Tuesday, 27 October 2015

TRACKS OF THE WEEK 01/11/2015 - The Chills, Guy Garvey, The Weeknd

3 tracks dedicated to the guy who gave his medal out, Top Man!

Old Pa :-
The Chills - Molten Gold

Its been 20 years since theses New Zealand guys released a complete new album. Here is one of my favourite tracks I have heard this year from the new album Silver Bullets (2015). Very appropriate and well done the All Blacks, I got their Rugby Shirt...only 'caus its black and 'cause I like it and 'cause i'm dark today.
London Scouser :-

Guy Garvey - 'Angela's Eyes' (2015)

I didn't have a track this week, until I decided to clear up the humongous pile of leaves that had fallen in our front garden and pathway. I looked on Spotify for new releases and saw 'Courting The Squall' by my fellow 6th March birthday celebrant. My first thought was 'Oh no, has he given Elbow the .... erm Elbow ??' But upon listening, I didn't care. The first track on the album, 'Angela's Eyes' is brilliant. It's edgier than a lot of Elbow's recent hits and will almost certainly be featuring on this persons #tracksoftheyear

Shellhunter :-
The Weeknd - 'Can't Feel My Face' (2015)


We were watching The Graham Norton show the other day and The Weeknd (pronounced weekend) was performing. He was introduced as being an online sensation but I'd never heard of him. I think that means I'm getting old! Apparently he uploaded a few tracks anonymously as 'The Weeknd' onto YouTube and boom! Put that together with some hype from fellow Canadian, rapper Drake, and that should do it. I didn't think it would be my cup of tea so I was pleasantly surprised with what I heard. It was a funky disco style track with vocals that aren't far from a young Michael Jackson. Infatuation described as not being able to feel your face, love it!

Sunday, 25 October 2015

TRACKS OF THE WEEK 25/10/2015 - Palace Winter, C.Duncan, Fat Freddy's Drop, Seinabo Sey, Jerome Echenoz

Five tracks to support the  'Northern Powerhouse'

Shell Hunter:-
Seinabo Sey - 'Pretend' (2015)

This struck me whilst looking around a women's clothes shop and at a time like that, you've got to be thankful for Shazam. I thought it had a good 90s feel to it but it wasn't until London Scouser mentioned the song Remember Me by Blueboy in a totally unrelated conversation, that I realised its what it sounds a bit like. Great stuff!
Seinabo Sey is a Swedish singer/songwriter and her debut album Pretend was out this week. Nowt wrong with a bit of electropop in my book!

Old Pa :-
Fat Freddy's Drop - Slings and Arrows (2015)


This has been out for sometime but I have just heard it. It's good, but maybe a little to close to UB40 for comfort. But that is not really a bad thing, is it? This track is taken from their just released album BAYS (2015) very high up on my list.

Palace Winter - 'Menton' (2015)

Danish-Australian duo, Palace Winter, have awoken me from my musical slumber, They've managed channel 'Kurt Vile', 'The War on Drugs' and 1980s drum patterns into a 6 minute masterpiece that could fit onto the "Now What I Call the 80's mixtapes".  Time for me to get out my white socks and black shoes and reminisce about Top Gun.  It features on the band's debut EP Medication.

London Scouser:-
Jérôme Echenoz - 'Le Chrome et Le Coton' (2015)

On my discover weekly playlist I heard this track and thought it sounded familiar, upon researching (ie Google) it I found it is being used in an advert for Citroen. It's by a French DJ and musician and this version is in English for heathens like me that don't comprendez le francais. It sounds (to me) a bit like Lou Reed, but what do I know... Well I know I like it, and that's enough pour moi

C.Duncan - 'For' (2015)

C.Duncan's debut album, Architect, has been hitting my folk tickle spot over the last few weeks, particularly the dreamy 'For'. It's like going for a gentle stroll along a beach and finding a cozy pub, with it's shanty-esque harmonies and hypnotic melody, it even has a folk soul clap...oh yeah! I also read that the Glaswegian's album has recently been nominated for next year's Mercury prize, it looks like he's been tickling quite a few spots then.

Check the website here.....

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Friday, 23 October 2015

DYLAN COVERS # 201 The Pretty Things/The Animals - Its All Over Now Baby Blue

THE PRETTY THINGS - It's All Over Now Baby Blue (2015)

Here are two version of It's All Over Now Baby Blue by two iconic groups of the sixties, the first is by the fabulous The Pretty Things and is taken from their re-released album  Balboa Island, Deluxe Edition (2015) - it is an outtake - bonus Track

The second take is by the equally fabulous Eric Burdon with his Animals and can be found on  Before We Were So Rudely Interrupted (1976).
THE ANIMALS - It's All Over Now Baby Blue (1976)

Wednesday, 21 October 2015



E.L.O. - Devil Woman (Live)
Like Cliff, E.L.O. are normaly despised by 'discerning music lovers' what a load of bollocks is that!   Listen to Cliff's first two singles, Move it and Livin' Doll, great stuff. Admittedly, it was all down hill for the next 50 odd years. But his Devil Woman was pretty good as was We Don't Talk Anymore. So he did have his moments.

As for E.L.O. I loved their stuff well before the masses got on board with Mr Blue Sky.  There album A New World Record is still one of my favourite albums of all time. When they say 'everyone 's a winner', it definitely applies to this album. The live version above is pretty brilliant.

Below is my attempt at a Devil Woman type of song.....
'C'  if you are reading this. Moi! pretentious!! 


Your a vicious nasty person
a sleazy disgusting girl
a home breaker
how did you go so astray?
you should have be born a viper
to use your poisons way

The Devil Found a Mistress
someone to feed his greed
for each and every sin you do
it fuels the Devils seed

Your a revolting foul person
an evil depraved girl
a love faker
how did you go so astray?
you should have been born a vulture
pick the bones of your prey

The Devil Found a Mistress
someone to feed his will
for each and every sin you do
it heightens the Devils thrill

Your a despicable horrid person
a wicked loathsome girl

a heart destroyer
how did you go so astray?
you should have been born a panther
to stalk and kill your prey

The Devil Found a Mistress
someone to feed his lust
for each and every sin you do
it urges the Devils thrust 

Tuesday, 20 October 2015

TRACKS OF THE WEEK - 18/10/2015 - Miya Folick, Keith Richards, The Libertines, Chris Cornell, St. Germain

Five tracks that softened the blow this week...

St.Germain - 'Real Blues' (2015)

I've been feeling a little nostalgic in my old age by listening to some old playlists recently (there's a novel concept, listening to older music) and came across a favourite of mine, St Germain. I checked out what they were up to and found out they had dropped this single in May and have released their first album in 15 years this October. A great track too, with hints of The Desert Blues of which I'm a tad partial to. 

Shell Hunter:-
Chris Cornell - 'Nearly Forgot My Broken Heart' (2015)

No introduction needed for Mr. Cornell. He is back with a new album, Higher Truth and this is the first track I've heard from it. I can't help but like it, his rock weathered voice has still got it where it counts and have I ever mentioned he is a major hotty? Like a fine wine, he gets better with age! The snob in me thinks he is a little guarded with his delivery here as perhaps his usual screams may divide audiences. Nonetheless, he proves he can still come back with a tune that you will find yourself humming over and over. Once again, what a voice...

Old Pa :-
Keith Richards - Long Overdue (2015)

Here is a slice of Reggae from the legend that is Keef Richards. I really like this. I have sampled the album and find I came back to this track right away. I was looking for something by Tom the Jones new album, I thought it would be right under the circumstances. 
But I think this will do nicely instead. Cool Ruling Keef!  Stop it Baby!

If you want to hear more from the album, keep on listening.

Miya Folick - I Got Drunk (2015)

I can remember having a little too much "Dutch courage" when I was in my late teens.  Whether it was too much Strongbow/Diamond White/TNT/Southern Comfort (the list goes on), or Peter Cetera records, I'd often make a fool of myself declaring my undying love to the cute girls. (it rarely worked). I don't know how the cool kids do it these days but LA songstress Miya Folick, probably has a bit of a hangover. Her opening line says it all, "I guess I'll write you a love song, because I got drunk and told you how I really feel about you". The raw energy of the driving drums, guitar and vocals that lead into a crescendo of "Isn't it obvious to you", shows that this girl is bearing herself to us all.  She shouldn't worry about it too much, Men are idiots.

London Scouser:-
The Libertines - Anthem For Doomed Youth (2015)

I was mowing the lawn the other day and had thought I'd listen to my Discover Weekly playlist to drown out the noise of the mower. When this track came on I immediate thought it sounded like Jarvis Cocker, so when I found it was The Libertines I was pleasantly surprised. I was into them when they first burst onto the scene, but became bored with the tabloid stories revolving around Pete. I liked the odd Babyshambles and Dirty Pretty Things tracks but found them easy to forget. After Shellhunter's recent post for the track Gunga Din and now this, maybe they will stay in my attention once again.

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Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Rodrigo Amarante - Tuyo (Narcos Theme)


I get no kicks from Cocaine

RODRIGO AMARANTE - Tuyo (Narcos Theme)
The story of Pablo Escobar, if you have not seen the TV series 'Narcos', beg, steal or borrow, it blew me away.  Here is my little attempt!!!!
PLATO O PLOMO (Silver or Lead)
Born near the city of Medellin
from poverty he rose to fame
the richest man in Columbia
that is what they claim
his money came from selling drugs
tons of the stuff he sold
cocaine the designer drug of choice
nose candy so I'm told
if you stood in his way
it was either silver or lead
a pocket full of dollars
or a bullet in the head

Chorus after each verse

No escape from Escobar
no place you can go
he has all the money
got from selling blow
he owns the cops and judges
all the people too
there's no escape from Pablo's men
only death for yo

At the height of all his powers
60 million he took each day
what to do with this money
how do you hide it away
houses he built for the very poor
football fields for play
he built a hacienda called Napoles
for all his gang to stay
imported wild animals
opulence was plain to see
money never an object
but was he really free

His aim to be a politician
to help the poor and underfed
the man who exposed his truth
they killed that man dead
Galan the future for the country
extradite cartel thugs
he was murdered by Pablo’s men
all to protect their drugs
next candidate in line
was due to fly in a plane
a bomb was put on board
Country went insane

A crazy deal to stop the terror
he received a sentence short
he even built his 5 star prison
never even went to court
they found away to get to him
that plan he was told
and he escaped out into the night
Escobar they could not hold
DEA, the other Cartels
they all wanted him dead
no Plata choice for Escobar
 3 bullets in the head

Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Friday, 2 October 2015

DYLAN COVERS # 200 Hugo Weaving/Grand Panda - Ballad of a Thin Man

as he hands you a bone!

HUGO WEAVING - Ballad of a Thin Man (2008)

Two very different and both leaning towards the strange. But after all it is a strange song. N'est pas.

Hugo Weaving sings Bob Dylan's 'Ballad of a Thin Man'. from the official movie soundtrack of The Tender Hook (2008) 

The second one is by Grand Panda Ft Dawn from the compilation album Dylan Mania (2010).
GRAND PANDA ft DAWN - Ballad of a Thin Man (210)