sweaty' (his word not mine) back then and I'm pleased he hasn't lost his combination hair flicks and bass stance. 'Hang' is written as a result of a hit and run in which their friend was knocked off his bike and left for dead. The track is dedicated to the driver who still hasn't been found.

The Northeast's finest, putting the Metal back in Metal. Catch them live and check out their website here....

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Wednesday, 21 January 2015

DYLAN COVERS # 180 Bon Jon Jovi - The Chimes of Freedom/Just Like a Woman

An’ for each unharmful, gentle soul misplaced inside a jail

BON JOVI - Chimes of Freedom

Here are two from Mr Jon Bon Jovi himself who it appears is a bit of a fan of old Bob and the first record he bought was by Bob. Hey! Me and Jon Bon have something in common and in fact he has risen a few notches in my estimation. The first take is the Chimes of Freedom and was a live recording taken at  The Stone Pony, Asbury Park NJ in September 2001,

The second is a live acoustic take from Japan in 1994. It is a shame it is only the one verse, but a good effort never the less.

I have a couple more JBJ Dylan Covers on file which I may feature at a later date Maybe!
BON JOVI - Just Like a Woman

Fats Domino - Walking to New Orleans/Blueberry Hill


The Isle of Trees!

Where it all happened!

FATS DOMINO - Walking to New Orleans (1960)

Of Course I had heard of Fats, but I did not know too much about him. A friend in the early seventies raved about him and he was playing at the Hammersmith Odeon so I decided to go. He was amazing, he just blew me away. First thing on Monday morning I bought a Greatest Hits compilation. I was hooked. I was especially knocked out by Walking In New Orleans but there were many other brilliant songs on the album.

I had just bought a new light blue denim jacket with matching jeans and I really thought I was it, rather cool!. Got some pics somewhere, which I must look out. I hate to think!

Oh !God the demin!

I remember it well, it was the time I drove up to Inverness from London with Old Ma, her Mother and her friend Marie-Noelle, we all drove up in my little Mini. How in the 'ell did we manage that. All these people and luggage in a small car. The things you did when you were young.

It was a great trip.  My dad took us out for some trips to visit some great sights in the North of Scotland. I remember one place in particular, it was called the 'Isle of Trees'. It was kind of special because all the men had to swim there and apparently they had a still and brewed some good stuff. It was there they got away from the Women and had some Scottish male bonding time I suppose?.

See you Jimi, ye! wee bastard!, ah! a think ah! love ya!  (Basically getting pissed and enjoying yourself)

The Isle of Trees - Maybe a Scottish male paradise on earth.

Old GranPa and Old GranMa and 'midge' attack!

On the photo above there was a midge attack and we were trying to escape to the car. Midges are the Scottish equivalent of mosquitoes. We had a great time in Scotland and on the way back we stopped off at Gretna Green and stayed at a really weird cottage. We fully expected to be murdered in the night but we survived to have the best breakfast I have ever had. (there was no muesli or houmous in those days)

Old Ma  said we should go back to the 'Old Blacksmith shop' and get married...... 

FATS DOMINO - Blueberry Hill 

Tuesday, 20 January 2015

J Mascis - Wide Awake


Do you like Singer/Songwriters/Alt-Country/Americana or Indie-Folk, or do you have a unhealthy affection to the sadness, if so you may have a case of the Tuesday Blues!

It is never too cold to rock

J Mascis - Wide Awake (feat. Cat Power) (2014)

Grunge godfather/Dinosaur Jr. frontman, J Mascis released this pretty little ditty with some help from Chan Marshall (aka Cat Power) last year. It is a far cry from his signature distortion and fuzz but it has certainly got me interested in him again. I really like the run down guitar riff that he plays, but the fact that Chan Marshall has added her sultry tones makes my cheeks go a bit red. (face, not bum)

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Sunday, 18 January 2015

TRACKS OF THE WEEK 18/01/2015 - The Districts, Midnite, The Prodigy

Three tracks that we found this week....

The Districts - 4th and Roeblin (2015)

The Districts are a four piece who hail from Pennsylvania whose debut album A Flourish And A Spoil, is released on the 10th February.  4th and Roebling, is named after the intersection where they parked their van during their first trip to Brooklyn.  It's the kind of song that makes you stand up and listen - very similar to the feeling I had when I first heard The Strokes - and if you are not tapping your hands and feet by the end you obviously have a medical condition.

Old Pa's Corner:-
Midnite - Worry Free (2015)


Here is a little bit of Reggae Roots for 2015 and it is from Midnite and is called Worry Free,  It is from the album Ride Tru (2015).

Midnite are a roots reggae band from St. Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands, and have been playing since 1989..
The band's music follows in the tradition of the great roots Reggae bands of 1970s Jamaica and you can't say more than that. This chugs along very nicely and is a bit of a grower. No Worries!

Shell Hunter:-
The Prodigy - 'Nasty' (2015)

The Godfathers Of Rave have hit the spot with this one. Keith Flint with his luscious Essex accent and co have captured the true essence of what The Prodigy are about to me, bottled it, shaken it and let it spray out everywhere! This new but 'old school' single was released just last week to prep us for the arrival of new album The Day Is My Enemy out end of March. It's supposed to be fresher yet darker and from this offering is suitably noisy. This one is not for the faint hearted and definitely will be used like a strong espresso first thing in the morning! 

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Friday, 16 January 2015

DYLAN COVERS # 179 Liam Clancy - Farewell / Restless Farewell/ Girl from the North Country

I will tell you of the laughter and of troubles


Here are 3 tracks from the brilliant voice of Liam Clancy. Liam was quite involved with the young Dylan in the early sixties and they often hung out and sang together.  Sandly Liam passed away last in 2009 but leaves a lasting lagacy. I hope you like these 3 Dylan covers. All good as far as I am concerned.

If pushed I would say the Clancy Brothers version of When the Ship Comes in would probably make my top 10.
LIAM CLANCY - Restless Farewell

LIAM CLANCY - Girl From the North Country

Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Jim White - Static on the Radio


'do the Burj'

JIM WHITE - Static on the Radio

He never fails to amaze me, does my Max, Flycasual's little lad, he is only 5 going on 16. I would rather have a conversation with him, than I would with most adults. During his last visit I learnt more in that few days than I have learnt in the past few years.

'Towers, I know nothing about Towers',

Well if you want to know about Towers Max is your man. The Burj Al Khalifa is the tallest building in the world at 828metres high and it has 163 floors. The second tallest building is the Shanghai Tower and the 3rd tallest building is the Makkah Royal Clock Tower. These are the questions Max will answer for you. Max my man!

There is an ongoing project for the tallest building and it is happening now and the Kingdom Tower in Jeddah will be 1000metres tall with 167 floors and will be completed in 2019. I am quite excited about this as I lived in Jeddah for 10 years.

Max even draws all the Towers and all to scale. He even makes Lego models of all the Towers and all very realistic. I could spend a whole day talking about his Lego model making but you will probaby think I am biased. Too dam right I am!. You ought to see the  Lego planes he has made. Fighters and Jets I have not even heard of.

I promised Max that when I come over for Xmas I would take him to visit the Shard in London, The tallest Building in Europe (only if he remembered)  

He remembered !!
We were all looking forward to the day, Old Ma, Flycasual, Max and Me. The train up to Waterloo was very busy and I was very impressed, when some women in her forties gave up her seat for Old Man I was very impressedndeed. Well done girl.

Two stops in the Tube and we were finally at the Shard, the tallest building in Europe and if you ask Max he will tell you there are 77 floors. What a fantastic view from the top, it was worth the effort. You could see Wembley Stadium in the distance as well as other famous land marks. The local views like Tower Bridge, the Gherkin were just spellbinding. It was not only Max that was suitably impressed.  It was really quite an experience and I would recommend it to one and all. I will certainly go again. I have promised Shellhunter that I will take her.

At one point, I lifted Max up, on the Top Floor, at that time he was the tallest boy in the whole of Europe.
Base Camp 
The Summit - The Tallest Boy in Europe
We decided to go for a Pizza (Max's Choice, it was his day) on the long walk to the restaurant we crossed Waterloo Bridge and were stunned at the fabulous view which Old Ma captured. Now I know where Ray got the idea for his iconic song. 
But chilly, chilly is the evening time, Waterloo sunset's fine

A great Pizza and a problematic journey home and a gallant young man giving up his seat for Old Ma. A young girl tried to give her seat up for me, I was touched but most offended. There is life in the Old dog yet, you know!!.

I told Max that our next venture would be the 'Burj' itself, the tallest building in the world. Max called me his 'Burj Buddy' heart swelled!

Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Tobias Jesso Jr - Hollywood


Do you like Singer/Songwriters/Alt-Country/Americana or Indie-Folk, or do you have a unhealthy affection to the sadness, if so you may have a case of the Tuesday Blues!

Tobias Jesso Jr. - Hollywood (2014)
The stubble free, Tobias Jesso Jr., recently caught my attention with this stunning track.  The Canadian manages to capture the essence of LA-LA land, with the magical Hollywood.  A gentle start with a brutal finish, it subtlety shows how dreamers can be quickly destroyed in the magical city. This guy is good!

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Sunday, 11 January 2015

TRACKS OF THE WEEK 11/01/15 - Pell, Nadine Shah, Daniel Knox


Old Pa's Corner:-
Daniel  Knox - Blue Car (2015)


I like this track, America's answer to Richard Hawley. You have to admit a little similartity here. The tones, the sadness. I think this guy is definately worth a follow up and his new self titled album (his third) is out shortly.  My track of the year so far !! 

Pell - 'The Never' feat LV Baby (2014)

A standout track that almost made me burn my onions as I cooked my lentil stew (boring but tasty) last week. I heard it on a recommended playlist of 101 songs I apparently should have heard in 2014 and I'm glad I persisted through, as like my dish, it's dope. It reminded me of the psychedelic, trippy Hip Hop from the 90's, notably Digable Planets with the same Lonnie Liston Smith sampling bassline. 'The Never' is taken from New Orleans' Pell's album, Floating While Dreaming, which was out last May. hem.

Download it for free here....

Nadine Shah - Stealing Cars (2014)

Awash with comparisons with PJ Harvey, the brilliant Nadine Shah gets our pulses racing with excellent Stealing Cars. With its driving percussion and a hook that would make Amir Khan proud, 2015 looks to being a big year for the Geordie singer/songwriter.  This is class!

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Friday, 9 January 2015

Canyons - Apples and Pears

Musical of your five a day for your soul

Canyons...compote fans.

Canyons - 'Apple and Pears' (2008)

'Apples and Pears' from Aussie duo, Canyons, is a far more tasty and interesting proposition than gorging yourself on Pink Ladies in a bid to making sure you're getting one of your five day for your yearly detox. A fabulous track which reminds me a bit Steely Dan, Daryl Hall and John Oats and erm...maybe even Toto. Anyway it's good stuff and a bit of Musical Medicine for the soul. Taken from the 2008 EP, The Lovemore and definitely one of your five a day.

DYLAN COVERS # 178 Spirit - All Along the Watchtower x 3


SPIRIT - All Along the Watchtower (Studio 1977)

Spirit are probably more famous for their brilliant cover of Like a Rolling Stone (1976). However there is nothing wrong with these three takes of All Along the Watchtower. Two live versions and one studio take.

They originally released the track on their album Future Games (1977) which is the first track featured and pretty dam good it is too.  The next take is from a concert in Holywood Whiskey a Go-Go 1st September 1977.

Finally the last take can be found on the album Spirit - The Last Euro Tour (1991). The album was compiled from shows recorded in Hamburg, London, Vienna, Frankfurt, Nuremberg and Lanz in November of that year.
SPIRIT - All Along the Watchtower (Live 1977)

SPIRIT - All Along the Watchtower (Live 1991)

Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Ae Fond Kiss/My Love is like a Red Red Rose - Eddie Reader



'Till ah the seas gang dry'

EDDI READER - Ae Fond Kiss

I have just returned from two weeks in the UK. It was very enjoyable to spend time with Shellhunter, Flycasul and of course with my two fabulous Grandsons Max and Ted. I will feature the Max phenomenon in a later post.

The vacation was clouded by the news of my dear brother Cliff who was diagnosed with inoperable Cancer.
We can only hope we get good news tomorrow when he gets the result of tests. They will then be in a position to determine a course of treatment. It certainly brings everything into perspective. I flew up to Edinburgh to see Cliff during my stay. We are with you all the way Cliff! 

I will be getting back to normal shortly and will try and catch up with all the Posts that I have missed.

Anyway here is my toast for the New Year, I have had a few attempts at it.

A Toast to Love

If you can be loved
i will love you all
i raise my glass to all who I love
and to those I have loved
and lost 

I have chosen two songs written by Robbie Burns and both are excellent versions by  Eddi Reader. I also chose ER as she was a big favourite of my dear nice Gillian who passed away in 2010 and was the daughter of Cliff.

On a brighter note we a looking forward to Shellhunter's first child in March.  We are so excited.

EDDI READER - My Love is like a Red Red Rose

Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Ry X - Love Like This


Do you like Singer/Songwriters/Alt-Country/Americana or Indie-Folk, or do you have a unhealthy affection to the sadness, if so you may have a case of the Tuesday Blues!

Ry X - Love Like This (2014)
The Aussie Singer/Songwriter knocked us out in 2013 with the fantastic Berlin and since then he's been a one third of indie experimentalists, The Acid.  He's now back under his own guise with the stunning 'Love Like This'.  With a European tour lined up in February, it is going to be a big year for Ry X, I cannot wait!

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Sunday, 4 January 2015

TRACKS OF THE WEEK 04/01/15 - Slaves, Torche, Ryan Bingham


Three tracks to help forget your resolutions !

Torche - 'Minions' (2014)

Here's a wee ditty to blow away dem Christmas cobwebs....detox? My arse! It's time to retox and damage your new speakers with Torche's latest trudge heavy riffage. 'Minions' is taken from the Miami band's fourth album, Restarter, out on Feb 23rd. Get the beers in!

Relapse Records

Slaves - The Hunter (2014)

The Christmas Decorations are down, no pay for four weeks and we all need a pick me up. Kent duo Slaves do it with a kick in the Plums and a slap around the ear hole with The Hunter. Singer/Drummer does a Johnny Rotten as good as the punk godfather himself. No butter for sale here, just pure punk. Time for that tattoo!

Old Pa's Corner:-
Ryan Bingham - Your Diamond is too Rough (2014)

I feel as if I stole this one from SFW. This guy has got all the ingredients, Beard, Guitar, a sad song. This ones for you SFW.
RB has a new album out in January and is called Fear and Saturday Night. Ryan has been described as Gravel-tongued and I suppose that fits him perfectly.
'Bingham wrote most of the album's 12 tracks alone in an airstream trailer, parked in the mountains of California without electricity or cell phones. The seclusion gave him creative clarity that resulted in songs inspired by an unstable childhood, and by the deaths of his mother to alcoholism and father to suicide.'

You can't beat a little bit of pain for that bout of creativity. I will be looking forward to his album, what, with titles such as 'Nobody Knows My Trouble' and 'Broken Heart Tattoos'  well that is right up my pain threshold.

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