Thursday, 26 May 2011

Lupe Fiasco - 'Kick Push'

Recollection Collection......musical memories recalled with affection!

........and coast!

An elder skater back in the day said that 'Old Skate dogs never die'. Never has that phrase ever been any truer, I skated for the best part of 10 years and it was my life. I don't skate as often as I would like to now mostly due to gravity issues but the emotions evoked the first time I heard this track were overwhelming. I instantly wanted to tell someone, so I called Chris ((SFW), who skated with me) and said that he needed to hear this song ASAP.

A soulful tune with a fabulous Jazz loop, Lupe Fiasco gives a big nod to skating to which he so obviously loves. I don't think there's another song that depicts the trials and tribulations of Skating as well as this one. With the description of the life of the skater, the sounds of the wheels over the pavement and the kick push....coast chorus, you can just imagine cruising down the street with the wind flowing over your cap.

Memories came flooding back of the friends I made, the joys of pulling a trick, the freedom I had and  was just about getting 'rad'.

Each time I hear this, I do get misty at it's most powerful and for that, Mr Lupe Fiasco, a couple of 'tail taps' of appreciation on the coping for you pal.

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Lupe Fiasco - 'Kick Push'
4/ 5


26 May 2011 at 09:00

Tru-dat! ....although however many times I want to go for a skate the image of two men in their late 30's falling at high speed is not a good look