Thursday, 19 September 2013

Blondie - 'The Tide Is High'


After the relative success of my encroachment onto Old Pa's territory a few weeks back, I thought I would now step on Flycasual's toes and share with you a cover of a classic track that brings back childhood memories. What song takes you back to your childhood ??
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Do you remember your first crush ??? I do, her name was Trisha Yates and she was Tucker Jenkins arch-nemisis in Grange Hill.... Tucker was my hero cos of his cheeky grin and backchat to the teachers. Everyone wanted to be like him... And yet the girl that never took any crap from him was the girl of my dreams... I should have hated her but I couldn't. She wasn't a classic beauty but as an 8 year old boy I wasn't into looks... She was famous and I dreamed of being her boyfriend, I knew it could work... It didn't.

When I realised that this romance would never happen I went quickly onto my next crush, surely I'd have more luck with this one. Debbie Harry was sexy, even though I didn't really know what sexy meant. I read it somewhere and so she became the object of my affections. At the time we were living on an Army camp in Hounslow and my Mum worked in the NAAFI bar on the camp, during the school holidays my brother and I would hang out there playing Space Invaders and listening to the jukebox. One of my Dad's many responsibilities (he was the storeman for his regiment) was that of restocking the jukebox in the NAAFI bar. Every now and then he would bring home some of the records that had been removed from the jukebox and my brother and I would fight over them. This one particular day my Dad brought a few 7 inches home and I took a sneaky peek before he offered them to us. Usually my brother would get first dibs as he was older by 3 years, but this occasion I asked him if I could choose first. Obviously he said no, so I begged him and said he could have all the records if I could choose the first one. Thinking he was onto a winner he agreed... Haha sucker !!! I got my way and chose this particular track, I don't remember what he got but who cares. I got a Blondie record, even now 30 plus years later I can still picture the blue and white label on the vinyl with a small butterfly at the bottom. If I'd had a Top 20 of the year like I do now, that would have been in the Top 1 no doubt.

Blondie - 'The Tide Is High' (1980)

Last week, Shellhunter and I were at the French/Caribbean restaurant in our hotel here in Montego Bay, Jamaica and a band started playing a few reggae style instrumentals. They played a few classics and some Boney M songs too !!! Then they played The Tide is High... It took me back to 1980 again and Debbie Harry, then to Trisha Yates..

NERD ALERT - Trisha Yates came back in the very last episode of Tucker's Luck.... and went on a date with Tucker himself !!

And here is the original from 1967

The Paragons - The Tide Is High

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Blondie - 'The Tide Is High'
4/ 5


19 September 2013 at 09:48

Bahaha! Trisha Yates was a munter! You have a weird taste in girls pal. She annoyed me for antagonising Tucker as I also thought he was the biz, that was until he joined Eastenders (he will always be Tucker). Not a fan of the song but Blondie, phwoaaar. First crush? Vanessa Paradis...'Joe Le Taxi' on repeat on a mixtape with Public Enemy's 'Bring the Noise' just to bring balance to the Force.

19 September 2013 at 14:58

What is sex appeal....well put it this way Debbie Harry had it big time. Anna Kournakova dripped it and as for you you dirty little bugger....

19 September 2013 at 20:47

Trisha Yates? I suppose someone had to like the poor lass! Now Debbie Harry was obviously a different kettle of prawns. Mind you, it's funny who might appeal to any one of us.

19 September 2013 at 21:57

I confess I had a bit of a mini-crush on Tucker! Trisha's hairstyle takes me back though; everyone seemed to wear those little clips for a while.
(Except the lovely Debbie Harry!)