Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Nick Cave/Black - Wonderful Life




NICK CAVE - Wonderful Life
I am in UK so no time to do Posts, so here are two songs with the same title but very very different. Both are utterly fabulous, one is used in a current advert on TV at the moment .
So wonderful. Songs like these make life so Wondeful. 

BLACK - Wonderful Life

Sunday, 20 September 2015

Hein Cooper - The Art of Escape


Do you like Singer/Songwriters/Alt-Country/Americana or Indie-Folk, or do you have a unhealthy affection to the sadness, if so you may have a case of the Tuesday Blues!

Hein Cooper - The Art of Escape

I'm loving this track at the moment and although it doesn't quite meet the "beards only" membership criteria, it is well worth a blast.  Hein Cooper is an Australian indie musician and songwriter from Milton, NSW.  Influences such as Jeff Buckley, Josh Record and fellow Aussie Matt Corby come to mind and he has caught my ear with this song that features on his Hein Cooper E.P. which was released via bandcamp in April. He is currently touring Germany, France before heading off to Canada.

Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Webb Pierce - There Stands the Glass/Sham 69 - Hurry 'up Happy


It's my first one to-day !!

WEBB PIERCE - There Stands the Glass

I love drinking songs, and there are many around. You can get the Country ones like There Stands the Glass which is fabulous. Van Morrison does the song justice on his Clountry Album.  The theme is taylor made for Country. Last Night the Bottle let Me Down is probably my favourite title. I love that one.

There are so many great Drinking songs, I don't even want to start to think about them all. Probably my favourite may me the Hansome Family's, So Much Wine, nicely dark and Chrismassy, but there are so many.

How can you follow Sham 69's, Hurry Up Harry, that is what I call plain and simply, inspired. 'We're going down the Pub'.  Fucking Brilliant!

SHAM 69 - Hurry Up Harry

Here is Old Pa's attempt at a drinking song, it's only first attempt and can be improved, mines a pint of Mandela. Cheers Mate!.


What a day
dry as a bone
could kill for pint
will see you mate
don't be late
see ya down
The Rose and Crown

Hey Billy
get 'em in
mines a pint of Mandela

Day is done
I got a thirst
could murder a pint
will see you mate
don't be late
your buying
At the Red lion

Hey Billy
get 'em in
mines a pint of Britney

On way home
need to hydrate
could swing for a pint
will see you mate
don't be late
see ya Jock
at the Fighting Cock

Hey Billy
get 'em in
mines a pint of Jagger

Six pints
get 'em down
i need another pint
with all my mates
right states
great folk
at the Royal Oak

Hey Billy
get 'em in
I'm Brahms and Lyst

Heres another little country attempt simple and short:


You were the best Love
I ever had
it was me who put out the flame
but i never learned when i was bad

the problem was always me
I was only a drink away

When you left and went your way
takin little jane
that bottle was always there for me
to take away my pain

the problem was always me
i was only a drink away

Sitting here despreatly all alone
thinking of you
i turn again to my only friend
to try and rid this blue

the problem was was always me
i was only a drink away 

And on a lighter note:


one too many glasses
and it all goes wrong
a misplaced word
said by me
that she picks upon
an old grievance surfaces
the atmosphere is gone
all the anticipation
spills down the drain
all the old arguments
the darkness the pain
there is nothing left
only my blame

i blame the wine,
too much wine
i blame the wine

Tuesday, 15 September 2015

TRACK OF THE WEEK - 14/09/15 - Crowded House 'Help is Coming'

"You have to understand, that no one puts their children in a boat unless the water is safer than the land" - Warsan Shire

Crowded House - 'Help is Coming'

Being the father of two young boys, I find the images of refugees in the media absolutely heartbreaking. Despondent families fleeing war with a handful of possessions, some desperate enough to pay almost a £1000 for a rubber dinghy, to make the treacherous crossing into Europe only for them to be treated like animals. And if the shoe was on the other foot? Take a moment to think what that would be like, we have no idea. I would do anything to keep my family safe.

Children do not have a choice in this and we must help because it's the right thing to do, we just can not be bystanders.

Guardian's Peter Paphides and Caitlin Moran, after watching these appalling scenes, had the idea to release this 20 year old, obscure, Crowded House song which just seemed to fit what they were seeing. Read the full story here

Read the full moving poem, 'Home' by Warsan Shire here
Save the children.

Monday, 7 September 2015

TRACKS OF THE WEEK 06-09-2015 - Wilco, Villagers, Farao, Golden Rules

Four tracks that were trapped in our heeds this week...

Old Pa :-
Wilco - You Satellite (2015)

Here is an excellent track from Wilco's latest offering Star Wars (2015). Darth Vader himself would be proud of this one. This is one of the best things I have heard from Jeff and the boys for some long time.

Villagers - Hot Scary Summer (2015)

Hot Scary Summer is the latest single from Darling Arithmetic, Conor O'Brien's third and most accomplished album to date.  Recorded over eight months last year, O’Brien put in eight-hour days at a barn by his home in Dublin  Hot Scary Summer is probably my track of the album and I can see another Ivor Novello award heading his way.
Shellhunter :
Farao - 'Bodies' (2015)

This has been growing on me the last week. Whilst out jogging I've been playing a little game with myself. I've been making a note of the most memorable song of each run for whatever reason, a motivational "power song", a relaxing cool down or something to get me up that last hill. This track by Kari Jansen AKA Farao, a Norwegian songstress, has stood out a couple of times, enough for me to fumble with my phone whilst running to check who it is. The rumbling guitar helped keep pace whilst her angelic voice cooled me down. This is taken from her debut called Till Its All Forgotten which is out at the end of this week. I read she played pretty much all the instruments on the album so the talent speaks for itself! 

Golden Rules - 'Auntie Pearl's House' (2015)

Don't put the BBQ away just yet, here's a nice slice of Southern Fried goodness, which instantly reminded me of Arrested Development with a little bit of Outkast thrown in for extra flavour. Golden Rules is a cross Atlantic collaboration between London's Hip Hop producer Paul White & Florida's Eric Biddines and 'Auntie Pearl's House' is taken from their debut album, Golden Ticket.

Listen or even better, subscribe to our tracks of the week playlist here...

Friday, 4 September 2015

DYLAN COVERS # 199 War on Drugs - Tangled up in Blue x 2

But you abuse my faith

WAR ON DRUGS - Tangled up Blue

Here are two covers of Tangled up in Blue by the fabulous War On Drugs. The first is from a Radio session Oct 2014 and the other is live from Omaha 24th Sep 2014. If you like this, there are quite a few other live takes on Youtube.

They have covered Born in Time at a recent gig too. Come on guys lets us here that one??

WAR ON DRUGS - Tangled up in Blue

Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Lerra Lynn - Lately/ My Least Favourite Life



LERA LYNN - My Least Favourite Self

I heard quite good reports about the first series of True Detective so as the second series was just starting I thought I would give it a shot.

As the titles credits started with Nevermind by Leonard Cohen I was immediately hooked. During a scene in a bar a girl was singing solo and the song was very dark. I was being influenced by the music rather than what I was watching.

After the first episode I think I liked it, the characters all seemed to be broken people which is good of course. But as the series progressed it appeared to me that they all were 'too' broken and it was all a little too much and over the top in the broken stakes.

The storyline was a bit mixed up and a little complicated but I stuck with it to the end.

The best thing was the soundtrack which contained songs also by Dylan and by Nick Cave, you can't go wrong there. The highlight was the songs featured through out the series in that dark bar when Lera Lynn sang her dark songs. 

LERA LYNN - Lately

Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Novo Amor - From Gold


Do you like Singer/Songwriters/Alt-Country/Americana or Indie-Folk, or do you have a unhealthy affection to the sadness, if so you may have a case of the Tuesday Blues!

Novo Amor - From Gold (2013)
Sometimes we all ignore our neighbours. This may be because they burn their rubbish on sunny days, or it could be as simple as you're looking the wrong way.  This is a bit like Novo Amor, a.k.a. Ali Lacey, who hails from "down the road" in Cardiff.   Bon Iver meets Asgeir with sweeping panoramic masterpieces that could easily have been made in Wisconsin or Iceland, or maybe just near the local Spar.  Do yourself a favour and give them a try.  They are a perfect example of needing to listen to things on your doorstep.  Tidy brah!