Tuesday, 17 May 2011

TUESDAY BLUES! Ravonettes - Forget That You're Young

Sometimes you have to give a Boba Fett nod in the direction of a band when they have written such a fantastic song.

"Forget that you're young" sounds like 80's Smiths, 90's Mazzy Star all rolled together in low-fi melancholy, which makes you want to be a scruffy art student, listen to The Smiths, wear jumpers and grow your hair like Robert Smith....at least that is what art students used to look like!

This song is so simple, it's brilliant.  The repetitive vocal, guitar & drum beat is so....er..."dreamy" and then they go an add a xylophone, repeating the melody over and over which is just the icing on the cake.  What a tune!

Click here for more of them Tuesday Blues dawg....

for those who like The Jesus & Mary Chain, The Kills, Mazzy Star

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TUESDAY BLUES! Ravonettes - Forget That You're Young
4/ 5