Tuesday, 30 January 2018

Roger Mcguinn - You Bowed Down




ROGER  McGUINN - You Bow Down

THE CROWN  (Jackie and Liz)

The Crown episode 8 was mainly about the Queen meeting the Kennedys. I suppose there must be a degree of truth in what was shown and it was all very interesting. Liz did quite well out of that episode, the Kennedys fared less.

THE CROWN  (Jackie and Liz)

It was a pleasure today
to walk with you
I was proud to be shown your past
to walk in the presence
of Regents and Kings
and the men of absolute power

with poise and grace
your natural charm
I was soon put at ease by your side
these stories you told
your own History book
of all the great people you greet

with natural beauty
there's no need for a crown
to see who you really are

from across the ocean
glitz and glamour
we're leaders of the western world
everything is front
it's all done to impress
what is there behind the facade?

they were all in awe
were they fooled
can they not see through our mask
if only they knew
we were drug in fuelled
it was only a dream they saw

with natural beauty
there's no need for a crown
to see who you really are

Wednesday, 24 January 2018

Sisters of Mercy - This Corrosion





This started with me being bored. I was not in a great frame of mind as I was told yesterday my foot was not healing and my favorite thing is to walk, especially with my 3 dogs. I started it with nothing and left it with less. I did the last verse for fun. But reading back, it is not funny, maybe the dark corners are getting out, maybe this is for real, maybe I know nothing about myself. Maybe this is  my darkness?.


many dark corners I walk
dark woods with twisted trees
every place filled with danger
scheming daemons following me

this is the life that I lead
pain is the only comfort I get
no time for useless pleasures
just the lonely distance of regret

here it comes my darkness
with a welcome to the other side

no need for any happiness
its only a disillusioned dream
give me sweet taste of anger
or a silent gut wrenching scream

there's nothing left for me
but haunted tales of misery
the sad grey cloudless sky
and the stench of bitter memory

here it comes my darkness
with a welcome to the other side

it all feels so very cold now
things seem to be going slow
visions of her, my mother
it's all that I need before I go

please don't try to reach me
I'm within where I need to hide
here it comes my darkness
with a welcome to the other side

here it comes my darkness
with a welcome to the other side

Monday, 22 January 2018

They Might Be Giants - 'Bills, Bills, Bills' (2016)


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They Might Be Giants - 'Bills, Bills, Bills' (2016)


They Might Be Giants... Now where do I start ??? I first became aware of their magnificence when 'Birdhouse In Your Soul' came out in 1990. I remember pogoing along to them performing it ''live'' on Top Of The Pops and collapsing about halfway through as I couldn't singalong, breathe and jump altogether. I bought the album 'Flood' that the song featured on and was hooked. I subsequently bought their 2 previous albums and remain to this day a huge fan. Shellhunter and I often make compilations, and I've used various TMBG songs and they mostly have been appreciated !!!

I saw on Spotify that they have just released a new album, 'I Like Fun' and was annoyed (with myself) that I had missed their 2016 release 'Phone Power' (once again I blame Dubai for this). I decided that I had to listen to this album first and that's where I discovered this amazing cover. I liked some Destiny's Child songs but hadn't been that bothered so much about this one. I have to say that TMBG have made the song their own so much that it sounds perfectly like one of their hundreds of songs that I've heard and loved.

It was recorded as part of their Dial-A-Song service, which according to wikipedia ''Dial-A-Song consisted of an answering machine with a tape of the band playing various songs. The machine played one track at a time, ranging from demos and uncompleted work to mock advertisements the band had created.''

For those of you who are interested in the original, here it is.

Destiny's Child - 'Bills, Bills, Bills' (1999)

NERD ALERT - They have released 5 albums specifically aimed at children, one of which 'Here Come The 123's' (2008) won a Grammy for 'Best Musical Album For Children'

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Wednesday, 17 January 2018

Buffy Sainte Marie - Soldier Blue





when she was young
they just never knew
when given pink
she wanted blue
If she was teased
her replies were clever

they called her Johnny
her love forever

when she was older
they didn't see then
given a Barbie
she wanted Ken
she was always sure
of her lives endeavor

they called her Johnny
her love forever

when she was a teen
there was a doubt
go buy a dress
she'd do without
he asked her out
her reply was never

they called her Johnny
her love forever

now she's come out
friends the same
rainbow colours
to her they came
she told them all
her love is forever

they called her Johnny
her love forever

Tuesday, 16 January 2018

Best of 2017 - London Scouser

2017 was a nice musical relief for me, having spent the majority of 2016 living in Dubai, I wasn’t really exposed to much music at all. Apart from the theme tunes to pretty much every Cbeebies program. Oh and Peppa blinking Pig... I returned to the UK in late January and made it my mission to listen to as much new stuff as possible. I discovered lots of new Bands that I really like and could probably have made a best of 2016 just from some of the tracks I discovered. I couldn’t settle on a round 20 or even 25 so please try and enjoy my 28 Tracks Of The Year.

My fave five, in no particular order are:

The Sleaford Mods - 'Like We Do'

Catchy and toe-tappingly awesome, yes they say some naughty words, but I don’t care. Their album 'English Tapas' is without doubt my most listened to album of 2017.

Wooly Mammoths - 'Water Slide'

I don’t really know a lot about this band other than they're Belgian and what I’ve just read on their Facebook page, that they’re apparently splitting up. Which is a shame, cos this song is bloody brilliant.

Superorganism - 'Something For Your Mind’

A work colleague introduced me to this track in December, and immediately I knew I had to include it. The video is weird, the song is too.

Kodaline - 'Brother (Stripped Back)'

I featured this as a TOTW earlier this year, and the emotions of the song haven’t left me.

The Proper Ornaments 'Cremated (Blown Away)'

I featured another song by the band back in March and since then I’ve grown to like this more. Like a cross between The Beatles & Love.

I hope you like these tracks, and I hope you’ll spend a short time listening to the rest of my best.

Wednesday, 10 January 2018

Buffalo Springfield - Broken Arrow




I hate whats happening with all this plastic being dumped in our Ocean. When you see what its is doing to the all the animals your heat breaks. It has to stop.


Dolphin, whale, turtle and fish
albatross, penguin, puffins and gull
eating the waste poison and trash
all think it's the food they wish

for what it's worth
we're killing our home
destroying the earth

Plastic beads, bottles and bags
pollute our seas, rivers and oceans
their beautiful lives all taken away
dying in fishing nets that drag

We have got to put a stop it now
no more plastics that will last forever
no more waste put into the ocean
everyone has to make this vow

for what it's worth
we're killing our home
destroying the earth