Thursday, 31 October 2013

DYLAN COVERS #123 Fotheringay - Too Much of Nothing x 2

FOTHERINGAY - Too Much of Nothing(Album) (1970)

Fotheringay were a Folk group formed when Sandy Denny left Fairport Convention and it only lasted about a year as Sandy was being pressurised to have a solo career. Dylan's Too Much of Nothing appeared on their 1970 self titled album album..

Fotheringay performed Too Much of Nothing  on  the Radio Bremen TV programme 'Beat-Club'  on November 28, 1970 and it appears on a DVD release featuring this show.. This video is shown below.

There was album in released in 2011 called Fotheringay Essen 1970 and this also contained another version of Too Much of Nothing. Unfortunaely I have not got this version for you at this time.   

FOTHERINGAY - Too Much of Nothing (Live) (1970)

Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Van Morrison - Little Village/The Lion This Time

Old Pa's Wednesday Club

Van Morrison in the 2000's

Big Ass


VAN MORRISON - Little Village (2003)

The real purpose of our Blog is music and if possible we relate a story or memory to that piece of music. This does get a little more difficult now we are in the hundreds of posts as one can run out of stories. Maybe I have a bit of advantage over my fellow Bloggers as I have a couple of more decades under my belt.

This week as I have the pleasure of Flycasual and family visiting for a few days, I will let the music do the talking. However, The Lion This Time by Van Morrison does reminds me when we were in Mexico for Shellhunter's Wedding. We had a day trip to Chichen Itza and I was listening to some music on the way back to the Hotel and that song came on.

This leads to when we were at the Airport to go home and  a girl passed and bent down, all across her, shall we say, ample butt was the word Cancun. Flycasual's wife Sophie quickly said very dryly, she could have all of Chichen Itza written there. What made it even more funny was it was not quite what we normally would have expect from our Sophie....I still laugh to-day.

Both these tracks are from Van's 2000s output. He can still hit the heights can our Van even if not quite as often as his golden days.

VAN MORRISON - The Lion This Time (2005)

Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Josh Record - The War


Do you like Singer/Songwriters, or do you have a unhealthy affection to the sadness, if so you may have a case of the Tuesday Blues!

No sign of Ray Mears...

Josh Record - The War

Josh Record (genuine name) is a artist you need to get familiar with.  This London born, singer/songwriter has recently supported Lorde, played Glasto, Latitude, T in the Park and has been championed by Zane Lowe, Huw Stephens and has featured heavily on 6Music and XFM.  His music does seem sincere, it may be to the fact that he has done a fair bit of voluntary work with charities in the past and has also run music workshops in London with disadvantaged kids. Either way he seems a decent chap.

He is just about to embark on a House Tour, which will see him play in your house. (Such a good idea!) With Harmonies like Bon Iver and falsetto like Buckley - what would you have given to see them play at your house!

Check out his new EP Bones, (out in November), he's going to be the next big thing.  I can feel it in my...

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Monday, 28 October 2013

R.I.P. - Lou Reed 1942-2013


It was with great sadness I heard that Lou Reed passed away at the age of 71. Lou had a liver transplant earlier this year.

Lou was the founder member of the iconic band the Velvet Underground the first real Punk band in my book. Their first album still stands up today as a genuine classic and I still often play songs from that album.

I saw Lou around the early seventies when he had just released his brilliant Transformer album. I remember well a magnificent version of the Velvet's Heroin. I still get goosebumps at the very thought of it.

R.I.P. Lou Reed you will be missed.

Sunday, 27 October 2013

TRACKS OF THE WEEK - 27/10/13 - The Band with Bob Dylan, Bahama Soul Club, Seryn, Solomon Grey, Pearl Jam

Five tracks that blew us away

Bahama Soul Club - 'Malago' feat Danay Suarez (2013)

She's sexy, she's sultry, she can rap and I would still let her buy me a Mojito, needless to say I'm a big fan. I'm also quite partial to Cuban music and found this track on the new release from Bahama Soul Club, the Soul/Funk outfit's second album, The Cuban Tapes.

Bahama Soul Club on Buyu records

London Scouser:-
Pearl Jam - 'Sirens' (2013)

This week I don't have a specific favourite track, more of an album that I can't stop listening to. To choose a preferred track I would liken to a parent choosing a favourite child. Whilst each child has their good bits and some not so good, you tend to love them equally. And I can speak from experience as a father of zero kids !!!
The album in question is Pearl Jam's 10th studio album 'Lightning Bolt' and first since 2009. I've been there for every one, keenly awaiting and seldom disappointed. It's like a greatest hits of all new tracks, what I mean is that every track seems to be similar in style to many of their best tracks. In a previous post I said that 'Mind Your Manners' reminded me of 'Spin The Black Circle' and the titular (I learned that word yesterday !!) track seems so familiar after a couple of plays I could swear that its an oldie. The track I have chosen is the second single released from the album and again it reminds me of one of their slower numbers 'Nothingman'
All I can say is that when it comes to my Top 20 of the year, I'm either going to have to disown some of my (nonexistent) children or choose all 12 tracks from the album.

Old Pa's Corner:-
Ths Band with Bob Dylan - Like a Rolling Stone (2013)

This is taken from the Band's new album  Live at the Academy of Music 1971, It contains a set they did with Bob Dylan and this take of Like a Rolling Stone is as good as I have heard for some time. If only Bob's voice was as good as this today. But saying that I wish I had a ticket for his upcoming concerts in the UK. All you lucky beggers.

Shell Hunter:-
Solomon Grey - 'Firechild' (2013)

This is a tuuuunnnneeee! I love the ability songs have to transport you back in time and this one captures the spirit of the 80s very nicely! I hope they aren't offended when I say that the vocals remind me a little of Sydney Youngblood. In my world that's a good thing! This British duo spent 3 years working on their self titled debut album split between a remote lighthouse in Ireland and a family farm in Australia. With those unusual environments as inspiration, I look forward to hearing more unique electro landscapes. All we have to do is Sit And Wait for it's release on Black Butter Records, but for now, Firechild is released on 18th November!

Seryn - Ivory Black (2013)

As the nights are getting darker this track by Seryn certainly matches my mood.  They are a 6 piece from Texas, whose track Ivory Black is my current muse.  I've been giving it a lot of listens and I really like the harmonies and how their dynamics rise and gently fall.  One word, delightful. However, I do wonder if they know that Seren is Welsh for Star?

Checkout the Acoustic Version here, it makes you want pull out the Ukelele and get everyone round for a jam...

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Thursday, 24 October 2013

DYLAN COVERS # 122 Noel Harrison - Love Minus Zero/Don't Think Twice

R.I.P. Noel

NOEL HARRISON - Love Minus Zero (1965)

It is very sad to hear the passing away of Noel Harrison at the age of 79. He was the son of Rex Harrison the British actor. He is probably most famously know for his song Windmills of Your Mind, an excellent song from the sixties.  But believe it or not he has done quite a few Dylan Covers. His first self titled album from 1965 contained 4 Dylan covers. If you can find a copy of that CD let me know as it's price has certainly increased in value over the past few days.

Love Minus Zero come from that album.

The second track is from the album The Great Electric Experiment is Over (1969) which also contains I'll be Your Baby Tonight.

R.I.P Noel Harrison
NOEL HARRISON - Don't Think Twice it's Alright (1969)

French Cowboy - 'Girl'

Thursday I'm in Love....a chance to share some of my favourite songs and memories...yee-haw!

French Cowboys, nice chaps!

French Cowboy - 'Girl' (2010)

Since I'm usually in work first on my inhumanely early morning shift, it gives me the privilege of a) making myself and no one else a cup of coffee and b) choosing my radio station, which, on this day, was French Radio London. I enjoy listening at that time as it's an eclectic and continuous mix of chilled Anglo and Francophile music (I have found a number of fantastic tracks as a result), the perfect way to help me ease my way into the morning, that is until the rest of my colleagues come in. FRL was responsible for introducing this gold nugget of a track to me from French outfit, French Cowboy. An instant hit for me, 'Girl' is bit of a low key psychedelic groove which was perfect for my waking brain and is taken from the band's third album, (Isn't My Bedroom) a Masterpiece.

The name of the band leads me conveniently to an uncomfortable episode whilst working for Air France at Heathrow a good few years back. Despite being half French and Old Pa championing the movie Shane all my life, I never particularly felt like a cowboy. That was until charity superstar, Pudsey Bear and his Children in Need posse rolled into town, setting up a fundraising rodeo ride just outside our work restroom.

Horrified with the potential for making a public display of myself, which I seem to have a knack of, I spent the duration of my shift slinking into the shadows avoiding eye contact with Pudsey. It was fairly easy to do at first as the mechanical bull ride drew quite a large crowd from workers and passengers alike but alas it wasn't to last. Our shift supervisor decided to do her bit for charity by volunteering some staff forward to test their mettle as a cowboy. Of course I was up first.

"What!?" I protested.

To which a collective, "C'mon, it's for the kids man!" was blurted out in response from my colleagues.

Oh well, who am I to refuse? I paid my pound, nodded my head to Pudsey in acknowledgment and mounted my bĂȘte noire. "I might as well go down in style" I thought, "I'm gonna John Wayne this bitch, one handed."

It's probably a fair reflection that my first and last bucking bronco experience lasted a total time of 4 pt 6 seconds as I spectacularly went arse over tit onto the safety mats below. A loud 'rrrriiiiipppp' followed as a Grand Canyon sized gash appeared along the crotch of my hideous polyester slacks, completing my misery. A roar of laughter erupted as I tried in vain to style it out, even noticing a mocking Pudsey Bear silently belly laughing as you see these characters do on TV. Needless to say I spent the rest of my shift behind a desk dreaming of an Alan Ladd style showdown with Pudsey's ok it'll all be for charity. The life of a French Cowboy probably not for me.

The tear was like this big, yo!

Children in need is on November 15th this year and you can check the BBC website here.....I'm watching you Pudsey!

Have a listen to some of my favourite tracks on my Spotify playlist below or click here to read some more posts.

Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Los Lobos - Will the Wolf Survive/It's a Matter of Time

Old Pa's Wednesday Club Survival Special

The mist suddenly lifted

LOS LOBOS -  Will the Wolf Survive (1984)

I was watching one of these survival programmes the other night. You know the sort of thing, guys falling in to crevices or falling in to freezing water or having to eat all sorts of whitchty grub type beasts or sample bear poo just to keep alive.

It reminded me of a little episode from way back in the early sixties. I was in the Boys Brigade and was taking part in one of these survival skills type of thing. All part of contributing to making a man out of you. I was part of a larger group who spent the night under canvas. The next day myself, Davey Lobbin and two younger guys had to go away on our own, find a pre-determined spot, camp the night and the next day we would walk to a meeting point. We were given a map and instructions and it all seemed rather straightforward and we were all very excited and looking forward to it.

Davey and I were about 14 or 15 and the younger guys were probably a couple of years younger than us. When we woke up on the day of the hike, it was pouring of rain, but that did not dampen our enthusiasm.

We started the walk and after a few hours the rain still had not stopped, in fact it had increased in its intensity. We were uncomfortable, soaking wet and there was no place to take shelter. We were in the middle of the moors outside of Inverness. Which made matters worse was that a mist came down and we could hardly see in front of us never mind find a point on the map.

We persevered and stayed on the path we were on for what seemed to be an eternity. One of the younger guys was getting really distressed and started to cry. It got to the stage he just gave up. He just sat down, cried for his mother and kept saying 'Lloyd George knew my Father', why I will never know. He would just not move, we were surrounded by mist, drenched to the skin and we were all tired and hungry and very very cold.. We were all desperately scared, although Davey and I put on a brave face for the younger guys.

I ended up carrying the distressed boy's ruck sack as well as my own and we persevered for another 30min or so when the mists suddenly lifted and the rain stopped. In the distance away from the path we saw a hut.

Reaching the hut we found it was locked but with the help of my trusty Swiss Army knife we managed to get the door open by removing the door hinges. Inside there were logs, peat, matches and newspapers also some tins of food. There was a stream running close by.

In a matter of time we had a blazing fire going, our clothes were drying out and we had some hot food down us. Life again was great. But it could have been a lot different. That boy could easily have died that night of exposure. In these days there were no mobile phones.

The next day was bright and sunny.  

I choose Los Lobos 'Will the Wolf Survive' for obvious reasons, me being the Wolf of course, who protected his family!!!

I have loved Los Lobos ever since hearing the How will the Wolf Survive album. Its is a shame that they are mostly well known for La Bamba, there is so much more to them than that, As for David Hidalgo's voice, well it is to die for.

Here is another brilliant track from the Wolf  album.

LOS LOBOS - A Matter of Time (1984)

Ray LaMontagne & Damien Rice - To Love Somebody


Do you like Singer/Songwriters, or do you have a unhealthy affection to the sadness, if so you may have a case of the Tuesday Blues!


Ray LaMontagne & Damien Rice - To Love Somebody

I took my sister & the missus to a gig last week and while we were waiting for the bands to start, To Love Somebody came on. The Bee Gees original is worth a recap and it got me thinking about this cover that I heard by Ray LaMontagne & Damien Rice.

It was filmed in 2007 for French TV and captures two of my favourite singer-songwriters perfectly.

There are rumours online that they (individually) are recording. I hope so as it has been quite a while since they've released any new material....

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Sunday, 20 October 2013

TRACKS OF THE WEEK - 20/10/13 - Hot Natured, Breton, Deltron 3030, Darkside, Lizzie And The Yes Men

Five tracks the brought the Clangers out of retirement...

London Scouser:-
Deltron 3030 - 'Melding Of The Minds ft. Zach De La Zocha' (2013)

I haven't heard many new tracks recently so I was grateful earlier this week when Flycasual dropped this gem into my inbox. Deltron 3030 is Del Tha Funkee Homosapien who first came to my attention in 1991 when I bought and loved the single 'mistadobalina'. He then disappeared off of my radar until 10 years later when Gorillaz exploded onto the scene with 'Clint Eastwood' I immediately recognised his laid back rap style. He featured on a brilliant track on Handsome Boy Modelling School's 2004 album White People called 'The World's Gone Mad' which also features Alex Kapranos on vocals.
This track is from his latest project and features the aggressive vocal style of former RATM lead singer Zach De La Rocha. Neither of them have lost any of their edge over the past 20 plus years thankfully. I'm looking forward to hearing the rest of the album.

Old Pa's Corner:-
Darkside - Paper Trails (2013)

All you big Starwars fans out there have nothing to fear from this fabulous track by the Darkside, think Pink Floyd, think the Blues, think Can and it kind of sums up this track. The album version is about 5min long, but the session version, below is just over 10 minutes and these guys really get stuck in .They really get there.! It sort of complements the short version and it is not a second too long. I was going to say persevere with it and you won't be disappointed. Persevere is the wrong choice of word. In fact it's too short!

The word is perfect, enjoy.

It is from their new album  Psychic (2013), it's really good, something you can get your fangs into.

Track of the year alert!.

They should, if they have not already thought of it, release this Session version as a double CD single.. Too good to talk too!

Shell Hunter:-
Breton - 'Got Well Soon' (2013)

Now here's an interesting one. I heard it the other day on BBC6 and I instantly liked what I heard. At the time, I couldn't find the song or anything about the band so for the meantime they were shrouded in mystery. This was quite apt really as I read the band play live wearing black hoods....creepy! The London band have got their fingers in many a multimedia pie being involved in not only music and remixing, but award winning film making too. They get up to all this concocting in their artist studio nicknamed Breton Labs, which makes me think of mad scientists more than musicians! I love the dark and eerie vocals mixed in with the bouncy Friendly Fires-esque beat. Its like electronica for zombies!

Lizzie And The Yes Men - Unstoppable (2013)

Lizzie And The Yes Men are a four piece from London who describe their sound as "Tarantino surf pop".  Produced by the William Rees from the Mystery Jets, this track could easily feature on the next Tarantino masterpiece. With it's 90's guitar riffs, lovely vocals and a bass line that could start the next Pixies record, it has it all.  The video reminds me of watching live music in my local towns Bandstand, minus the strongbow.

Hot Natured - Alternate State feat Roisin Murphy (2013)

I get excited each time there's a new Roisin Murphy track, I've been a fan ever since I liked her tight sweater with Moloko. I don't know what it is about her, maybe it's her good looks, distinct vocals or probably the fact that she's a wee bit of a fruit loop that makes her so appealing. 'Alternate State' sees her team up with Hot Natured, an Anglo-American DJ collective, who have released an impressive debut album, Different Sides Of the Sun recently. It's well up to scratch, just a simple deep house tune immaculately delivered by Roisin, it's perhaps not breaking the mould but certainly raising the bar for the genre.

Peruse Hot Nature's site here...

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Saturday, 19 October 2013

Rage Against The Machine - How I Could Just Kill A Man & Pistol Grip Pump

In the week that England qualify for the World Cup in Brazil, I remembered my own little piece of football memories, and decided to share it with you. If you want to share some memories, football related or not, please click here and we will be delighted to share your thoughts with the world.

Rage Against The Machine - How I Could Just Kill A Man (2000)

I'd been working at the airport for over a year and a good bunch of us always played football over Cranford Park every week. It was proper jumpers for goalposts stuff with scores that took me back to the playground like 33-29 and the like. I miss those days hugely as now the only exercise I seem to get it walking to the bus stop in the car park at work. Maybe I like the football, but another part of the ritual was to play for about 3 hours then head to The White Hart and down a few welcome pints of lager.
We had been playing for a number of weeks when I saw that there was a Five-A-Side tournament coming up soon. The dedicated few amongst us decided that we would enter a team and I arranged a kit for us to wear. The day finally came and we turned up in Egham at the sports centre rairing to go. There were some teams that took themselves far too seriously unlike us who were just out for a good time and if we did well then that was a bonus.
The team was made up of Nick Spanneut in goal, he was our French maestro with legs that go all the way up and down the Champs Elysee. In defence was Mark 'The Schurmanator' Schurman who was and probably still is built like a tank, so the name was pretty apt. I was the other defender, and I guess I would be categorised as solid and reliable if not overly skillful. Our midfield was made up of our very own Flycasual, who as our box-to-box Midfield General was the engine of the team. Nick 'Rinky Dink' Dermott & Faisal Ahmed were our two silky skilled players who both had the skills to pay the bills, unfortunately at times they were final demands !!! Our striker was our very own goal-hanging, Communist sympathising ginger-whinger Stuart Farris. On paper we had a really good team, I think the problem was that at times the paper was a bit soggy and see-through !!! Having earned a grade C in maths at GCSE I realised that 7 into 5 didn't go so I took the honourable decision to leave myself as well as 'Rinky' out of our first game which was a fairly drab nil-nil bore-fest. For the second game I brought myself and 'Rinky' back in and dropped Faisal and Stuart to the bench. This was a good 10 years before the Spanish system of playing without an out and out striker. Hey, maybe I was the inspiration for Pep Guardiola and all of Barcelona's success !!
The first half was a pretty tight affair and was goalless. Then in the second half Mark & I played our way out of defence and found ourselves just outside their penalty area. Neither of us seem to want to shoot and passed it back and forth between us a few times before I took the brave decision to let rip. My trusty left foot wrapped itself around the ball and the next thing I saw was the net rippling and my shot sitting perfectly in the bottom corner. 1-nil.... Get in. As we ran back to our own half to celebrate, I screamed the most manly thing I had ever said. "COME ON LADS. IT'S STILL NIL-NIL !!!" whilst not being factually correct, it was the inspiration that the team needed to go on and win the game. It worked, we won.

Not the best way to celebrate scoring
The rest of the tournament was a non-event as far as progress through to the knock-out stages and the only other memorable event was in another game, when I was clean through on goal with only the goalie to beat I took swipe and when the ball eventually came down it landed smack bang in the face of a girl supporting her boyfriend on the pitch behind. I didn't see it happen as the moment after I shot, I turned away in disgust to continue the game. Unbeknownst to me, the girl's boyfriend ran off the pitch to comfort his lady as she was in floods of tears. Pah, get on with the game mate. Play the game, and see if she's okay after the final whistle. When our game finished, I walked over to their game and said something along the lines of "Errr, sorry about that" that was all I needed to say, it's a bloody man's game after all.
Later that evening we made our way back to The White Hart, to sink a few more pints of heaven. I put a couple of quid in the jukebox. This was one of the jukeboxes that had whole albums on them, so if you were feeling kind of selfish, then you could subject the rest of the pub to a whole album's worth of heaven or hell depending on their preference. On this particular occasion, I decided to use my money on one album. Renegades by Rage Against The Machine. I'd been into RATM ever since I first saw them perform 'Killing In The Name' live on The Word. I went out the next day and bought the record on 12 inch white vinyl. I don't know why it was released like that, but it was a gimmick so I naturally bought it. Back to the pub, and for my 2 quid I could play 7 songs, so I chose my favourites and suffered the wrath of many a regular, but I didn't care. I decided on sharing my 2 absolute faves. Covers of Cypress Hill & Volume 10.... Enjoy

Rage Against The Machine - Pistol Grip Pump (2000)

NERD ALERT - Killings In The Name has been used by interrogators in Guantanamo Bay, as part of the psychological torture process. Probably not what the band intended.

As a bonus, please find both songs by the original artists

Cypress Hill - How I Could Just Kill A Man (1991)

Volume 10 - Pistol Grip Pump (1994)

Friday, 18 October 2013

DYLAN COVERS #121 B.B. King/Buddy Guy - Fur Slippers/Lay Lady Lay

She took my Fur Slippers away!

BUDDY GUY - Lay Lady Lay (2005)

Here we have two of the great Blues Legend covering Bob. The first one by Buddy Guy is a straight cover of  Lay Lady Lay and comes from his 2005 album  Bring 'Em In.

The second cut is by B.B.King and is a little more interesting. It is a song Dylan co-wrote with Tim Drummond  who has been part of Dylan's backing band, he co-wrote the song as well as contributing to Saved. The song was written in 1981.

It was released by B.B. King on the soundtrack of the CBS TV mini-series "Shake Rattle And Roll" (1999). There are a couple of other version around by Greg Lake and  Michel Montecrossa.

Dylan recorded the song during the  Shot of Love  sessions but it has so far not seen the light of day (officially). 
B.B. KING - Fur Slippers (2005)

Tuesday, 15 October 2013

The Jimi Hendrix Experience - All Along the Watchtower

Old Pa's Wednesday Club

Help Me in My Weakness!


THE JIMI HENDRIX EXPERIENCE - All Along the Watchtower (1968)

If you had to choose one track that you can call your favourite track of all time, what would it be? This is a question, that at sometime, you have asked, or someone has asked you and the answer is usually much about the same...

'Oh!, I could not answer that, as there are just too many'

'That is impossible, as it changes all the time'

It is one of those questions most people don't want to commit to, for one thing it 'kind of' exposes them. 

'You say you are a big music fan and 'that' is your favourite track (what lousy taste). Who Cares ?

Flycasual once asked me that same question in the 90's and I hummed an hoed and gave 'you know what response?  Then it came to me, it is the Jimi Hendrix version of  'All Along the Watchtower'. It has everything I required, great lyrics, magnificent musicianship, a great melody and it was written by my favourite song writer Bob Dylan and most importantly, I just never get tired of hearing it. The intro is to 'swoon' to! The break in the middle is to 'orgasm' too! (whats an orgasm?)

Oh! God it reminds me of Shellhunter's eighteenth birthday party, it was held at a Sea Scouts Hall and both Flycasual and I were in charge of the music, I went for a break and onmy return, what was playing....but AATWT. Like any good Dad, I hit the dance floor and showed all these kids my best moves.

'I cringe when I look back. I cringe.'

'I cringe'

'there must be some way outta here'.  

As you know, I am a great lover of Dylan covers and have listened to thousands, but to be perfectly honest this would have to be the best. There is nothing I can think of that beats it. A few are close of course.

One day I will give my top 10.

It was great to finally get 'the big question' off of my chest and really, it was all rather obvious.

'There is no confusion anymore'

What's your favourite?

Go on I dare you to commit yourself, you will feel so much better?

Don't carry the weight!.

I still have not changed my mind!!

But saying that!..... 

Yesterday :  I was sitting outside with a bottle of wine (no beer, until Flycasual visits in two weeks) my first drink for a while (as on a diet again) and 'You Set The Scene' by Love came on and it was immediately my number one, it was followed by Van Morrison's 'Ballerina' and I lost control again...............

Pointless Post

Sunday, 13 October 2013

TRACKS OF THE WEEK - 13/10/13 - Porcelain Raft, Arcade Fire, Cass McCombs, Tindersticks

Four tracks that warmed our cockles.....

Old Pa's Corner:-
Tindersticks - Goodbye to the City (2013)

I always get excited when I hear of a new Tindersticks album, even if this one contain only songs from their past, but redone. Not usually keen on this sort of thing. Jeff Lynn did it recently and it did not really work. Chris Rea did it also, but in his case it was a great success. The original track came from their Waiting for the Moon album (2003), not one of their best, but this was one of the standout tracks. Oh! I just love the voice of Stuart Staples, it is so distinctive, like Leonard Cohen or Ian Curtis. I am a great fan of doom and gloom, it makes me happy. If doom is your bag, then Staples is your man.

I think Stuart and the boys do the track justice but but I give the original the edge.

Shell Hunter:-
Arcade Fire - 'Reflektor' (2013)

I love, love, love this song! It has seriously grown on me! At first I thought it sounded a bit like Hercules and Love Affair with it's jiggly danciness but Win Butler, the Fire's lead singers vocals gave it away. I love the addition of the whispy french lyrics, they give it a certain...I don't know what. I read that none other than our mate David Bowie popped by the studio whist the band were mixing to have a listen, liked what he heard so much that he was invited to guest on the single! This track is taken from their fourth album (out on 28th October), also called Reflektor, and was produced by another musical mastermind, James Murphy, the former frontman of LCD Soundsystem. It truly shows that he is definitely not losing his edge!


Cass McCombs - 'There Can Be Only One' (2013)

Whether or not There Can Be Only One is a reference to Highlander, you'd have to ask Mr McCombs directly. This song features on his latest release, the 2 disc, Big Wheels and Others, which is released tomorrow (October 14th) - a great excuse to visit your local record shop. A relaxed vibe of guitar, bass & bongos. It has the sort of groove that makes you want to bump & grind with the missus. I think he's a genius.

Porcelain Raft - 'Lost Connection' (2013)

Oooof, no problem connecting with this beautifully melancholic track that gets under your skin but in a good way. The rolling piano in tandem with the vocal melody makes for a emotional kidney punch of a song which just sounds like it has been written by somebody who's been kicked in the butt by love. It's fo sho the stand out from London based Italian, Mauro Remiddi aka, Porcelain Raft, second album Permanent Signal.

Cheer up by browsing Porcelain Raft's website here...

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Saturday, 12 October 2013


TuneDr's Breakfast Club

Great Scott!! Did you ever dream of skipping school and having a fun actioned packed day dodging your headmaster instead? Did you long to sing to your fancy piece standing on the tables in the school canteen? If so, welcome to TuneDr's Breakfast Club! Put your watermelons down and hop into our musical DeLorean, we'll make you want to dance like Emilio Estevez in detention! Nobody put this playlist in the corner........

(Click to listen/subscribe)

1) Simple Minds - 'Don't You (Forget About Me)' (1985) - The Breakfast Club

The fashion, hair and dancing may be out of date but this song is timeless. An absolute classic!

2) Wayne Newton - 'Danke Schoen' (1963) - Ferris Bueller's Day Off
Guys wanted to be Ferris and the girls with Ferris. Life moves pretty fast, if you don't stop to look around once in a while, you could miss it! Pretty damn good advice advice that I wont ever forget!

3) The Psychedelic Furs - 'Pretty In Pink' (1981) - Pretty In Pink

Ah Molly Ringwald, proof that it's ok to be ginger! Another John Hughes classic and a track that I loved as a tomboy, a punk sound with girlie content!

4) Oingo Boingo - 'Weird Science' (1985) - Weird Science
Imagine the possibilities of designing your ideal date: tall, dark brown wavey hair, medium build, thick black rimmed glasses and a penchant for comics.....uh that sounds like a certain London Scouser! Oh well, geeks rule!

5) Furniture - 'Brilliant Mind' (1986) - Some Kind Of Wonderful
A girl drummer! Nuff said, one of my favourite films and one that inspired me to play the sticks...albeit very briefly!

6) G Tom Mac - 'Cry Little Sister' (1987) - The Lost Boys

This epic never fails to bring a shiver down my spine. Visions of gliding through the air over Santa Barbara's funfair and into the arms of Keifer Sutherland. I'd eat maggots for him anyday!

7) Ben E. King - 'Stand By Me' (1960) - Stand By Me

Feel the summer heat drawing in, a beautiful and quiet song and a 'coming of age' classic on life and friendship which stands true to this very day. Oh River...why?

8) The Righteous Brothers - 'You've Lost That Loving Feeling' (1964) - Top Gun

Want to make a bold love statement to that certain someone you've had your eye on? Do it in Top Gun style, singing this at the top of your lungs and you'll have them feeling like a control tower thats just been buzzed! Just make sure it's not your flight instructor!

9) Huey Lewis & The News - 'The Power Of Love' (1985) - Back To The Future

Hey Mcfly! Probably one of my favourite ever tracks, bringing with it fabulous memories of a movie classic. If my calculations are correct, when this baby hits 88 miles per're going to see some serious shit!

10) Bill Medley & Jennifer Warner - '(I've Had) The Time Of My Life' (1987) - Dirty Dancing

A song that'll have you on that dancefloor quicker than you can say Johnny's Mambo!

11) Limahl - 'Neverending Story' (1984) - Neverending Story

You're soaring through the air on your Luck Dragon, the wind through your striped mullet, 'The Nothing' can't get you now!

12) Billy Idol - 'Hot In The City' (1982) - Big

Stick this track on and clamber through the sunroof of your Fiesta for full effect!

13) Ray Parker Jr. - 'Ghostbusters' (1984) - Ghostbusters you smell something? All gatekeepers and keymasters must play this really loud to avoid full platonic reversal!

14) Kenny Loggins - 'Footloose' (1984) - Footloose

Was this some of the best dancing you've ever seen?! Uh yeah of course it was! The ideal song to assist in jumping off walls and running around energetically!

15) Harry Belafonte - 'Banana Boat Song (Day-O)' (1956) - Beetlejuice

Beetlejuice....Beetlejuice...Beetle...shhh! Don't say it! A perfectly weird and wonderful song to go hand in hand with a mental Tim Burton classic.

Thursday, 10 October 2013

DYLAN COVERS #120 Don Henley - Sweeheart Like You/Well Well Well/Times they are a Changin'

It was one of these nights!

DON HENLEY - The Times They are a Changin' 

Here we have 3 covers from ex  Eagle  himself  Don Henley.  Do you know anyone who has not got, or never had, a copy of their Greatest Hits  in their house at some time?. You have to agree, no matter your taste in music, they certainly knocked out some great stuff back in the 70's.

The first effort  'The Times They are Changin'  is taken from  MTV’s Rock ’n’ Roll Inaugural Ball for Bill Clinton in 1993.
There is a DVD available of this concert.
DON HENLEY - Sweetheart Like You

Next up is a take of  A Sweetheart like You  and was recorded at Shoreline Amphitheatre - Mountain View, CA Sunday - October 11th, 1992.

Finally is the not so well know  Well,Well, Well  and was from a concert at Foxboro, Ma, on 1993-09-06. 

DON HENLEY - Well,Well,Well


Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Belle & Sebastian - The Boy with the Arap Strap

Old Pa's Wednesday Club

Don't like yours!!


BELLE AND SEBASTIAN - The Boy With the Arab Strap (1989)

I did a post a few weeks back about making up compilations for Old Ma, they were called 'Michele Friendly'.

Compilations have always been a big part of my life, I started with cassettes in the early seventies, the first series was what I called  'All Time Greats',  I thought of an artist and would get hold of what I thought was the best track by that artist. Not always easy back in those days.

It was usually quite straight forward. For example Procol Harum would be a Whiter Shade of Pale, The Byrd's and Mr Tambourine Man, Led Zeppelin with  A Whole lot of Love,

 "Hold on" you may say, but what about Stairway to Heaven? But it was my choice and I did try to be as fair as I could be.

I continued with the task until a few years ago, but have not updated the file for several years. The file of MP3s is now over 32gb. I did relent and later I included all the best tracks for each artist. It was my labour of love. The Beatles and Dylan files, went into the hundreds.  If any stranger came round and music was required, it was easy to slip on some ' All Time Greats' as eventually your were bound to get a 'hit'.

There were compilations for the Best of the Month, compilations for going on Holiday, compilations for World Cups and compilations for Weddings, Funerals, anything . Probably one of the best was  Don't Like Yours, shortened to DLY.

This started because, when we all came back from the pub or a meal out, we always had to play music and we all wanted to be first to get our tracks on. 

This developed into 3 each, when you selected 3 tracks, then the next person selected their 3 tracks and so on. It meant that there was no 'hogging' the music.

If you went to the toilet or left the room when somebody else's tracks were on, well that just was not done and was frowned upon and could even result in missing a round of three.

The DLY was great, we each selected say 5 tracks, we sometimes had themes or you had to include an oldie. We ended up having many DLY Cd's which could easily be slipped on when we were all together. This stopped all the talk about 'hogging'.

I suppose Tune Doctor was a bi-product of this.

Each Christmas we all prepare our best 20 tracks of the year and we play them on random on Xmas Day and News Years day. This is also always met with great fan fair and excitement.

If we go on holiday together, well we always chose 4 or 5 tracks each and then we can play the official holiday Tape/CD/MP3, (what ever makes you comfortable) when we are in each others room for pre-evening or after anything. We have on tap, music we will all love, apart from London Scouser's of course.

I chose Belle and Sebastian, as this was a track on an early DLY which was not my track, but one from London Scouser and I loved it.   

By the way I don't like Yours.

Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Luke Sital-Singh - Bottled Up Tight


Do you like Singer/Songwriters, or do you have a unhealthy affection to the sadness, if so you may have a case of the Tuesday Blues!

Luke Sital-Singh - Bottled Up Tight (2013)

To think that only a month ago I was driving around the South of France, My wife and I had decided to hire a villa and take our parents there. Fond memories of eating good food, drinking great wine and soaking up some rays.  Not forgetting popping out to the local boulangerie and returning with freshly baked baguettes and croissants. Perfect.

I'm also reminded of our trip to a Vineyard, where whilst the owner tried to improve our knowledge in all things wine, my generous dad was keen to share his own tips with the owner on home brewing wine, using grape juice - "lovely with some lemonade!".  I got the feeling the owner was not likely to act on the tips and my father proved he likewise was unlikely to take on board the owners tip - that the best Rose is less than 6 months old,  when he snapped up a "bargain" - Buy two crates and get one free
(contents = 18 months old Rose).

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Monday, 7 October 2013

Blind Melon - 'The Pusher'


This is one of my favourite covers, by a band that almost became huge. If you have a favourite cover, please contact us and tell us why by clicking here

Blind Melon - The Pusher (1996)

The name Shannon Hoon may not be familiar to most and his band Blind Melon aren't that well known I'm sure. They became popular in 1992 due to the video of 'No Rain' which featured a young girl dancing around in a Bee costume. After hearing the song I immediately went out and bought their self-titled debut album. It was very different to the rock/grunge music that I was listening to at the time (Nirvana, Alice In Chains & Pearl Jam) I guess if I had to pigeonhole it into a particular genre I would say folk/rock. My standout track from this album is 'Change'
Before this album was released Shannon Hoon featured on backing vocals on a few of the songs on 'Guns N' Roses' 'Use Your Illusion' albums including the single 'Don't Cry'.
Their second album 'Soup' was released in 1995 and the first single 'Galaxie' even now is one of my all time favourite songs. 8 weeks after the album was released, Shannon Hoon died of a cocaine overdose aged just 28. His gravestone has some lyrics on it from 'Change' which was the first song he ever wrote.

The following year the album 'Nico' was released. This featured songs that were either unreleased or unfinished and was named after his daughter Nico Blue who was only 5 months old when Shannon died. As well as a cover of a John Lennon track 'John Sinclair' it has a cover of the song made famous by Steppenwolf, 'The Pusher' which includes some new lyrics that Shannon Hoon added. It's the first track on the album and I like it so much I sometimes put it on repeat and forget that there another 12 songs to listen to.
I really think that if it wasn't for his tragic death in 1995, they would have become huge. I'm thankful that the catchy video for 'No Rain' brought them to my attention, but on the flipside I think that they are so much more than that song, and are probably overlooked as a result. I swear if I ever see them on a 'One-Hit Wonders' TV show I will probably cry (albeit after using a number of expletives)

NERD ALERT! - The scene in the toilet of 'Jack Rabbit Slim's' in 'Pulp Fiction where Uma Thurman snorts some coke and shouts 'I said God Damn. God Damn' is in homage to this song.
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As a bonus, I have included the version that Steppenwolf recorded. Although tey didn't write it I think it was the first recorded version.

Saturday, 5 October 2013

TRACKS OF THE WEEK - 06/10/13 - Nightmares On Wax, Turin Brakes, Justin Timberlake, City and Colour, Deep Dark Woods

Five tracks that shut down the US Government....

London Scouser:-
Turin Brakes - 'We Were Here' (2013)

This songs answers a question I've been thinking of for a few years. Where have you been ???
Turin Brakes were a band that I always looked forward to hearing new stuff from after I heard their debut album 'The Optimist' way back in 2001. They have a simple style of great vocals and acoustic guitar with some catchy lyrics that get you humming along almost straight away.
This song doesn't fail to tick any of the above boxes and I say a warm welcome back to my listening attention.

Shell Hunter:-
Justin Timberlake - 'Take Back The Night' (2013)

So Mister Trousersnake is taking sexy back...again, with his latest album The 20/20 Experience - 2 of 2. Take Back The Night is the lead single from it released back in July but I've only just heard it. The reason I like this so much is not only it's nice disco feel but it's so Michael Jackson it hurts! I expect to hear "mama say mama sa mamama poosa" any minute! I can't fault him in any way, he looks damn good, he's got a great pop voice and that boy has the moves on the dancefloor. Glad to have him back in the music world again!

City and Colour - Thirst (2013)

City and Colour, aka Dallas Green, has been consistently putting out great material over the last few years.  Thirst is the debut single from his latest album, The Hurry and the Harm and is no exception. The video features Skulls and a sexy girl which is everything you need for a Sunday

Nightmares On Wax - 'Be, I Do' (2013)

Shift work's a bitch. This weekend will be the first weekend that I'll have had off, with my wife and son, in over two months and I'm beside myself with excitement. A Friday feeling, a trip to TK Maxx and maybe a trip to Toby Carvery beckons. Nightmares on Wax were a favourite of mine when I was heavily into Trip Hop in the 90's, particularly as they mixed in Reggae and Hip Hop into their chilled vibe and 'Be, I Do' is well up to standard. The track is taken from their 7th album which was out last month and it will be special treat to be playing this to go with the Sunday papers and a bacon buttie.

Nightmares on Wax on Warp records....

Old Pa's Corner:-
The Deep Dark Woods - East St Louis (2013)

I don't know if this is legal or even if it is morally correct and I know it has never been done before. But what the hell, everything has got to have a first and I will stand tall and I will take all of the consequences.

Last week I choose an older track by TDDW as I could not find anything of their new album  Jubilee (2013). Well, I have listened to the new album and it is brilliant, one of my favourites of this year. I absolutely adore this catchy melodic track  East St Louis. I am sure there is a little nod in there to the Beach Boys, which is of course is a good thing.

This is a must hear album.

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Friday, 4 October 2013

DYLAN COVERS #119 Jackie Leven/Peter Tork - She Belongs to Me

Hey! Hey! I'm Peter Tork, can you spot me?

JACKIE LEVEN - She Belongs to Me (2009)

Here are a couple of takes of  She belongs to Me  by a couple of interesting guys. First up is the late great man from Scotland  Jackie Leven.  I have always had a soft spot for  Jackie  and I have featured him before with his 'dubious' colaboration with  Dylan. This track however can be found on the album  The Haunted Year - Spring (2009). I think it is just fabulous.

Second up is  Peter Tork  of  Monkeys  fame. Peter  has released a couple of solo albums since leaveing the Monkeys, but not much more. This version of SBTM can be found on his album Cambria Hotel (2007)
PETER TORK - She Belongs to Me (2007)

Thursday, 3 October 2013

Uncle Acid And The Deadbeats - 'Poison Apple' / 'Mind Crawler'


...Have the urge to don a balaclava and kick over your neighbours bin? Save all the embarrassing explanations by listening to Uncle Acid and the Deadbeats.

With much fanfare that normally accompanies such a milestone, my four and half year old son recently started school. The days at nursery where he ruled the roost with the rest of the kids his age came to an emotional end and despite being eager and ready for 'big school', my wife and I were beside ourselves with nerves waiting to see how he would get on. I suppose we'll have to get used to the sketchy reports from the frontline throughout his school career but "Awesome" was his one word answer when prompted on how it went, we'll take that (you wait until you experience double math on a Friday afternoon son).

Funny too, as a parent getting used this new chapter, how easily it is to feel intimidated by the teachers and it felt like I had regressed to my school days some 20 years ago. My son's headmistress is somebody you definitely wouldn't want to f@#k with and as I'm trying to get to grips with the new routine, I found myself grovelling to Mrs H more times than is healthy for a grown man, for forgetting to label his clothes, lunch money etc. I fully expected to be given a third and final warning and be invited to detention if it happened again.

Uncle Acid and the Deadbeats - 'Poison Apple' (2013)

Anyway all this good feeling was somewhat derailed this week when one morning my son was reluctant to go to school because a boy had pushed and punched him the previous day. Confronted with this unprecedented turn of events, I knew that the next words out of my mouth would probably be of Cuban Missile diffusing importance to a little boy faced with his first test of the big bad world. The days of fluffy bunnies and vegetarian T-Rexs well and truly over. My instinct, as I tried to quell my rising anger, was to tell him to push the little son of a bitch over and harder, that way he'll think twice about doing it again but that's the dark side. I thought maybe he should just go and hug him instead and really freak him out, that way he'll never do it again.

It was really upsetting as there isn't a bad bone in his body (gets it from me). So I just told him some people are silly but try not to cry as that's what they want, make a 'cross' face and tell him, "stop it, that's enough". To which he replied, "I don't know how to make a 'cross' face". Nothing a few sessions of rugby, Jeet Kune Do or even listening to Uncle Acid and the Deadbeats won't sort out.

Uncle Acid and the Deadbeats - 'Mind Crawler' (2013)

Luckily my son likes his rock music and for the short journey to school we've been enjoying these two rawk grenades to help practise his 'war face'. So by the time he arrives, he's pumped for the day ahead.

Sensing my son's unease in class, the teacher held a peace summit and it turns out it was all just a misunderstanding, two four year olds jostling for a power sharing deal over Lego. And toward the end of the week they were friends. It's just as well I didn't go with my testosterone packed war mongering instincts after all.

I believe he has his Uncle Acid to thank for helping influence this negotiated peace deal. A no nonsense, 70's Prog Rock/Metal influenced band from Cambridge who released their third album, Mind Control from which 'Poison Apple' and 'Mind Crawler' come from.

Uncle Acid and the Deadbeats....settling playground disputes the world over.

Check out their website here....

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